Norwegian SunThe U.S. Coast Guard in Alaska is reporting that it deployed a helicopter to medevac a 63-year-old woman from the Norwegian Sun on Sunday.

The helicopter crew hoisted the sick woman and flew her to Cordova Community Medical Center.

The Master of NCL cruise ship said that the passenger was suffering from abdominal complications. 

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Photo Credit: NCL

  • Celeste

    My husband and I were on this cruise and watched as the US Coast Guard airlifted this woman to the helicopter. Everyone watching in awe of the skills and bravery it took to manage this large helicopter under windy conditions, to stay steady with the ship and not get caught in the wires. One rescuer was lowered to the deck, and it took some time before the patient was airlifted – all the while the pilot keeping pace with the ship. Humanity at our best. So grateful for the men and women of the US Coast guard. A job well done.