Several crew members from the Vision of the Seas notified me that earlier this morning the cruise ship was involved in the rescue of 45 or 46 migrants.

The crew of the Vision provided food and water to all of the migrants.  It then transported the migrants on a tender boat to a nearby Greek island, after which the Vision continued on to its port of call in Kusadasi, Turkey.

The crew members wish to remain anonymous.

Congratulations to the effort by the Vision crew!

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Vision of Seas Migrant Rescue

  • Geno

    Thank you Royal Caribbean! Bravo!

  • Von Vasquez

    I was from Vision of the Seas, but am on vacation. I salute you crewmate.

  • Alfie Noakes

    Not wanting to poo poo any act of goodwill (I’m full of them myself) but it does appear that
    RCCL were playing the good publicity card (joker) here

    See the pics, they were rescued in sight of land ?

    Was this a deflector for all the bad punts that are rightly sent their way !! ??

    Why are they encouraging illegal immigrants ? Why don’t they just provide a ship to ferry them in ?

    How long until Mexicans try the same stunts to be rescued in US waters ? And how would the U.S. deal with them ? I don’t know would they admit them as Europe does or return them ?
    If anyone knows it would be good to learn ……

  • Axel Krack

    That’s a great act of goodwill and help, but !!!! becarefull !!! The head of the ship breaks existing laws!! If refugees enter illegal the border of Europe and ask for asyl is one thing…. but if you help them on this act of crime…. You work as facilitator that’s an act of crime!

    The Schengen aggrement is still working!! The normal way for the crew is, in a case of distress at sea, to pick them up, an bring them to the border patrol of this country.

    How will the US border patrol act in this way…

    It’s maybe a job for you Jim as attorney.

  • Alfie Noakes

    Great point Axel

    Hopefully Jim will answer this point !

  • Liza

    I was on this ship As a passenger and there’s nothing about PR here,
    The vision turned around the whole ship to rescue 45 people from Syria, many women and small kids, from drowning in the waves on their small rubber floater. We made sure that their “boat” wasn’t sinking, as is according to the laws at sea, and then waited for the Greek coastguard who ASKED for our assistance by transporting the immigrants ashore with our tenderboats to the island of Samos in Greece. Do NOT compare the situation with ISIS in Syria with Mexicans trying to get to the USA. There’s over 13 million people on the run from is in the Middle East, trying to reach Europe because of he war and the royal Caribbean crew on the vision of the seas are real heroes in this specific situation. 🙂

  • Axel Krack

    OK… if their vessel is on the way to the ground, YOU have to pick them out of the water and bring them to YOUR ship or handle them over to the coast guard or rescue vessel. The thing is you can’t provide first aid and other things on a small lifeboat. In the case off, your Doc and hospital has to look after this persons.

    The greek authorities are overstrained with this situation, normally the greeks had to secure the European borders… had to…

    War is a sad thing… but to run away to the country you want to go…. is another. Violate the borders of many countries…. is not the way.

    Well, that’s not Syria alone, the hole region is unstable…. How many millions from Middle East or Africa want to go to Europe….? the land of milk and honey..

    War is bad of course, but look closer how they come in this situation… there are so many things running bad in the hole region. ISIS will overtake more and more in the near future, you’ll see, Lybia, Jordan, Egypt.

    The exodus to Europe is not the solution of this problems. The whole world has to fix this problem and stabilize the region… but the world want only gas and oil from there. Who cares the people..

    And by the way… Your’re on vacation on your cruise ship and pay a lot for this trip… Do you want to share your ship/ cabins with refugees…?

  • John De Ceglie

    I was on the vision of the seas cruise august 20th- september 1st and royal caribbean handled it perfectly having them on board the ship was a last option and our captain lis explained everything to us they provided them with water and food in case of them not being normal people they did not allow them on our boat and left them on their boat for a little while we then later on had our nurse check them out before having any contact with crew members that were on board the ship. I must say royal caribbean handles this very well

  • fiona potts

    It was 5.44am and dark when an announcement was made for crew. The Vision of the Seas had quite closely sailed passed the small vessel. I looked out of the window and saw its lights disappearing into the distance within a few minutes. The crew put the search lights on and scanned the water, but we had passed. The announcement was made to all crew and us passengers, regarding the decision to turn the cruise ship to assist. It was not known who was on board the vessel at this time, the only facts were that a small vessel had called for help. At appropriate intervals subsequent announcements were made giving further information regarding the occupants of the vessel, action taken and next stages.
    This was not at all politically motivated, but an act of humanity. Well done Vision crew! I felt moved at the time and even more so following tragic news regarding refugees Aylan and Galip.

  • Pat Grant

    I havon the vision of sea as well, and from port side I saw everything from start to finish. I felt the captain did the right thing she could have keep going and left them there, “but how do you live with yourself knowing innocent Lives could be lost because of protocol. my hats off to the crew and the caption Bravo vision of the sea.

  • Harold

    Could you please identify the exact town the migrants were taken to?

    I too was aboard the Vision. The rescue was the appropriate action! The seas were rough, especially for an overcrowded inflatable raft, it was pitch black dark, I remember the Vision’s powerful searchlight not being able to pick up the raft for quite some time. Anyone that understands being on the water will know that even with good visibility you would have trouble knowing how close you are to shore because shore lights simply aren’t elevated high enough for one to see.

  • visioncrew

    Today October 14th,2015 again Vision of the Seas rescue about 35 Syrians, when ship was sailing from Santorini, Greece to Kusadasi, Turkey. It was a call at 5 50 am from small boat asking help from us, it was about 2 babies and 5 or 6 kids between the refugees. All of them assisted by Vision OTS until the hellenic coast guard arrive and took them to Greece.

  • Caroline

    We are flying out of New Zealand soon to take a two month holiday in Europe. I was looking for a and accidentally came upon this site. I am sad that this should even be an issue to argue, for surely these people first of all need help and after that it can be determined whether any of them are not true refugees. Those cynics who criticise such an action should experience even a little of what these refugees have endured. I applaud all who helped the those desperate people and the action taken persuades me to book Royal Caribbean for our!

  • Clandestino

    I was a crew member on this Mediterannean tour and was present when this was happened. They had small boat compering with the number of people. They were hopeless there..every convention of human rights says the same
    ..all the people are the same and deserve to be helped ,rescued, to have a medical check…then you can discuss about their papers – can.they be or not in someone else country.. doesnt matter who they are ..Syirians, citizen of Vietnam,Mexicans or Americans should know that Alfie Noakes