In the last couple of weeks I’ve posted photographs of the crew mess on a number of cruise ships. Some of the photos are gross, Some of the photos don’t seem too bad. One crew member said the food on the Queen Victoria was great.

Today a crew member on the Queen Elizabeth sent me these photographs, which I posted on our Facebook page.  They seem to fall into the "yuck" category. A main criticism seems to be repetitive meat dishes, tasteless vegetables and an absence of fresh fruit.   

Cruise Ship FoodThe crew member made an interesting comment when he sent the photos:

"One day we had David Dingle the CUNARD CEO at the time onboard for a visit. The ship was aware of his pending visit and his schedule well in advance. He was scheduled to eat lunch in the crew mess, you can guess what happened that day, fresh fruit and the food was guest standard. Any other day of the week, that wouldn’t be the case . . . "

The problem of course is not just the spotty food, but the combination of factors: long hours working, long contracts, little time off, time away from home and family, demanding supervisors and a lack of respect from passengers. 

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  • Bob

    This story seems all to familiar.

    I used to work for RCCL, and the food in the mess rooms were a touchy subject.

    The food was well below par unless there was a visit from someone important scheduled.

    Sadly the quality of food depended on how much of a bonus the executive committee wanted at the end of the year. They get their nice bonuses, and we got to eat total crap.

    Funny thing is you rarely saw any of them in the mess. On the flip-side though. The captain on the monarch of the seas always are in the mess and the food was great at that time… Funny that.