Juan Manuel Palma Ortega / Disney Wonder Sexual Assault MinorWSVN Channel 7 reports that a 31 year old man was arrested for allegedly molesting  an 11-year-old girl aboard a Disney cruise ship which sailed last week from the port of Miami.

The news channel says that the man is from Honduras and he allegedly fondled the little girl on board the Disney Magic, which sailed from Port Miami on December 18, 2015. The stations says that "while on the ship, the girl told her parents that a man, later identified as 31-year-old Juan Manuel Palma Ortega, fondled her three times."

The Magic returned to the port of Miami yesterday.

The station further reports that "Miami-Dade police detained Palma Ortega back at Port Miami, where he allegedly confessed to the crime. He was charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor and is being held without bond."  

His mug shot is to the left.

The news article does not state whether he is a crew member or not. His Facebook page states that from Tegucigalpa, Honduras where many crew members are from. However, there is no information confirming this yet.

This latest alleged crime should serve to remind the public that sexual assault of minors do occur on cruise ships, even on those cruise ships which cater to families.

Last year, a Disney employee, age 36, of Jakarta Indonesia (photo below right), employed as a cabin attendant on the Disney Dream, molested a girl during a family cruise. He befriended the family during the cruise and assaulted the 13 year old girl on the last morning of the cruise. We are representing the family of the child.  The Port Canaveral Police department arrested the Disney cruise employee. He was Disney Pervert Cruise Shipsentenced earlier this year to 70 months in jail.  You can read about that case here.

Disney refused to timely report a similar incident when a 33 year old Disney waiter molested an 11 year old girl on the Disney Dream. Although the incident occurred while the cruise ship was in port in Port Canaveral, Disney sailed the cruise ship to the Bahamas in what appeared to be an attempt to aid the crew member in escaping justice. The Bahamas, as expected, refused to arrest the molester and Disney then flew the crew member back to his home country, India. WKMG covered the disturbing story. You can see photos of the incident here and read our account of the crime here.

Florida is the only state which gives jurisdiction to state police agencies to arrest foreign crew members or passengers who commit sexual crimes in international waters and provides jurisdiction to state prosecutors to criminally charge these perverts. Typically other states must rely on the FBI and federal prosecutors who do a terrible job investigating crimes at sea,  

Photo Credit: Top: Miami-Dade County Police via WSVN; Bottom FOX 35.

  • 12/25/2015

    I tell ya, these cruise ship companies have to do a better job on who they hire. With all the technology out there researching theses employees of theirs shouldn’t be that hard. All about money, safety and common sense is not in their vocabulary; who’s next Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse to get assaulted? I own Disney stocks, assholes like these disgrace the name, socially and business too?

  • Royal

    i don’t think the guy did it i know this guy nobody here can tell me anything I’ve been working with him and I still work for the company also there is a lot of cameras in the shops so the guy can defend if he wants and if he can do it the company has to give to his lawyer all the videos because in that ship every meter there is a camera even in crew ares going to you cabin everywhere so is not about hire any kind or selected people is about americans that wants money for free just saying nonsenses

  • G

    Just because you work with someone doesn’t mean you know them! After all,look at Ted Bundy, people that worked with him thought he was a great guy; and how many people did he kill??? Besides you were not with this person every minute of the day, so you cant be so sure. As far as your opinion of Americans;your wrong on that also, not all of us are like that.If this did happen to this little girl you should be ashamed of yourself! If you have such an opinion of Americans, maybe you shouldn’t be working around them.. Go back to your own country and work. I sure wouldn’t want to cruise on a ship that has employees that have such a low opinion of us!!!!

  • c mathias
  • Justice

    To the commentator above (Royal).. Sounds like your a good buddy of his that still works on the ship, trying to make an attempt to cover for your buddy/coworker. Also since “you know this guy and nobody can tell you nothing and you’ve been working with this guy”, how about you tell us some things then.. Like how many times have you seen him do this before?.. How many times have you tried to cover for him? Since you don’t think he did it, but if you read the article above it states that he allegedly confesses to doing it.. Yes, so it isn’t about (and I quote) “Americans that wants money for free just saying nonsenses”.. It’s about doing background checks before hiring child molestors / predators which clearly seems to be an ongoing reoccurring issue aboard the “family friendly” cruise line of Disney. More importantly, ensuring that not only do they continue to rid & prosecute sick individuals like the ones mentioned in the above article but also individuals who “still work for the company” who dont think they commit these acts of molestation, and instead as a current employee, chooses to defend this sick individual.. Whether it be for business or personal interest?? – Who knows but by your comment, it sounds like you’re no different then your coworker!
    BTW – this message was brought to you for FREE by an American!

  • Lisa

    Hog wash Royal! An 11 year old girl is going to conspire with her parents to make money from a false law suit against a cruise ship company; you should also be checked out. And if and when they do check all the videos, they’ll probably find a moment where he lures her away from video sight as he well prepared for ahead of time. The fact is that these cruise ship companies are out to make money at all cost; our cost.

  • Bill

    @ Royal I admire you for standing up for your friend. But, you apparently missed the part where he reportedly confessed to committing the crime.

  • rose

    i m so sure that he didnt ..he works hard..and the family of the kid planned that to him just to get money…thats a new life style for so maney people…but they dont care how hugh is the damage left to an inocent…please get to work and stop hurting somebody else life ..i trust u my brother and i know the u r strong enough we support u and u know it

  • Sam

    Royal and Rose should be checked out right away, they don’t want to except the fact that their dear friend confessed to the crime. This is a red flag warning to me when friends of a confessed pedophile continue to protect his sick life style and ways. They should be fired right away, they don’t belong anywhere near children.

  • rose

    Dear Sam for experience i can say that the children in America are very manipulative so their own parents take advantage of it, for that reason your society is filled of teenagers with unacceptable behavior, drugs and sex. the truth question is where were her parents? they are the first responsables to their own child..i saw maney cases like this one and its all about to sue and get easy money. He s an excellent employee ..he is goint to be out of charges u ll see..best regards to all

  • Sam

    If I was accused of a crime I didn’t commit, I would die before saying I did it to satisfy someone else’s agenda. Why would your best friend admit he did it if it wasn’t true? Your computer IP number should be given to U.S. authorities because your comments are anti-American; are your teenagers in your country sinless, perfect; you say “The children in America.” Disney should find out who you are and fire you, because you don’t fit the Disney image at all.

  • Justice

    @Rose – Clearly you’re not capable of understanding the fact that your friend CONFESSED! That means he said yes he did molest the 11yr old child! I’m sure he was an excellent worker on the ship, but that doesn’t matter because we are not questioning his ability to work.. He could’ve been the best worker in the world, and still molest a child!!

    The most disturbing & disgusting part of this is the comments from mostly crew members blaming the victim or parents of the victims (after confessions from the individuals you try to protect) saying that they in fact DID commit these pervasive acts; yet still they go out of their way to continue to bash / make outlandish comments about the victim & parents of the victim saying that it is an attempt to collect money.

    Your friend deserves to go to prison for the crime he committed, & let’s say this is the only one he got busted for because I don’t want to imagine how many times he might have gotten away with it.. He needs to go to prison for his confessed crime, & I’m sure once he’s in there and other inmates know he’s in there for child molestation. He’s never going to lay another hand on a child EVER again!

    If he’s an excellent worker as you claim he is, there is plenty of work I’m sure he can do in prison to keep him busy..
    Just to be clear – i know there are many crew members who are excellent employees & work hard at doing the best job they can however, these comments are to ensure we shed light, & awareness to equally both passengers & crew members that these situations are REAL & to show that regardless of how long you have known or worked with someone – you can never say you really completely know anyone.

  • Rose

    Please Do not be offended,
    the difference is that in my country we live not depending on demands It is a very worrying situation… you are right and our children arent perfect neither ..
    as parents we are the primary responsable and i gave my opinion because is a right …no one has seem the confession and he will be released from all accused, account of events is not the same as confessing,

    to finish.. i ll thank to everyone who is supporting.

  • Michelle
  • Justice

    @Rose – Firstly, let me simply say the only difference between America & your country is that if he did this in your country he probably wouldn’t be in jail right now because if everyone in your country is as equally naive & uneducated as you have clearly proven yourself to be, than its no wonder why child molestors like your friend/coworker have felt comfortable being around people like you; who regardless of the facts and confession they have made, you still support. America does not live depending on “demands” and the only reason you find it to be a worrying situation is because you know that now that it’s in the hands of U.S. Legal system, your child molestor friend is no longer able to hide behind Disney, the very easy going Bahamas police, or his country..
    Another very troubling statement you made in your comment above was “As parents we are the primary responsible” … For what? Having your child molested by a Disney cruise employee? Or did you mean responsible for bringing the child on a “magical, family-friendly” Disney cruise?
    As difficult as it is for you to believe it Rose.. Your friend confessed to doing it!
    Just like you said – being accused is not the same as confessing. He confessed!
    To finish, I’ll say he should only be released after he serves his well deserved prison sentence!!.. Oh, and no one is supporting child molestation other than ONLY currently employed Disney cruise line workers; strangely enough. I wonder why that is..

  • Sonia

    ive just book 2 visit cruise…thanks Michelle i be a look out on these names and i personally aint friendly to friends 2 child molester or 2anyone that are frends with…it is pointless for what i read for these women 2 understand…but nice 2 know he will have fun where he is right at this moment..and it isnt just words to bluff..people pay for a fun time…not a rated R fun…Go back2 your own country..and have that fun there…this is how American runs…so if u can follow …then go back and dont come back…

  • Jackie

    Omg!! I cannot believe what I am reading. The crew is trying to defend a child molester. Thank you very much Disney cruise line for employing these horrible people. These people believe that we in the USA don’t work and want free $$, I think there are people like that everywhere and I do not think that is the case for 99% of people on a Disney cruise, I think it requires you have an above average job to afford a Disney cruise. We were on the Disney dream in May of 2015,it was an excellent trip. After reading these crew members comments, I don’t think I will ever return to a Disney cruise. Also if you go to the Philippines. Indonesia, India, and many other places that crew comes from you would know that prostitution is a real job, unlike the states!!! I am horrified and I am so happy we did not book that cruise for this summer.

  • Bruce Geidel

    I would rather be lonely and have no friends than to have a friend that is a child molester. What makes Rose think that this child and her parents lied about the molestation incident? Just because you know someone and worked with him closely, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t secrets that you don’t know.

    I am going to say frankly that I wonder if the coworkers of the cruise ship employee who molested this little girl are child molesters themselves. People who defend and protect child molesters are probably child molesters themselves.