Nassau Bahamas crime This weekend, I received a telephone call that a 19 year old U.S. woman was robbed and assaulted in downtown Nassau on Saturday after arriving in a cruise ship and then taking a taxi from the port. She had just left a Disney cruise ship at the port in Nassau. The victim had her purse, wallet, and cell phone taken from her in the armed robbery. She reported the crime to the police in the Bahamas. The crime has not been disclosed by the Bahamian police so far

Yesterday. the U.S. Embassy in Nassau has issued a warning called a "Security Message: Holiday Season Security Awareness."

Dated December 1, 2015, the warning didn’t mention the November 29th incident called into our office, but stated: "The U.S. Embassy in Nassau strongly advises U.S. citizens in The Bahamas to be aware of their surroundings and remain on heightened alert to avoid being a victim of crime. The holiday season is upon us and along with the many celebrations, there is often, unfortunately, an increase in criminal activity. During each year’s holiday season, the Embassy receives increased reports of crime, particularly  armed robberies and burglaries, such as the carjacking of U.S. citizens at Jaws Beach in western New Providence on Thursday, November 26."

The Tribune newspaper in Nassau covers the crime warning.  There have been an unprecedented ten (10) warnings of crime in by the U.S. State Department and/.or U.S. Embassy in Nassau within the last 20 months or so. You can read some of our articles here and here

We picked Nassau last year to be the most dangerous cruise destination in the world.  This year, there is a record high number of murders in Nassau.

Crime tape – Crime Will Destroy Us! bahamas B2B

December 3, 2015 Update:  A number of readers ask me why do the cruise line still sail to Nassau when it is so dangerous?  My response is cruise lines are still sailing to Nassau because of these interwoven issues; (1) it is a highly profitable port for the cruise lines to include in its itinerary (2) it is an inexpensive port for the cruise industry to travel to and is convenient to cruise ships leaving Southern Florida (3) it has a deep port and is accessible to the cruise industry’s monster ships like the Oasis and Allure; (4) cruise lines have limited liability (only liability for failure to warn) when cruise passengers are victimized during excursions in dangerous ports; and (5) cruise lines are primarily motivated by financial profit and will market the cruise as calling on an "exotic" destination and in the process will down-play the dangers of armed robbery and assault.

  • Debbie

    If the cruise lines and the government knows that there is so much crime in Nassau doesn’t that make them both liable when someone gets robbed or murdered? Why do the cruise lines still stop in Nassau if it’s so dangerous?

  • Clark

    Why Debbie, it’s so obvious, greed my friend, greed. The Bahamas is a nation full of pirates, money is more important to the greedy corrupt government than anyone’s life. Just look at their Prime Minister, a corrupt thief that is cleaning out the people taxed funds living and traveling like a king. If that crook doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his own people, what make anyone think he gives a damn about foreigners and visitors? All you have to do is read every comment in every Bahamian newspaper and you’ll know what the Bahamians think about that thieving crook.

  • Don Sayman

    OK having sailed to the port of Nassau many times

    (about 40). I have only one thing to say. “Stupid is as stupid does” how dumb do you have to be to get in a TAXI
    just asking for it. Disney warns all guests to be aware,
    what do you think that means? We stay on the ship,safest
    place. think, read, listen. dumb, A**

  • Sandy Lowe

    I wouldn’t get off the ship in Nassau if you put a gun to my head, actually that’s the one way we would get off the ship again; by force only. Anyone with a brain can see Nassau has become a death march, if you make it one way off the ship, chances are your not going to make it back. My family’s safety is worth more to me than a stupid trip to beaches and sand. That’s why we will never take a cruise again that stops in Nassau, never again will we spend our hard earned money on such a dangerous run down ghetto dump. Carnival cruise can take their greedy executives and shove them up their ass for risking my family’s lives!

  • Thomas (Freeport,Grand Bahama)

    Corruption and greed of government is bringing our country to it’s knees. By the time the elections come around in(2017) to vote these PLP crooks out of office, our nation will be beyond recovery. Real estate is already 50% below average sales, crime is 25% above average at 138 murders in one year and still counting for a population of 305,000. Our national debt is 15 times what this country produces, the world credit rating on the Bahamas is one notch away from junk status, investing in our country is not guaranteed at all anymore. Simple fee contracts are not even worth the paper it’s printed on, just ask Baha Mar’s investor, $900 million dollars of this man’s invested funds taken away and given to the Prime Minister’s communist friends the Chinese in a blink of an eye. I wouldn’t invest in a dog house in the Bahamas right now, our Corrupt Prime Minister might give the house to his pocket filling friends and sell the dog to the poor for food. I am truly ashamed of my country and what these thieves have done to it for the pass 41 years.

  • Eric Carr

    These cruise companies are murderers themselves, they know the risk, they know how dangerous these places are, they don’t give a $hit about anyone. They have no conscience, they might as well have a cruise to visit the ISIS killers in the middle east, same thing, different day. You bastards conned me and my wife into your cruise, Nassau was the scariest dirties place I’ve ever been too. How dare you say this is a paradise on earth, bullshit!

  • 49er’s

    LOL! Mr. Carr, the “It’s better in the Bahamas” slogan was though up by one of the biggest bullshit artist the Bahamas has…LOL. He’s the same jackass that that though up “Believe in Bahamians”…LOL. “A nation full of thieves and bullshit artist await you”, would be a better fit slogan….LOL.

  • Don Sayman

    oh! please allow me one final word Anyone who believes
    the Bahamas is any different than any other Caribbean Nation is quite delusional. all the same, I have been to most of them.

  • Chris D

    99.9% of the crime in Nassau is locals on locals. It’s not that often visitors are involved. Spent a lot of time there. Feel safer walking down the street at night in Nassau’s back streets vs Chicago or Baltimore.