News sources in Hawaii are reporting that dozens of Princess cruise ship passengers have been quarantined on Maui after a norovirus outbreak.

Newspapers are saying that Princess Cruises’ Star Princess is ported at Lahaina. According to the local health department, around 30 people are quarantined in their rooms. Health officials report that the virus originated in San Francisco. 

Princess Cruises notified the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

There is no official CDC information  because there is no need for the CDC to make a report to the public unless 3% or more of the cruise passengers or crew are ill. 

This week 8 Canadian doctors published a blockbuster article confirming that norovirus can be transmitted in an airborne form.

Unfortunately, given the short time that cruise ship are in port, no health officials ever determine whether the outbreak is caused by contaminated food and / or water versus a sick food handler versus poor hygiene practices by the cruise ship or passengers. I expect the cruise line will still publicly blame the passengers, whatever the true cause. 

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Star Princess Noro Virus

Photo Credit: Jim Walker in Seattle


  • Bill Knudsen

    We were on the Star Princess on April 5 – 12. Both of us came down with some weird flu bug, dizzy, sneezing, coughing, sinus issues, very tired feeling, on the last day of the cruise. Anyone else have the same issues?

  • Linda Y

    Same here. We were on the Star Princess March 21 – April 5 on the round trip SF-Hawaii cruise. Immediately upon return, my husband and I caught this ‘weird’ bug. It had all the flu symptoms, lots of mucus, severe coughing. None of the cough medicine worked for me. Not even antibiotic med stopped the coughing. Finally the doctor game me inhalers to treat the symptom for allergies, then I am slowly recovering. I am may be 95% well now. Several other friends from the same cruise also reported falling ill with similar symptoms. Not sure what it is.

  • Shawn Merrill

    alas, I was also on the Star – but from May 14 to 16. Princess had sent out an email on the 13th advising the Star had had the norovirus and the ship was in the process of being de-contaminated and we were not allowed to check-in until after 3pm (for what was supposed to be a 5pm departure). Everything was fine until I returned home on the 16th. A few hours after arriving home, I had severe diarrhea and suffered from extreme exhaustion. My doctor confirmed had I had contracted the norovirus and I was out the rest of the week from work.

  • Alec Shiffman

    I was quarantined with norovirus on the “Dawn Princess” on a NZ cruise in 2014. It seems that regardless of the fact that the ship had docked with a significant number of norovirus sufferers on its previous cruise, it sailed again in 12 hours. Arguably this was not long enough to eradicate the disease from the ship, yet when we contracted it the ship position was that it was blameless and no compensation was offered. The only remedy provided was a packet of seasick pills, which, we found on reviewing our credit card statement after disembarking, we had been charged at least five times what that same packet would have cost us ashore.
    Prior to this cruise, I was a Platinum Member of Princess’s Captain’s Circle Club. I will not be adding to my nights on this carrier. In fact, I am not sure I will cruise again with any line.

  • Hanna jones

    The reason the cruiseships get away with the lies and uncleanliness is because doctors don’t want to get involved onshore. They really are clueless to what is happening on the seas.

    This is one of the most human disrespect I have seen, lying to the elderly and families boarding these ships. We all are sick, home one day after the trip from hell. (Noro virus tests results pending thanks to a conscientious dr. Near my home who agreed on the tests after hearing symptoms of violent coughing, fever, lethargy, some nausea and more.. rapid onset 3 days into the trip, everyone coughing uncontrollably, saying what is going on here.? The Star Princess was out of port less than 24 hours later, full of new humans being subject to an unclean ship. We had one extra day in Vancouver and were shocked to see the ship sail again so quickly.

    It ruined so many peoples vacation, and put many elderly people and children at risk. Unreal. You had to be there to understand! Despicable behavior of Princess Cruise particularly Star Princess to Denal and Alaska, stay away for now! Apparently it’s an ongoing problem they refuse to address beyond third world countries, until enough people, including doctors, make them be accountable for the ongoing virus problems within their ships. THATs WHERE it’s coming from, quit blaming cities, Princess!

  • Moray Bailey

    i just arrived in Vancouver on the Star Princess. Cruise was September 19-October 4 2015 Vancouver-Hawaii-Vancouver. I contacted the worst type flu of my life on the 21 September afternoon. By the third day I notified Medical Services after 2 days in bed running a unbelievable fever and was given tamiflu medication. I was sick almost the total cruise and was still coughing when I left the Star Princess. I am a totally healthy individual, normal weight, & have no history of illness in years. Later I heard many were sick on the ship, the Captain announced 2 separate viruses on board. We were 3 days from returning to Vancouver before they started taking precautions in the dining areas. I was so ill that when I was calling the insurance company I fainted while holding on the phone. I bit my tongue & injured my elbow during the fall. Doctors were very attentive but the Star Princess could care less. We have travelled by ship for many years & all has been great until this trip. The worst & expensive holiday of my life. The cruise ship needs to be held accountable for their careless hygiene on board & should give some compensation to individuals suffering such a miserable vacation. They keep piling them on larger & larger ships without any regard for the individuals exposed to all the germs being circulated & the extreme cleanliness is only exercised when there is a outbreak on board. I feel for the elderly who are not in good health & are being exposed to these terrible viruses..

  • William Riley

    My wife and I took the Sun Princess on a 15 day to and from Hawaii in March of 2003. 1/3 of the passengers and 1/3 of the crew got sick. It was so bad that they cancelled the last 5 days and put us off in Honolulu.

    Thankfully we did not get sick. They used the 5 days going back to, supposedly, sterilize the ship.