Carnival SensationToday the Nassau Tribune reports that a garbage truck ran over and dragged a passenger who was ashore from the Carnival Sensation. The Canadian was traveling with his family. He received "serious injuries to his lower extremities and was pronounced dead on the scene.”

The truck driver told police that his brakes failed as he was entering a roundabout and he swerved to avoid oncoming traffic.

A comment to the article said:

"Vehicle Inspection here is a complete joke – just another way to collect money under false pretenses. They check neither brakes nor the condition of the tires – two things of critical importance. No need to go on."

The company operating the garbage truck was not identified.

We have reported on other casualties where trucks have killed cruise passengers while ashore or on an excursion.

I have written many articles about the numerous crimes which pose a risk to cruise passengers going ashore in Nassau.  

An updated article identifies the victims as 43–year-old Rong Gu, of New Market, Ontario. Mr. Gu was photographing the Baha Mar resort when the truck hit him on the sidewalk. 

  • Cynthia Garland

    There is the reason our family doesn’t get off the ship in Nassau. That and the crime rate make it forseeable that you are not safe on this island. The cruise lines need to pull their ships from this port completely!!!!

  • Silvia

    To be fair, I am not surprised that not more people are in accidents. Many walk in front of, and in back of cars, as if taking for granted that the driver had seen them. It’s not uncommon that I nearly miss hitting someone. Of course, I don’t know the circumstances here, but PEOPLE! assume the driver has not seen you when you are walking any street.

  • nancy

    This is a horrible accident. I can’t imagine what they are going through. That said,the exact Same type of accident could happen anywhere.

  • Savonda

    We were on the Sensation and was at Nassau on October 19 not sure exactly what date this happened we did not hear anything about this . Our deepest sympathy to the family !!!

  • paul

    not sure why the comment was made about the crime rate and this was an accident. are you associating this as a crime and hence you don’t go ashore? kinda off task.