Italian newspaper L’Unione Sarda reports what it is calling an excursion boat from the Costa Mediterranea apparently broke a cable while it was being lowered in Montenegro. 

Photographs sent to me shows what appears to be a lifeboat dangling on the side of the Costa cruise ship.  

The news article says:

"There was a technical problem , , ,  the boat came off as it was being lowered into the sea to carry passengers to the fjord of Kotor, in Montenegro. There is a dock and it was necessary to use the boats. But no one was on board and no one was hurt, said Costa Crociere."

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There have been other serious lifeboat accidents in the last several years. In October 2014, a "rescue boat" on the Coral Princess was being raised on davits with two crew members aboard when a cable snapped. One crew member was killed. In July 2015, two crew members were seriously injured when they were raising a rescue boat. It fell from deck 6 of the Pride of America to the water. In February 2013, 8 crew members were in a lifeboat during a drill on the Thomson Majesty cruise ship when the lifeboat plunged 60 feet into the water. The lifeboat landed upside down. 5 of the crew were killed. 3 were injured.

Photo Credit: Facebook (unknown photographer) 

Costa Mediterranea

  • Well the tender luckily was empty…WHY SO MANY accidents involving lifeboats and tenders falling into the water ??? Cables failing, winches failing, motors failing….Crew have been killed and badly injured in these regular accidents….WHY ????

  • Don Sayman

    again I say “wake up folks” MONEY the answer to all
    questions re:cruise industry. save docking money
    use lifeboats. thank all

  • Anonymous

    Sorry folks, but the news report seems a bit short and easy translated in your report Jim, is there any more information available already on this accident?

    Don Sayman, it’s not all about saving money. The dock in Kotor is too small and shallow for most mid size cruise ships, which in this case includes the Costa Mediterranea.

  • Cap R.D. “Ray” Nudge

    Lifeboat technology and design is decades old for the winches, fall wires, hooks, etc… Ship owners need to focus on safer equipment, maintenance and training.