Costa Employee Marc Gregor GuinucudAn Italian newspaper reports today that a Costa crew member is accused of raping a young passenger aboard the Costa Diadema while the cruise ship was docked in Naples.

The newspaper says that a Costa bartender allegedly followed an 18 year-old French woman into her cabin and raped her brutally. 

The accused rapist is identified as 30 year-old Costa employee Mark Guinucud from Manila, Philippines.

Crew member Guinucud was supposed to fly back to the Philippines, but an Italian prosecutor reportedly blocked him from flying. The crew member was arrested and taken into police custody when the cruise ship arrived in the port of La Spezia.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday. Guinucud at this time is held in the prison of La Spezia.

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  • nina

    I know that passengers go on cruises for fun and to sleep around with any guy specially workers there is a shame because it’s so difficult to work there as an employee i have experienced with many passengers that will do.and say anything. Some passengers have an emotion issues I request fully research!!! Picture’s cámaras its absurd to get pass security with out been notice. Besides you need a key to get in to the cabin . !! I believe its the word of an employee against an passenger and we all know that passengers always win however there need to be proven .

  • yogesh

    Its very bad…we need control. Over limit….we ar come for work. ..

  • David Cowan


    You’re an idiot.

  • MAC

    I do not believe this! I know that guy and I’ve been his colleague from a hotel before and he is not that kind of man to rape a woman specially a foreigner? Mark is kind and gentleman and he is a good friend of ours. He will never do anything like this. Why would he even rape a girl when he came over there just to work for him and for his family? I suspect that the French woman is making up stories. No worries because a lot of evidences will prove her wrong.

  • I really feel pity to this crew if ever they can prove this accusation!

  • tinikini

    Yeah MAC, I never thought one of my good friends would drown his 3 month old baby in the bathtub either, but he did. People do insane things when they have issues or undue stress and pressure, or under the influence of something. Things happen and people snap, it happens every day….unfortunately. Let’s wait for some more info before we judge and point fingers. Jim will keep us informed.

  • john

    I think there should be thorough investigation in this case coz i know that nobody can go inside the cabin without a key… Coz i work as a steward and only 4 person have a key for the cabin. The passenger, the steward in charge of the cabin, the supervisor and the manager.

  • Elle

    I suggest thorough investigation about this case. We dont know what happen for sure but lets open our mind it could be true and it could be a make up story of a young girl who was deprived attention from a man she wants. But no woman should be raped. I just hope that justice will be fair enough for this guy. My husband works in costa (not diadema) i know how hard their work is. But some people tend to snap if they dont have faith and no loving family to turn to when their homesick. Everytime my husband is free even if its just for 15 to 20min or even if he is eating we do skype. Family should always be there no matter how long d distance maybe. It keeps your lovedone focus and reminded that they are there to give better life for their lovedones at home!

  • Darwin

    As a seaferer nothing is easy.working away from home, away from love ones and away from your country. Shits happens all times.In this case, we never know the whole story.

  • LB

    The rape myths really need to end. There have been a multitude of cases involving crew members using pass keys or force or coercion to enter a passengers room, in order to rape them. Passengers don’t make rape accusations because they were angry that someone didn’t give them attention – they make accusations because someone assaulted them. People also don’t “snap” and suddenly become rapists; rapists often plan their attacks in advance.

  • Skip


    I know the comments on this site cater mostly to cruise line employees and their whining about how they are overworked and underpaid doing a job that they knew full well what they signing up for, but this support for a rapist is truly unbelievable.

  • Sad to hear.

  • Sydney

    I feel sorry for that man…A rape there any CCTV on that passenger’s alleyway?but for sure there is..It’s really painful for his family of what happen to him..Just pray,god is always beside you..

  • CRIS

    Any Update on this case? im also a crewmember of costa but in galley department..we dont know what really happen but i think at first place why you should do that when in fact you know that a rape is a capital offense,2nd you go work in a ship to provide a good life for your family..i dont believe this,but if its true then justice need to be served…