Disney Dream Several people informed me that there has been a death aboard the Disney Dream.

An officer was reportedly discovered dead on the cruise ship yesterday. The officer reportedly was discovered hanging, in what I am told is an apparent suicide. His body was located in an air conditioning room reportedly on deck seven.

The body of the Disney officer was reportedly removed from the cruise ship in the Bahamas.

The cruise ship was last in Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. It returned to Port Canaveral and is now heading back to Nassau.

The Dream is registered in Nassau Bahamas. Any investigation will be conducted by the Bahamas Maritime Authority.

We made an inquiry to Disney Cruise Line but it has not responded.

June 1 2015 Update: Bahamas Police Probe Deaths of 2 Employees of Cruise Lines

June 2 2015 Update: There has been a second crew member death, on a Carnival ship, within a 24 hour period – Suicide on the Sensation.

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Photo Credit: Nozzleman75 via Wikipedia Creative Commons 3.0

  • Candice Minks

    Prayers for the Officer and his family, prayers for the crew and the Disney Company. Not 100% sure why this news needs to be published, but I am sorry for the Officer.

  • eva stevens

    I pity the dear relatives and friends if Bahamas are conducting the ‘incestigations’… dear REBECCA Coriam’s family in Chester still haven’t had a report on their daughter’s mysterious disappearance from Disney Wonder shop in March 2011.

  • karmin

    I feel sorry for the family of the crew member but it’s a good thing to get the news out there. Working on a cruise liner is emotionally and physically draining. I worked on one myself it’s a dream of many and they need to know it’s not all that fun.

  • Don

    Hi just referring back to the death of a young lady on the 1st of june on the Carnival sensation.I am the young ladies father and am quite distressed that cause of death was hanging which I will never believe she could or would do by her own hand;but my main concern is the fact it is being bandied around as an act of suicide.I must point out that I have received all the relevant forms,certificates and any other papers and nowhere does it quote suicide as any part of her death. I owuld like this point to be taken seriously and noted by anyone of authority. Thank You.

  • Thoughts and prayers for the family and coworkers.