Fred Olsen Balmoral Cruise passengers on the Fred Olsen Balmoral cruise ship are affected by a massive viral outbreak.

The cruise ship’s medical staff is overwhelmed with sick passengers who are suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. The person who contacted us says that at least 300 of 1,100 passengers, as well as crew members, are ill with the gastrointestinal sickness..

The cruise line curtailed the cruise from 8 to 7 days to return to Southampton for "Barrier Cleaning." 

News sources in the U.K. are reporting that Fred Olsen passengers hit with a "vomiting bug" which causes vomiting and diarrhea.

Fred Olsen said it was "company policy" not to reveal the number of passengers affected, but the Daily Echo says that as many as 250 had contracted the bug.

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Photo Credit: Daily Echo


  • dr.s.cavan

    When the number of passengers and crew who are ill is given, is this only the number who had contact with the medical staff? Could there be more cases unaccounted?

  • Kate

    Myself,husband and two friends were passengers on the Balmoral. Three of us went down with the virus. This was our first cruise and our golden wedding anniversary. Got to Friday and I thought I had avoided it, but sadly that was not the case. I am still suffering by Tuesday.
    I have had this virus in the past but nothing as bad as this.

    In defence of the crew of the Balmoral they did everything they could to contain this virus. The person you need to blame for this outbreak is the person who brought it on board initially.

  • Ratcliffe

    I understood that the figure was nearer 500 by the time that we reached Stavanger on the return and that several nurses and a doctor were flown out after five days. Though the only contact I had with them was after 72hrs when they rang to enquire what time I had become ill. The food eventually provided was un appetising and limited to the same two dishes each day, and each meal time,
    and the same on the following day.
    When I endeavoured to order something more appetising I was rudely told that that was all, I or any one else, was allowed. As a mature adult I know what suits my digestion and expect it to be provided. I shall not be travelling with this line again.

  • jacques

    My mother is on the balmoral at the moment and after the outbreak the previous week. Passengers were still allowed on the ship and obviously the outbreak had not been contained as she has spent the last 5 days confined to her cabin alone.i really hope she is not offered a discounted next cruise as compensation as she will not be returning to this cruise line