KHON 2 reports that two Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) crew members were injured and hospitalized yesterday in an accident on the Pride of America. 

The accident occurred when the NCL cruise ship was docked in Hilo.

The crew members, in their 30s, were reportedly lowering a lifeboat from the cruise ship when the cables broke. The video below says that the men ended up falling into the lifeboat which fell into the water. 

July 30 2015 Update: A crew member contacted us and said that "they were raising one of the rescue boats after doing some routine maintenance on the boat. it was not a life boat. As the boat was going up it somehow detached and fell from deck 6 to the water(4 deck fall)."

  • Ricardo garzon

    Las year in celebrity century happen the same accident in hawwaii

  • Stacy

    Prayers to both men, I know them. One helped my mother when she hurt herself on the ship a couple years back.

  • Dan

    Does anyone know the names of the crew members?

  • Cassandra

    I do not know their names but I believe that one crew member was a safety officer and the other was an officer.