A Bahamian newspaper reports that the police department in Nassau, Bahamas arrested a jet ski operator this past weekend after he allegedly sexually assaulted a female visitor.

The Tribune newspaper says that the alleged sexual assault happened on Friday off Cabbage Beach near Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas.

The woman reported topolice officers that around 3 P.M. she was Nassau Bahamassexually assaulted by a man on a jet ski.

Last week, we reported on the 10th crime warning issued for Nassau by the U.S. Embassy or the U.S. State Department in less than 2 years. There is simply no more dangerous place to go on a cruise vacation than Nassau. 

We have discussed the danger of sexual assault and Bahamian jet ski operators before, as the warnings specifically mentioned the prior sexual assaults of girls on the beach by the popular Atlantis resort.

A year ago, the Tribune published an article about a U.S. tourist who said that she was sexually assaulted by jet ski operators on the beach by the Atlantis resort.

Coincidentally, the Director General of Tourism, Joy Jibrilu, recently spoke about tourism in the Bahamas. She was quoted today commenting about how to remain "on the cutting edge of the ever competitive tourism industry." She said "the Bahamas is seen as a high-end or expensive destination and stressed that customers must be given value for money."  There is nothing remotely "cutting edge" about tourism in Nassau. In truth, the cruise visitors I talk to view Nassau as a crime ridden port where they stay on the cruise ships for safety reasons.

Many Bahamian tourism and police officials are downplaying if not covering up the crime problem against tourists.

Nassau is suffering through a new record of murders this year. The crime rate in the Bahamas is well over 30 per 100,000 with the majority of the shooting deaths occurring in Nassau. The U.S., by comparison, has a murder rate of less than 5 per 100,000.

How long will Miami-based cruise ships continue to sail into this crime filled trap?

December 12 2015 Update:  This article seems to have hit a nerve in Nassau.

Photo Credit: "Prince George Wharf in Nassau Harbor" by TampAGS, for AGS Media – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons / Wikipedia

  • 49er’s

    “It’s better in the Bahamas”, for criminals that is. Anyone or any company advertising that the Bahamas is a safe paradise, has blood on their hands; period! Any travel agent recommending the Bahamas to unaware visitors is also a murderer with the same blood on their hands as the killer! I thank God for people like you Mr. Walker, God will hold a seat in heaven for you for what you do to keep us safe. Merry Christmas to you and your loving family.

  • Hailee

    Is it safe to go on a ship excursion to Atlantis resort? Any advice appreciated!

  • Holly Bowen

    Dear Hailee,
    My husband and I went to the Atlantis Hotel last year and we had a bad experience with one of jet ski operators. One of the employees tried to touch my breast while he had me out in the open ocean. He told my husband who was ready to punch him out that it was by accident, but that was not the case. He lured me away from my husband who was on another jet ski been showed how to operate it. After an hour of confrontation with the employee, the owner accused me of lying, at that point we called the Bahamian police. After waiting for them for over an hour and a half they finally arrived. When we told them what happened, they took the jet ski owner’s side, we could not believe this was happening. The police accused me of being drunk (I have never drank alcohol in my life) and flirtation, I was so mad we cut our trip a week short. Not only is this place not safe for women, but the looks you get from the local men are intentionally disturbing. Endless cat calling and rude comments are never ending, we will never go to the Bahamas or the Atlantis again. No wonder this country is in such a bad state, they have no respect for anyone, not even their own women who they treat like second class.

  • Holly Bowen

    One more thing, I was unaware that the Bahamas is the rape capitol of the world, did you know that Hailee? What ever you chose to do in the Bahamas, make sure you don’t go alone; good luck.

  • Alfred Bazeley

    You will be familiar with my name by now. I’m the guy who updates you on the Nassau murder rate.
    Well, I have another to report – this time a student stabbed to death while walking along Prince Charles Drive in Nassau. This, again, is a so-called ‘respectable’ area, not the ghetto. I think this takes killings for the year to 139 or 140, nearly all in Nassau.
    As I’ve said before, the Progressive Liberal Party – now the government – has been almost exclusively responsible for the moral collapse of the Bahamas.
    This corrupt organisation destroyed all accountability. It also presided over the decline of the judicial system, which is steeped in cronyism, kick-backs and all-round degeneracy. The feral jet-ski community thrives outside the law. Sexual predators abound. All of this is the legacy of the corrupt late prime minister Lynden Pindling, who amassed a fortune in drug money.
    When the Bahamas elected the PLP back to power in 2012, I knew it was finished. It meant, in fact, that the country had a vested interest in dishonesty, and that morality was no longer even on the agenda.
    The PLP claimed it had an answer to the soaring crime rate. Well, now we see that their empty rhetoric was as bogus as everything else about them. There are more crooks in the PLP than the average state penitentiary.
    I grieve for what used to be a great little nation.

  • tony

    Go fuck yourself Mr. Walker. You racist piece of shit!!

  • Tony

    I see that your IP address places you in Nassau Bahamas.

    Playing the race card without justification is not going to help your serious crime problem my friend.

  • Inderia K.

    The Bahamas is like any other place around the world. There is nowhere in the world that crime doesn’t exists. I just think that the comments being made here are bias and one sided. There are too many tourists that visit the Bahamas and in particular Nassau thinking its a place they can come to, to be immoral and to engage in unlawful acts. We never hear about what the visitors do to get themselves in these situations we only hear of the end results then the good name of the Bahamas is tarnished because someone let their inhibitions get the best of them, then they cry shame. I am aware that there are some bad apples among the Bahamian people but please don’t lick everyone or the country with the same stick as those few. Bahamians for the most part are a friendly people who tend to cater to its visitors, however there are some visitors who have the wrong idea about the Bahamas and find themselves in precarious situations. You can not compare the Bahamas’ murder rate with that of the U. S., TOTALLY different sizes. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions and can only say what they have experienced but the Bahamas does not consists of only Nassau. There are tons of visitors that come and enjoy themselves and are returned visitors. I personally feel these websites do more harm than good because who is to say that these posts are legitimate and if any of these people making these claims have ever been to The Bahamas.

  • The 242

    Ok Mr. Alfred Bazely it’s quite fine that you give you insite on our crime issues (your opinion), in which this is something that all countries and cities stuff from. Just like you I did my research about the GOOD PERFECT old U.S.A, in which going off per 100,000 you are 27.5 and we are at 22.3 so by the looks of thing you have more rapes going on than us. Yes we do have our challenges but you do also and your at a worst state than we are, I don’t have to wake up in the morning and think if someone is going to come to my job and shoot up the place for being fired, or my if my kids are going to be safe at school cause a child steals his fathers gun and kill and injure hundreds of kids. How dear you sit here and tell people not to come here in a place where tourism is our livelihood. You are telling people to stop allowing us to feed our kids or provide for our families. How bout we post articles about all the murders y’all have how may robberies go on how man sick individual you have walkin around how dishonest you government really is. You will then look at me and say we have to shut this guy up and it not cool. Yes! Things happen and it’s not rite and we deal with situations but you can’t tell someone else to clean up their act when you house is dirtier their own is. “Never throw rocks in a glass house” . So for the fact that you can sit down and tell people don’t come here because of something that might have happened to you are wrong because everyone one is different you might be a stuck up ass hole in which you push persons buttons and they reacted off of you attitude. Bahamians and naturally loveing and kind hearted people so if you have one bad apple in the bunch don’t throw out the whole basket for that one bad apple.

  • Al Gambino

    Inderia K. and The 242, you sound like the Prime Minister Perry Christie to me. A professional bullshit artist who wants not only the Bahamian people to believe his bullshit, but also the rest of the world. Shut your big mouth your stink up the place, because even your own people have stop believing the crap you continue to feed them you lousy bastard.

  • Al Gambino


    Shake her hand, I would spit in this lousy whore’s face for allowing her husband to destroy the Bahamas!


    And I would kick the lousy bastard of a prime minister in the ass if I ever had the displeasure of meeting him!

    Come to little Italy in Manhattan and conform me you lousy bastard, because I wouldn’t step feet in the beautiful Bahamas after you have turned it into a filthy shithole. The Bahamian people are great good hearted people, but you are a scumbag who is taking advantage of them; you are the asshole! Don’t even piss me off you jackal of a man, because even at 52, I’ll kick your fucking ass!

  • Al Gambino

    THE 242, shove your newspaper up your ass; I know who you are!

  • Kaylee

    Hailee, the Bahamas social decay and high unemployment rate is so bad that even police officers are robbing their own people at gun point. Please stay on the ship sister, I don’t want to read about you losing your life there.


  • never again

    The Bahamas is the worst; the place smells, the locals are predators, and we will never go back. Stay away at all costs. Rude, uneducated, and thieves is what you will find in this cesspool.

  • Retired NYPD officer

    The cruise ship companies should compensate their costumers for ripping them off by not giving them a safe port they can get off the ship and explore. If the trip has a total of 4 stops but you only receive 3 because of fear and safety reason, don’t you think people should be compensated for the one port they lose out on? I love cruises, but will never go on a another one again that stops in Nassau. It does smell ” NEVER AGAIN”, like an open sceptic tank, the roads are the worst I’ve driven on, and I’ve been to Mexico City. The people are so rude now, why, is it because the government’s social decay have changed their attitudes, they were never like this before? Everything is run down, pure evidence that the government is spending the people’s money on who knows what. So if anyone out there reading my comment has booked a cruise that stops at Nassau first, tell the cruise companies you want your money back for the port you lose out on or you’ll cancel the whole trip. Happy Holiday’s and travel safe, because we Americans, French and Russians have become a target to the terrorist of the world.

  • Mrs. Gregor

    Been there, done that, don’t even waste your money on Nassau. Check out the Caymans or Cayo Coco-Cuba, worth every penny; happy holidays!

  • Justin Wess

    And the murder count continues to climb in this crime ridden dump (142 murders),you were right Mr. Walker, it’s almost at 150 like you predicted. Why do Bahamians continue to pay taxes if the government and police don’t do their jobs is mind boggling? One of the most over taxed nations in the world and everything is run down, falling apart, crime ridden, and in a state of disarray; sounds like a greedy pocket filling corrupt government to me in charge. What can you expect from a country who their leader was a cocaine smuggling crook, once a nation full of pirates, always a nation full of pirates. A nation full of losers who don’t want to work hard for what they gain, it’s easier to sell drugs, steal or rob at all cost; what a f****d up mentally….LOL….I would never go back to Nassau, even if my job required it, I’ll quit friend.

  • Alfred Bazeley

    You need to know that since my last post on December 9, two more murders have been committed in Nassau, taking the total for the year to 142.

    A man was shot dead outside his home. Then a relative of the victim hunted down the suspect and ran him over in his car. Vigilante justice is common in a country where the courts can’t be trusted.

    Desperate times ahead for a country which no longer knows right from wrong.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Alfred Bazeley

    And so it goes on…
    Much-loved volleyball coach has been found beaten and stabbed to death in an apartment in a ‘posh’ part of Nassau.
    That’s 143 murders for the year, folks, and still counting.
    With the boozy festive period still to come, it could be 150 by New Year.

  • ND1982

    144 murders, Merry Christmas from paradise, yeah right.

  • Bahama Pride

    Is this website for real? The beautiful Bahamas my home and birth place has its share of issues like any other country. We may not be the best, but we are far from the worst. Tourism is our number one industry. We depend heavily on especially U.S tourists, because that is where the majority of our visitors come from, due to the close proximity. We are a closer, cheaper and may I add better vacation destination. Last I checked no country on earth is exempt from crime! So of course we have guest that come here on vacation who sometimes become victims of ‘PETTY’ crimes, but I’ll ask you mr. Alfred Bazely, since you seem most familiar with our crime news. Tell me do you see random murders, rapes, kidnappings or theft happpening to our visitors here, and if so please post it. I’ll admit that witin the last ten years our crime has increased amongst our citizens, but again since your the expert with our crime news your well aware that these crimes are mostly domestic disputes that turns into unfortunately, murder. We dont have blood hungry people here killing for sport!
    Our people are friendly, warm, welcoming and always looking to help our guest. Thats not to say we dont have a few rude people, you’ll find those kinds of idiots everywhere you go. Now as far as the rape on a guest here recently, that was terrible and unfortunate. Incidents like that is what will bring down our fantastic image. I do know, that the fullest extent of the law will be cartied out in that matter, but again these things happen everywhere im sorry but the Bahamas is not exempt. Don’t terrorize and taunt readers interested in coming to our beautiful island nation with lies! To everyone reading please come and experience our beautiful country for yourselves because Im convinced some of these commenters work for Fox news the way they are spreading half truths and lies terrorising fellow readers.

  • Alfred Bazeley

    Sure enough, as predicted, Christmas in Nassau brought with it the usual surfeit of goodwill.
    A man was shot dead after an argument at a Christmas Night party. Another man is in hospital seriously wounded after yet another shooting incident.
    That’s a murder tally of 144 for the year so far, with more to come before New Year’s Eve.
    There are more duff lawyers and fake preachers in Bahamaland than any other place on earth. Yet it is both lawless and God-forsaken – a land where the hopeless government has lost control and where drug gangs run free.
    The festive spirit in Nassau is known as Bacardi rum, and it is used to fuel the idiocy, greed and amorality of lawless Bahamians,
    If you’re thinking of a vacation in Nassau, make sure you draw up your will before leaving home.

  • Alfred Bazeley

    With three days of 2015 left to run, the Bahamas murder count has risen to 146.

    The predicted 150 for the year is still within reach.

    The Christmas night killing (reported earlier) was the result of a dispute over a bottle of brandy. The killer pulled out a gun, shot a fellow in his twenties, tucked the gun back in his belt and didn’t even bother to run away.

    There is no respect for the law or Bahamian politicians, whose rampant corruption has driven this delightful land into the ground.

    How much longer can the mayhem go on?

  • Alfred Bazeley

    Festive goodwill reached new levels in the Bahamas today when a man was stabbed to death in one of Nassau’s residential districts, bringing the total of murders for the year to 147.
    Bahama Pride needs to get real – he/she is living in La-La Land, no doubt believing that Gawd in all His Glory will haul this sad land out of the mire.
    No chance.

  • Kenny

    Everyone in the Bahamas except the visitors and tourist have guns. I read in a Caribbean travel website that it is estimated 98% of the Bahamian population owned guns be it legal or not.I tell you friend, you push a women around in the Bahamas, and your dead. The Bahamian police have no idea what to do next, at the rate their going pretty soon they’ll be a murder for everyday of the year. Stay safe, and travel the world, there is so much to see.



  • Meriden Pugh

    Thought you’d like to know that Nassau’s 147th murder of the year was the result of an argument over a jar of mayonnaise.
    The place has gone crazy.

  • Jack
  • Meriden Pugh

    And still Bahamians delude themselves – blaming others for their own wicked ways.
    The halfwit cabinet minister Fred Mitchell actually believes that expats are gagging to live in the Bahamas, when any sane person knows that Nassau is a sllmy cesspit ruled by a gangster organisation known as the PLP.
    No-one with any sense wants to live in the Bahamas. It is finished. The PLP has brought it down. A crummy crew of Third World savages known as the PLP have driven a once great little land to its knees. RIP Bahamas. The good times have gone.

  • Jack

    I want to thank you Mr. Walker for this website, my family and I were thinking of visiting Abaco, Bahamas until we came across your website.


    No one and I mean no one, told us this was happening in the Bahamas, not even Carnival cruise. Your website guide us to Bahamian newspapers on the web we’ve never knew existed. We just read this in the Tribune Bahamas newspaper, this country is already started on a bad foot. Thank you again and Happy New Year to you and your family; we’re going to Grand Cayman instead.