As reported in the Nassau Guardian yesterday, the United States Department of State again warned U.S. citizens about traveling to the Bahamas because of high crime.

A recent travel advisory posted on the Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) website warns visitors of an increase in armed robberies in tourist areas in New Providence (Nassau).

The reports says that “an apparent two-year rise in armed robberies in The Bahamas has spurred Cruise Law Jim Walker Nassaunumerous warnings by foreign governments to their citizens visiting the country. Given the large volume of US tourists that visit The Bahamas and recent criminal incidents in popular tourist destinations, American visitors to tourism hubs in Nassau should be cognizant of heightened criminal risks.”

I have lost track of exactly the number of warnings issued by the Unites States, whether it be from the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy in Nassau. 

I have also conveyed numerous warnings from the U.K. and Canada official governmental sites.

I have been warning cruise passengers of the dangers in Nassau since I started this blog in 2009. 

There is a major problem in Nassau with armed robbery, murder and rape.

There have been around a dozen warnings from these three countries in the last couple of years, more for any other tourist destination.  

There have been 111 murders in 2015 in the Bahamas, primarily in Nassau. The country will establish a record number of murders this year. The murders include citizens of the U.S., U.K. and Canada. 

Nassau was recently embroiled in a controversy when two Disney cruises crew members were terminated from their jobs after making a satire video of the capital city, portraying it as a dirty, smelly crime-filled port.

Nassau is one port which I recommend avoiding. Many passengers stay on the cruise ship when it gets to port out of safety concerns. 

  • Yolanda

    Disney can also fuck themselves, motherfuckers don’t even get off da ship to spend money! Why come here and not spend da money?! You come with money and stay on ship, stupid white trash crackers, stay da fuck home then!

  • Cynthia Garland

    We cruise yearly and usually one of our ports is Nassau. We take our 3 young grandchildren ages 14 months, 3 years and 8 years. We had not gotten off at this port for the last 4 years and we not in the future. I will not subject my family to this possibility of danger. I have discussed this with many families on board the ship, that are unknowing of these dangers and will continue to warn people of the dangers of the Bahamas.

  • Greg Atherton

    Yolanda’s response pretty much confirms everyone’s misgivings about the Bahamas.
    Her post suggests a high level of irrational rage and an unhealthy disrespect for foreigners, even though foreign money and talent have kept this place on track for years now.
    This attitude has been fostered over the last 40 years by the PLP, the current governing party, which has always majored in racist, anti-foreign rhetoric and instilled in its followers the surly resentment that characterises much of the service on offer there, notably in Nassau.
    The crime rate is now hopelessly out of control. Statistically, Nassau is virtually a war zone, and tourists are at real risk of harm.
    This is no surprise as the PLP is a corrupt, incompetent party whose venality and greed have driven this beautiful land to the brink of ruin. Things are so bad that many of the young graduate-professional class are now looking for ways to escape.
    I wish I could see a way forward, but Yolanda and her attitude – so typical of so many Bahamians – don’t inspire confidence.

  • TrueTrueBahamian

    Yolanda – should wake up and realise that there are other places to visit. Her attitude stinks and she has no respect for our visitors or the long entrenched white Bahamian citizens who work so hard to allow her nasty lazy racist entitled and uneducated self to find a crust to eat. Her type is the reason that we find ourselves in the doldrums that overshadow us today.

  • alexandra

    There are lots of beautiful places in the Bahamas other than Nassaau
    These cruise ships can visit, that are safe!! People need
    To understand the Bahamas is 700 islands not
    Just Nassau- with beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and
    Little to no crime!!

  • Cgir

    I don’t believe this Yolanda person is a Bahamian but someone who is trying to make Bahamian’s look bad.HIS/HER comment’s JUST DON”T ADD UP.BAM,YOU HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED “YOLANDA”

  • Yolanda

    Cgir, you can go fuck your mother, I live and was born in Nassau, where da fuck is you from asshole?! BAM, is da sound you’ll hear when I knock you out you foreigner piece of shit, get the fuck out of Bahamaland! You fucks come here make your money than leave your mess, take your mess and shove it up your ass! Just like the asshole at Baha Mar, white trash cracker though he could fool my government,hahahaha! Now my government taking his shit from him,hahahaha!

  • Cigir

    Proves my point.Bahamians don’t use the word cracker so nonchalant and are not racist,especially when it comes to Tourism,which is a big part of the economy.

  • Cigir = PLP member

    Your a lair Cigir, here’s the proof from your own newspapers.

  • Cigir

    I thought comments on this page are supposed to be screened for cursings and other types of disrespectful writing.The ministry of tourism needs to see the comments of so called “FAKE BAHAMIANS” that are making bad comments about our tourists,who are entitled to make a comment about their visit.Just like any of us who may visit a country and comment about our experiences.

  • Karl Wikland(Use to work in the Nassau jungle)
    These newspapers seem to disagree with you Cgir, your country has become the WILD WILD WEST. I guess these are the friendliest people you Bahamians talk about; NOT!

  • Jeanette

    I’m African American! I don’t expect any loving family member would subject their family to crime in Nassau. I’ve been visiting Nassau since the 1980s and the Bahamians have been looking away when it comes to drugs & crime. I was going to retire in Nassau, but I’m going to retire else where they respect all humans no matter what race or religion. Bahamians, you are shooting yourself in the foot by scaring off tourism. The tourists are the bread and butter to your economy. You need to get rid of the people in your government. They are only thinking about their pay check, don’t have you and your family interests in mind. I will pray for you Bahamians because you will need it in the future.

  • (Repost)

    I have a child in College in the U.S. It is a great country with great institutions which the world should seek to emulate. The Bahamas is a developing country with a long way to go and much to learn. I sit in front of my T.V. set however and I am in a state of confusion.
    It is catalized by the news that yet another lunatic has caused the expiration of randomly selected innocents. This time at an Oregon community college. I listen to a bereaved father state that more Americans have been killed by gun violence since 1968 than all of the U.S. soldiers killed in wars since then.
    I do not seek to excuse the gun violence that we are experiencing here, but I know the following.
    1. We do not manufacture guns in The Bahamas. They come in from the United States and there is no culpability.
    2. We do not produce drugs here but they are transhipped into the United States, for which we are held culpable.
    3. Of 25 to 30 million visitors that have graced our shores over the past 5 or six years, a single American has been killed due to a botched armed robbery. We are held culpable. There are travel advisories that have damaged our almost singular economic engine.
    4. There is more of a possibility of our sons and daughters being killed on a college campus than a visitor to our shores being killed. I have personally come close to two terror incidents. One at the Olympics in Atlanta and another when some one attempted to set off a bomb off Broadway.
    5. There are no travel advisories warning world citizens that they could be randomly killed at an amusement park, a college campus, a movie theatre or a shopping mall.
    6. Are Bahamian lives snuffed out by American made guns smuggled into The Bahamas less valuable than American lives impacted by drugs transhipped (not produced) through The Bahamas.
    This is not a condemnation, just a call for fairness void of the taint of hyprocrisy.
    Is my state of confusion justified?

  • Evelyn livingston

    Yolanda .. id stay in the ship because of people like you. Fool.