Cruise LifeboatTwo nights ago, the Thomson Dream stopped when the crew noticed an abandoned life raft. The cruise ship was sailing from Sardinia towards Naples. 

The ship stopped for around 40 mins. The crew pulled the life raft to the shell doors and then went aboard to inspect it. The life raft was brand new and undamaged. It was too big to take onboard. It had a capacity of 100 plus. It had no IMO number or other identification markings. 

The captain decided to cut the life raft free and notified the Italian coast guard. 

Several passengers on the ship have asked me for an explanation. I would think in most cases that an abandoned life raft probably broke free from the ship. But the lack of identification on the life raft is confusing. 

Anyone else run across this life raft during a cruise? Does anyone have a reasonable explanation?

  • Deb

    Maybe a little far fetched, but could it maybe be from refugees fleeing Syria, could it have drifted that far?

  • Joan

    Probably syrians or other inmigrant which were sent by mafias.

  • Dave


  • Pascal

    …maybe in a kind of context from refugees ships between Africa and Europe/Italy ?!

  • Axel Krack

    Maybe comming up from the Lampedusa aera – a left over from a refugee action or tragedy.