Norwegian GetawayA cruise passenger from a Norwegian Cruise Line ship went overboard yesterday, according to the CruiseJunkie website.

A passenger left the following comment on cruise expert Professor Ross Klein’s website:

"At around 8:30 PM women jumped overboard. The code was called within a few minutes the capt got on the speaker explained the situation. Said he was turning the vessel around to try do rescue. We were sitting window seat at the Savor restaurant and saw the flashing light and the rescue boat go flying to get her. She made it! Story we heard it was a drunk mid age women fighting with her boy friend. They kept her in medical until we got to our first port ST. Thomas where she left in a ambulance. During Q & A with the Capt they didn’t want to talk about it. He did say it was his first rescue and she was lucky she lived." 

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  • Usha

    Good job done.

  • Linda Spinks

    I was on the Norwegian getaway when the woman jumped. The captain and crew (June 2015) did a wonderful job.

  • Evelyn Diaz

    Congratulations to all the Officers and Crew onboard. For the JOB well done…Have a safe sailing and fair wind.

  • Norwegian Getaway passenger

    The Captain & crew were fantastic. The Captain immediately advised all passengers & crew immediately. The message was straight to the point, the passenger was rescued very fast & everything continued as normal. The Captain & his entire staff are continuously looking out for the passengers, crew & the vessels safety!

    Proud to be a Norwegian passenger!

  • cheryl toffel

    norweign is a ship line that can be trusted always on the ball good job as always !

  • Dorothy Jacobson

    I was on that cruise and watched the rescue from my balcony. It was amazing. The captain, crew and especially the rescuers on the lifeboat who fished her out of the water should be commended. Remember, this happened at night when it is pitch black at sea. Also, the ship is traveling faster than during the day, so to turn around and find her that fast is miraculous.

  • Debbie Crosby

    Great ship. Great Crew.
    recently off Getaway, loved this ship. Love Norwegian. HATS OFF job well done

  • Robert Lavalle

    AMAZING time had on the Getaway last week. Thank you Norwegian for making cruising fun again. As for the woman overboard, we saw it from our window seat at one the reataurants, it was truly incredible. The reaction time was unbelievable. As for the woman, I hope she is home safe and getting the help she needs. God bless..

  • Anna Piecoro

    Dis lady had me low key pissed off. She a savage 4 that. I seen the leap she took, look like duck full of lead fallin. Shoulda left her dumb ass swimming. But besides that them folks did a good job.

  • George Medz

    i saw it to and have a video of the rescue. NCL did a fabulous job. A miracle.

  • Mr. Gregg

    Hi George Medz,
    Plz post the video on you tube. We were dinning & only heard about the incredible rescue. Have been looking for someone to post it since our return from the vacation.
    Mr. Gregg

  • Gisela Garneau

    I was on board and never heard a word about it. What a miraculous and incredible recovery by the captain and crew! My family and I had an incredible trip on the Norwegian getaway! I can’t say enough good things about it. The ship, the staff, cleanliness, The state rooms, the food, the entertainment and the attention to the passengers was absolutely wonderful!

  • Luke

    She actually had passed due to medical reasons two days ago.

  • Lonnie

    We were on the ship, the ship starting leaning and we were wondering what was going on. The ship was making a quick turn around. We watched the rescue, have pictures of her in the rescue boat. She was in total darkness, we saw the light and watched the rescue not being lowered and brought backup with her on board. Very lucky lady!!!!!!

  • Ms. B

    We had a great time on the Getaway. Kudos to the captain and crew for a great job in saving this woman. To Luke from his June 23rd message, what do you mean she passed? Do you mean the woman who jumped off the Getaway passed away? Is this true? How do you know this?

    If you would, please explain. I have been concerned about her since because we had an encounter the first night and there’s great reason to be concerned about her well being.

    Thank you.