Cocaine Cruise News outlets are reporting that a cruise passenger sailing to Port Everglades from the Bahamas was arrested after the U.S. Customs & Border Protection discovered 2.4 pounds of cocaine in the man’s luggage and additional drugs taped to his ankles. 

LOCAL 10 News and Breaking 911 report that "Customs officers noticed the man nervously moving items in his luggage as he was being questioned, so they inspected the luggage and found two packages of cocaine inside."

The articles say that the passenger was arriving on a "cruise ferry" from the Bahamas on August 13th.

The Customs and Border Protection, like many Federal agencies, did not disclose the name of the cruise company in question. 

Anyone know what cruise ferry was sailing from the Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale on August 13th? Leave a comment.

Photo Credit:  U.S. Customs & Border Protection





  • Tim Dye

    I suspect the ” Bahamas Paradise”

  • Thomas

    Donald Trump wants the U.S. to build a wall separating Mexico and USA. I’ll vote for him if he also builds a wall separating Bahamas and USA. The Bahamas is a Nation that breeds thieves and murderers, we don’t need anymore of them here in Miami.

  • Carol Wess

    You are so right Thomas, that country’s government encourages the drug trade that destroys so many good and honest families here in the U.S.A. The police and officials of that nation allow drug cartels to use their country as a gate way to the U.S. for payoffs. As a matter of fact their first Prime Minister after Britain gave them independence was friends with the Columbian Cartel. He even allowed them to put up the Columbian flag on the island he let them use as a drug gate way. The Bahamas corruption has finally caught up with them, just like Mexico, now the cartels have gone against them. Thank you for your service Mr. Walker, with out people like you the Bahamas would still be distorting the truth for their own greed as unaware tourists lose their lives there.

  • Ugo Gibson

    The Bahamas is a place where criminals have more rights than paying tax payers. Where teenage students look forward to becoming adults so they can be drug dealers and not doctors or teachers. This is the main reason I left my homeland, there is no future there for my kids. Every government official is a corrupt crook, and the police will only help those who line their pockets with money.