Today, I was picked by Go Port Canaveral (a publication of Florida Cruise Ports, Inc.) as one of "Our Favorite Cruise Blogs."

Admittedly, I am (very) critical of the cruise industry and, as such, I assumed that automatically disqualified me from a cruise sponsored competition. 

But lo and behold Cruise Law News was not only picked as one of the top eight cruise blogs but the Go Port Canaveral people gave my law blog Cruise Blogtop billing to boot. Here’s what Go Port Canaveral had to say:

"Jim Walker is a partner at the law firm Walker & O’Neill and the go to source for legal services on the high seas. If there’s a question of liability or a crime committed on a cruise ship Mr. Walker and Cruise Law are usually the first to report it. If you have a concern about safety on ship or during a port call Cruise Law is the place to visit to find out what to watch for and where. He’s been the go to source for news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Mr. Walker also takes a moral stance on some issues like whaling in the Faroe Islands or drinking aboard. You may not necessarily agree with his opinions, but it is nice to see a lawyer with scruples, and one that is honest with them."

Thanks Go Port Canaveral! 

Photo Credit:  Go Port Canaveral Favorite Cruise Blogs

  • Donna Brown

    Congratulations! I am a big cruise fan and have been on many cruises but I also like to read the “real” news about cruising. I look forward to your emails.

  • Ellen O’Neil

    Congratulations! Love your emails!

  • Jonathan Aronson

    I guess the Port now “defaults to happiness”

  • monique


  • Deb E

    Big congrats to you! I read your news almost daily and enjoy it.

  • Tommy

    You deserve it Jim, without you more people would fall to the dishonest ways of cruise ship companies.

  • Axel Krack

    My congratulations to you, Jim. Good Job !!

  • Susan Jones

    Congratulations! I agree 100% w/Go port Canaveral…I love reading your site. I read it every day. On Sun, we returned from Independence of the Seas(Ft Lauderdale) & after our 4 hr drive home, the first place I went to online was right here on your site. You are the only one who reports on these issues & for cruise addicts like us, you are the man! We thank you for that. 🙂