RyndamCruise Critic is reporting that the Holland America Line (HAL) Ryndam cruise ship is a code red situation with a gastrointestinal virus sickening passengers sailing from the U.K.

The HAL cruise ship is returning to port in Harwich a day early, this Friday July 3rd, in order for the crew members to conduct what is called a "deep cleaning" before the next round of passengers arrive, according to Cruise Critic. 

HAL says that a "high number of guests reported to the infirmary" during the current cruise. HAL has not disclosed the actual number of sick guests or crew members.

HAL thinks that norovirus is involved. 

As is the case with virtually all cruise-related norovirus cases, there has been no disclosure of the cause of the viral outbreak (i.e., contaminated food or water, crew members working while ill, or – the cruise industry’s favorite excuse, cruise passengers who don’t wash their hands).

There have been nine norovirus cases officially reported to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the last six months of this year.  Many other outbreaks have occurred outside of the U.S. jurisdiction.  

Photo Credit: Roger Wollstadt CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

  • Keith Harper

    Previous cruise was also affected.

  • robert shimmen

    We went on the last cruise (june 13), when we prepared to board we were given a letter which said that they had norovirus on board the ship in the previous cruise and that if we wished we could cancel. We wish we had, the fear of catching it was every where.

  • linda walker

    I had vomiting and diarreah June 27-28. I started with chills all over my body and a down comforter has to cover me to stop the chills and it has not stopped. Temperature is 102 degrees. Is this related? JULY 3/

  • Graeme Potter

    Norovirus since June 6th.
    Should i be going the Ryndam on 1st August??

  • M Thornton

    Took the cruise June 20-Jul 3 (foreshortened) and exhibited the Norovirus symptoms on June 24th (cramps and muscle aches) despite very frequent hand sanitization and hand washing. On June 25th, vomiting and diarrhea. Primarily slept for 36 hours. (Had visited the medical centre on June 21st for eye issue. Have wondered if it’s possible I contracted the illness there.)
    It is a sick ship despite the best efforts of the crew teams to keep everyone well. When asked on June 26th, the medical team admitted over 200 passengers were ill. Stayed quarantined for 24hrs following last bout. First day out and about, quite weak but strength returned on 2nd day out and about following release.
    If I suffered from an underlying illness of any kind, I would certainly not sail on this ship. Being basically healthy as a horse and as someone who rarely gets ill, I recovered well.

  • S Uttley

    I was on this cruise and can echo everything said in the previous post by M Thornton, I was sick on the same days. Our wedding anniverary was the 25th, which was my worse day. This “hospital” cruise never should have left Harwich. We heard that there was Norovirus on the previous two cruises. The total number sick was between 25 and 50% of the ship by my rough estimate after talking to a lot of folks. I missed two of my three highlights of the cruise (Reykjavik and Eidfjord). The compensation offered by Holland America at the end was completely inadequate.

  • L Runde

    I am scheduled to sail on the Ryndam on July 18. Has anyone heard of any Norovirus cases on the current cruise from Harwich to Norway? I had also read that some cruisers were offered refunds/future vouchers when they arrived at the ship if they chose not to sail because of the norovirus. Can anyone confirm this was true? Do you have to show up at the port or can you make the claim before you actually go to Harwich to board?

  • G Potter

    Booked to go to Iceland on 1st Aug. I am checking with our Agent re the the remarks from L Runde 10/7.
    Its the thought of not knowing if you may get the Noro virus with the known history that takes the edge off what should be a great (not cheap !!) holiday.

  • Alan Kirk

    to confirm what’s been said, we were on the Cruise starting on the 20th June.
    Both my wife and a I were quarantined in our suite and missed out on the main reason we went on the cruise to see whales and puffins,in fact we saw no wildlife.

    As we came from the UK we would have happily delayed our cruise if we’d been given any notice, but we were only told once our suit cases had been loaded onto the ship.

    We’ve been loyal HaL customers, always having a Neptune suite, but unless we get suitable recompense, we won’t be sailing with them again.

  • Lyn Main

    was on the June 20-July 3 (shortened from July 4) Ryndam to Iceland/Norway
    Of the 6 at our dining table, 3 got sick-all around the same time–

    Overall, situation was handled well–missed some shows, but we persevered.
    Felt sorry for the HAL club for the kids and those that missed time in the computer lab.

    We were given a night (July 3rd) at the Hilton at Gatwick to make up for our early arrival back in Port-we were scheduled to overnight on the 4th, for a flight home on the 5th.
    Very organized and felt the compensation generous-first cruise we ever ended with a credit balance 🙂

  • Clara

    Should I be going on ryndam 25th July

  • Jan Hawes

    My elderly mother and I were on the 20 June cruise which ended a day early. We were offered the option of cancellation AFTER our luggage was on board and we were half way up the ramp onto the ship. The letter made it sound like everything was under control. We were both very sick and everything on board was in quarantine so there was very little to do. I believe the compensation offered was pathetically inadequate – I flew from Australia for this! I have written to Holland America on 23 July requesting a full refund and have yet to receive a reply.