HAL Rape LawsuitA lawsuit was filed against Holland America Line (HAL) in Seattle for the vicious attack unleashed by a HAL crew member on a young woman last year on HAL’s Nieuw Amsterdam.

The crew member is identified as Ketut Pujayasa, age 28. from Indonesia. He worked a stateroom attendant. He used a master key card to gain illegal entry into the victim’s cabin.

Pujayasa raped, beat, punched and strangled her and then tried to throw the woman from the balcony into the ocean in international waters. 

The attack, lasting over 45 minutes, was absolutely horrific.

I’m surprised that HAL permitted this case to be filed.  

Records show another passenger’s report of an overflowing toilet was tagged as a “high priority” by the ship’s front desk the night the woman was attacked, Calls from passengers concerned about the woman’s cries or help were deemed to be of a lower priority.

Permitting crew members (cabin attendants, room service attendants, etc,) a master key is a terrible idea. Rapes by such crew members have occurred in the past.

A Seattle newspaper covered the story. I was interviewed for the story. 

Photo Credit: SeattlePI


    The agency that supply staff to cruise liners should vet staff with disclosure ,and cabin/stateroom doors wedged when staff enter.All staff should not be allowed in cabin areas outside their work shifts,and should not have access to master keys past their shift hours .

  • tinikini

    This is such a tragic story. This poor woman has to revisit the horror of that evening yet once again to sue. I wish her the best, what a brave one she is. HAL is 100% responsible for this is so many ways, too numerous to list. PERIOD THE END!!!!

    If I remember correctly the Judge in this case doubled his sentence to 30 plus years because of the brutality of the crime and I would also assume so that “good behavior” would not give him an early release.

    The Judge stepped up so now it is time for HAL to step up and pay this woman millions without a trial and spare her the trauma of reliving it all over again. If they don’t….I hope she sues the shit out of them and wins…..BIG!!!

  • Industry Observer

    Corporate mentality and management style trickles down from the top. Damages in this horrendous case should be felt personally by top level HAL executives; they should not be just a corporate payout and insurance-backed settlement. For example, cut executives’ annual compensation by 20% or so and give all their bonuses to this victim this year. After this year, apply all their bonuses to a victim fund until significant changes in security and attitude are in place.

  • ex client of HAL

    This kind of story is typical of HAL, I went on my first and last cruise on Me Amterdam and will never ever go back!! Their front desk customer service is very poor and unprofessional. Better trained staff could have saved this poor woman:( I feel terrible that a human being goes through such a traumatic experience in a place where they shoils feel safe and secure (holidays on a ship!) I believe HAL deserves to be sued and the jusdge will certainly be in favour of this poor victim. HAL is a company that is solely money oriented, my last cruise experience proved it, the boat left the port while the hot water was not available in many cabins and the toilet were fucked. But what’s even more fucked up is there front desk ‘staff’ pitiful..really