Zip Lining Excursion CruiseThe Associated Press reports that a cruise ship passenger from New Mexico died after falling from a zip line in Puerto Rico. 

Police said the 56 year old passenger fell approximately 20 feet from the zip line at the Hacienda Campo Rico outside of San Juan. "She could not move her legs and complained of chest pain after falling. She died at a hospital hours later."

The excursion company involved is Ecoquest Adventures & Tours. The cruise passenger was one of two dozen passengers taking the excursion, according to the AP.  The cruise line was not identified

The zip lining industry in Puerto Rico and other countires where cruise ships go are largely unregulated. Each year there are numerous injuries and deaths on zip lines around the world. The AP reports that "nearly 17,000 people were treated for injuries from 1997 to 2012." 

CBS News says that the deaths have "drawn attention to a regulatory safety net full of holes."

Cruise lines who send passengers on excursions should have protocols in place to ensure that third party excursions undergo safety inspections.

It is not unknown whether the line broke, or there was a problem with the harness and hardware.

The zip line company’s website says that it uses "double cable(s)" for "double protection."  It identifies Carnival and Disney as cruise lines that it does business with.

Photo Credit: Campo Rico Zip Lining by Ecoquest

  • Mike Barker

    This is just yet another tragedy. There is an ANSI American National Safety Standard for this industry (ANSI 1.0-.3-2014) but people continue to follow old out of date standards that do not sufficiently cover safety issues. The website says that their course is inspected to the ACCT standard not the more comprehensive ANSI ANS.
    Regulators need to require operations to follow the comprehensive ANSI safety standards.

  • Terrie Buck

    I was there when this tragic event occurred. The lady actually fell approximately 40ft not 20 and landed right next to my 14 year old daughter. This day will forever be etched in my mind. I will never forget the heart wrenching scream of my child as she saw this happen. This could have been prevented but the guides failed to secure the safety line to the caribeanor system. Marsha’s harness was completely in tact and her caribeanor system was also in tact and still hanging from the cables. My husband has pictures of this. It is frightening and extremely sad to think that this could have been avoided if safety protocol had been followed. Although my family and I were done once this happened I have gone back and looked at photos I took of my family as well and it is sad to say that in only one photo was my daughters safety line attached. In all the others they were not. This really breaks my heart and I can’t imagine what this family is going through. I feel for her husband who had already zip lines down and didn’t even know it was his wife. The thing that made me extremely mad was that the company continued to zip line people without evening knowing where the failed safety measures were. I truly feel that all operations should have haulted at that time. So much went wrong that day. The guides were panicking instead of reacting and proper help was not available. I have read articles that have said the equipment failed but that is far from true. The guide and company failed this women.

  • V phillips

    It was the Carnival Breeze

  • James

    Mrs. Buck please contact me regarding this incident. We are working the case.