Boomerango Royal Caribbean CruiseThe Royal Caribbean Blog announced yesterday that the renovation of the Liberty of the Seas this January will include the reconfiguration of the sports deck and the installation of water slides including a water slide called a "Boomerango."

The blog says that the "Boomerango will let guests ride in rafts, where they will "plummet down a steep drop, then shoot up a nearly vertical wall, high into the air, for a moment of weightlessness.’"

Sounds like fun you may say?  Perhaps, but expect serious personal injuries to occur. 

The Royal Caribbean blog indicates that the "Boomerango" appears to be a water slide built by the WhiteWater company.  Familiar with that name? It’s the same company which acquired the FlowRider from WaveLoch which is in use on nine Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The FlowRider simulated surfing device is the most dangerous activity at sea, in my assessment, with hundreds of accidents occurring occrring thoughout the fleet each year. 

Royal Caribbean has a reputation for being the first cruise line to offer many new yet dangerous recreational attractions at sea over the years, including the notorious FlowRider and the iFly simulated sky diving device. 

If the cruise line handles the "Boomerango" like the other attractions on its ships, there will not be proper warnings or signage accurately disclosing the risk of serious personal injury to the guests and the operational instructions to the passengers will be poor. The company will likely force the guests to sign sports activity waivers, which the courts have already held to be illegal

Expect the "Boomerango" lawsuits to start early next year.

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Photo Credits:  Royal Caribbean via the Royal Caribbean blog.

  • Astrogal

    I thought the same thing when I read that announcement. To me, this doesn’t sound much fun at all, only terrifying! Especially the part where you are launched into the air for a few seconds – I can see already that’s just an accident waiting to happen.

  • Geno

    I concur with both of you – an accident waiting to happen! Obviously an attempt to attract younger clientele to their ships.

  • John thompson

    Does look dangerous. I’m sure it is designed to be safe but one surge in water pressure propelling the raft and it goes flying. I don’t see it as worth the risk. I can personally attest that on a June cruise aboard the freedom of the seas, at least a couple of people were injured by the flow rider. One had a broken leg and was put in a soft cast and had to use a wheel chair and one had a bloody nose.

    In terms of making people aware of the dangers, Royal Caribbean does make guests who sign up for these attractions whether it is ice skating or the flow rider, sign 5 times that they are aware of the dangers and waive any lawsuit. There is nothing wrong with Royal Caribbean offering these attractions because they do let people know about the danger and people make a choice to take those risks. They make the choice.

    The sky diving simulator sounds like fun but I do agree this slide design looks dangerous and flow rider I would not partake in. The flow rider should be replaced by something safer and that can be used by more guests. I liked roller skating on the old ships. Sky diving in place of flow rider would be nice.

  • Janet Walsh

    This seems like another version of the water park slides. There is one just like this at a Wet n Wild park here in the Phoenix area. Each one gets a little more daring. Personally, I don’t and won’t ride them, but the younger people are looking for more and more thrills.
    Good luck to them, and I truly hope no one gets injured.

  • Brent

    I half dislocated my shoulder on one of these at a water park.