Carnival BreezeYesterday, while the cruise world was following the news of the fire aboard the Carnival Liberty, a cruise passenger went overboard from the Carnival Breeze.

Reportedly, a highly intoxicated passenger (people are saying 30 – 35 years of age) went overboard while the Carnival cruise ship was off the coast of Cuba.

Fortunately, the Carnival crew rescued the man. Passengers took photos and video of the rescue (you can watch a video here from my Facebook page).

The usual response we see when someone ends up in the water like this is to call him "stupid" and wonder how he survived the fall and not get sucked under the ship.  But I always visualize a drunk overboard passenger’s bar tab (i.e., a print-out of onboard purchases).  

The most I have seen on a passenger’s tab is 23 drinks in the course of around 5 hours.  Serve that much booze to anyone and you are guaranteeing that something bad will happen. Unless it can be shown that the passenger smuggled a bottle of booze aboard, a bartender or group of bartenders who over-serve that mush accohol to a passenger should be immediately fired. 

There is a direct correlations between intoxication and violence, sexual assault and reckless conduct. Drunks flying over the rails is a clear indication that Carnival has a drinking problem on its cruise ships.

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Photo Credit: JUAN RAMON RODRIGUEZ SOSA via Wikipedia Creative Commons 3.0   

  • CAPT.(retd.) D. Peter Boucher, Kt.SMOM

    I was surprised at your comment that the bartender should be fired. As a lawyer I would have thought you would want to see considerable proof of any blame attached to a member of the ships crew.

    Good Watch.

  • William Freeman
  • So many people give the cruise lines a complete pass under the guise of “personal responsibility” (i.e., “no corporate responsibility”). Carnival makes $500,000,000 a year in alcohol sales, and pays 0% in taxes. The corporate greed is there and the passenger money is easy to take. To heck with responsible alcohol policies and practices and the passenger safety. Blame em when they get drunk and hide behind “personal responsibility.”

  • stacy

    Carnival has always been known as the “party boat” My first cruise ever was on a Carnival Cruise over spring break vacation. NEVER AGAIN! There were so many drunks it was ridiculous. The crew members couldn’t keep up with the dirty glasses and plates being placed in every corner of the ship. You would see glasses/dirty plates on the stairs, etc. It was horrible. We saw crew members partying hard in every port we stopped in. If you are in to drinking and partying then Carnival is the line you want. I am just surprised there aren’t more stupid people falling off their boats. You would think there would be a story every other day with the amount of drunks on their boats. But- to each their own. If you are in to that sort of thing- go for it. But, I will be on RC.

  • Tom Collins

    Surely the cruise line is responsible for supplying the Alcohol to the passeneger. It is illegal to serve alcohol to an intoxicated person in Australia.

  • Jeff a way out

    Well nice to see that people talk about the cruise line serving to much alcohol before knowing all the facts. But of coarse some people know everything. The guy was actually a jealous dumbass that thought he could prove something to his wife. All he proved is that u get kicked off the ship and sent home at the next port. I have been on 15 carnival cruises and and have seen many many people get cut off. But hay what do I know.

  • mike

    Ive been on 3 cruises gettin ready for my 4th one but ive never seen plates n bottles n glasses settin round where crew members couldnt keep up… isnt for eveybody…if u dont drink gamble or like to have fun…cruise is not for u .stay on land..i agree with what jeff said also ….

  • Royal to Loyal

    RC is the famous Booze Cruise. Still have the youtube videos up there from IE.

  • Anthony Greer

    Really you think there is a drinking problem??? How about telling people to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions and stop looking for handouts from corporations for their own stupidity

  • Casey verdon

    The man was cut off, had drinks bought for him by his buddies, cut off by his friends, wasn’t happy about it, put a life jacket on and jumped willingly. Not carnivals fault or the very patient and kind bartenders on the boat. Just an idiot that got stuck in Jamaica and will be in debt for a long long time.

  • Ashlee Phillips

    I was on this cruise when this man jumped. First of all he was in the 45-55 age range and he was a total jerk. The bartenders cut this man off from alcohol at 2pm that day,there is a good possibility he had his own booze as its very easy to smuggle on. He was on his own balcony on the 4th floor and after getting I’m a fight with his wife he put on a life jacket and jumped. He is very lucky we found him and still alive. Jamaica took him into custody and was charging him first before being sent back to the states where he got arrested. The sad thing is he had his 11 year old son with him that didn’t understand what was going on.

  • James cooper

    This man Was 2 cabins down from us / on the second floor port side / my granddaughter ,my partner ,my self and mother passed this man in the hall several times /first time earlier in ship he was drunk / 2 nd time he was sitting by his door like he was locked out buy very very drunk / the 3 rd time he passed us in the hall , very very drunk and looked extremely upset and just had a strange look in his eye / my mother said he didn’t look so good / then next thing we n
    Know he jumped over board / we already knew it was him when they said port side / when we returned to our room s for our binoculars to see if we can see the guy / we passed his room security was in his room already taking pictures / then we where told that this is a rescue mission and pray for him and the family / then they told us he was found and then they told us he was alive , we all clapped and watch them bring him up in the rescue boat , then I was told he was put in jail in Jamaica where he will spend a few days until USA picks him up !

  • danny gamble

    how he drunk at those prices i was on thethe boat too

  • Hunter

    I was on this cruise, the bartenders and employees were watching how people were acting. I saw employees cut off a few people that needed sometime to sober up. The story that came out of this was that the man was trying to show off for his family and friends and was dared to jump. We were told that they were chanting for him to jump. This was not an issue of drinking too much, I am sure that his drinking played an important part, but it was his friends and family and his stupidity that pushed him to go overboard. From what I understand, he was flown home from Jamaica and billed for the rescue. Sounds like he got his “just deserts” for being an idiot. Can’t blame a cruise ship if you are an imbecil.

  • Lisa

    I was on the ship when this occurred and this man had his drinks cut off for the 3 hours and he was wandering from hot tub to hot tub. Then he ended up in the hot tub I was in; after he notified us of his cut off time for drinks, he mentioned he was going for a “dip” assuming that he was going to the pool. Shortly thereafter he ended up in another hot tub and he was fooling around at the edge of said hot tub and fell into the water.

    Yes, I agree there should be limits and there are limits imposed for the individuals that do not know how to control themselves but this man was stopped when the bartenders saw his actions and stupid gestures but us as adults should know how much we should and should not drink. Bartenders are not babysitters…

    Therefore, I believe that Carnival is not at fault.

  • Sarah

    I was also on this cruise. The man was at one of the bars on the lido deck at 8am making loud noises like a bird. He was walking around with a styrofoam cup and a can inside of it. Half of the cup was gone. He was falling in to the main pool on the lido deck and was asked to leave the pool area. He then went to the pool in the back of the ship where he was asked to leave that pool also. I was told that this was not his first time jumping from a cruise ship and he had a list of things that were placed on him for crew to pay attention to. This guy was in his 50s I am guessing and from what I saw of him that one day he was on the ship is something was just not right with him. I am thinking that there was some sort of mental illness with him and his wife.