Faroe Islands Whale SlaughterEuropean cruise lines AIDA, Hapag-Lloyd, and P & O have already decided to avoid the Faroe Islands because of the cruel and gruesome slaughter of pilot whales (Grindadrap). Kudos to them. Disney is the only U.S. based cruise line avoiding the Faroes. Double Kudos to the Magical Cruise Company for doing the right thing. 

But Royal Caribbean and Royal Caribbean-owned Azamara, NCL and Oceania & Regent Seven Seas (both owned by NCL), Silversea Cruises, Windstar, and HAL & Princess (both owned by Carnival) are still sailing to the Faroes. I doubt that people would cruise on these companies’ cruise ships to the Faroe islands if they knew about this slaughter. 

Yesterday the Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson mentioned this blog is his commentary "STOP THE VOYAGES TO HELL – Whale Friendly Tourists are not Welcome in the Danish Faroe Islands." Captain Watson explains that the Faroes recently passed a law that requires tourists to report pods of whales so that the country can slaughter them. He writes that:

"One of the pods of Pilot Whales exterminated by the Faroese whalers earlier this summer was spotted and reported by a tourist because the "special" new Grind Laws of the Faroe Islands makes it a criminal offense for anybody to not report a pod of whales to the whalers.

So when tourists have been recruited into being accessories to the slaughter, it is time to discourage more tourists from being recruited." 

It’s time to act. If you are disturbed by this evil spectacle, do something about it.  Call your travel agent. Complain to the cruise lines that support the Faroe Islands and which profit from excursions to this location. Refuse to cruise on ships that cruise there. Don’t give your money to cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, NCL and Carnival brands that sail there. 

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Photo Credit: campaign-whale.org  Be sure to watch the short video below:


  • Kristoffer

    This Faroes law sounds an awful lot like the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, one of the worst laws in US history.

  • There are far more pressing threats to ocean wildlife than the heavily regulated and historic way of the Faroese, around 100 million sharks sharks of all species are being caught worldwide to feed the Asian market for shark-fin soup. The decimation of Tuna in the Mediterranean, I could make a list as long as your arm!

  • Axel Krack

    I work for another german cruise line and before as Guide and expedition leader on expedition cruise ships as marine biologist. Excuse my rude words ” What a shit is this type of laws??” I’ll never report any whales and pods to anybody, and I’ll discuss it with the head of the ship to do it also.
    Before we enter the water of this island I’ll inform my passengers about there behavior.

    Please Jim, could you send me the source (english) of this law and how are the restritions if you don’t follow these laws?

  • Lisa

    Respect, humanity, love….mans greed, arrogance, evil abuse has to end

  • Axel Krack

    What’s about the japanese behavior of killing dolphins and hunt whales for scientific reason in Antarctica? Pass by these islands also….!

    Or Norway, Iceland, they still hunt whales !

  • Magnus Poulsen

    It’s nearly September – and the cruise ships keep visiting the stunningly beautiful Faroe Islands in their numbers.
    Like everything else the $$C$ involves in the tourism boycott campaign again has proven to be highly counterproductive. Boycotting the local salmon farming industry has totally failed too. Export rates have never been higher than this year.
    As a matter of fact the Faroese can’t believe their own luck and financial success. The overwhelming industry cashflow for 2016 speaks for itself.

  • Magnus:

    The boycot led by Sea Shepherd has been highly successful in educating people who would otherwise cruise or travel to the bloody fjords of the Faroe Islands without knowing of the sadistic and brutal slaeughter of hundreds of pilot whales there each year. Sea Shepherd has also successfully connected comments from people like you from Denmark who support the barbaric grind to the illegal use of Danish naval ships to block Sea Shepherd from the bloody beaches. This tactic creates ongoing media coverage.

    An increasing number of cruise passengers from Disney, AIDA and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises have agreed no longer to call on the Faroe Islands. I have been contacted by hundreds of cruise passengers who will never set foot on Faroe Islands as long os it kills whales.The efforts of Sea Shepherd has spread to other animal rights groups such as the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Forum in Germany to boycott the backwards country over the mass slaughter of whales.

    The boycott of salmon and other fish products from the Faroe Islands is relativly new but is promising. It already includes steps taken by Costco in the U.S. to stop its supprt of the Faroes.

  • Magnus Poulsen

    The Faroese have long since – just by observing other countries with a major tourist industries – realized that the hidden agenda from many foreigners is to modify the local culture in such a respect that it will fit in with the tourists expectations and certainly not the opposite. This is not going to happen on these islands. And as a matter of fact this common local attitude explains why these islanders have managed to survive by own means under extremely harsh conditions from 650 AC up to modern times. The islands have already reached the peak of what is the acceptable number of visitors from abroad. One can say that a cruise boycott finally sets the acceptable annual tourist number quota they have been looking for and may be considered an unexpected service from the cruise shipping industry. It also prevents tourists who do not accept local ways of life from coming. That, too is a great advantage I dare say.