The new president of the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), Thomas Ostebo, unexpectedly left his new job amidst claims by CLIA that he departed for unexplained "personal reasons."

Mr. Ostebo retired from the U.S. Coast Guard as a rear admiral before joining CLIA. He joined CLIA with great fanfare.

CLIA Chairman and president of Royal Caribbean, Adam Goldstein, said that Ostebo supposedly Thomas Ostebo wanted to spend more time with his family. 

Hannah Sampson of the Miami Herald interviewed Mr. Ostebo shortly after he started at CLIA. He told the Herald that his job at CLIA was “interesting, frightening, shocking and exciting all at the same time in just the first couple days.”

"I told my wife last night: ‘After day two, I feel like I’ve been here two years already.’”

Anyone know what really happened to cause Admiral Ostebo to bolt from CLIA?

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  • tinikini

    Well I guess the forty or so days on the job proved to be like forty years, if two days seemed like two years. LMAO!!!! I think the key words “interesting, frightening, and shocking” and “effective immediately” pretty well sum it up. He could not get away from CLIA fast enough. Finally, maybe someone had the guts to say I will not be a part of this.

    You don’t just retire from the military on July 1st and then start a new job on July 6th without a lot of thought and consideration. If you wanted to spend time with your family after retiring from the military after 38 years you never would have accepted the job to begin with.

  • Mike

    Maybe his USCG history is finally catching up with him or someone from the Facebook page “L.O.S.T.” came forward to shed light on what type of person Ostebo really is….karma has a way of getting you back sometimes.

  • Brian Bowman

    I know this comment is a bit late, but I have to laugh when I read to comments posted. Obviously the individuals commenting have no idea who Tom is, his outstanding character, and the tremendous impact he has had on his country. The challenges he has faced in his military career far out way anything the CLIA could ever put on his plate.
    To paraphrase how Tom described his reasons for stepping out;
    Could not and did not want to get caught up in a company that had too many internal issues and toxic atmosphere that lacked professional leadership. Don’t have the time or energy to be the “adult supervision” needed to make the company truly successful and cohesive.
    Smart move my friend!