Nassau BahamasThe U.K.’s  Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued "foreign travel advice" for travelers to the Bahamas. The U.K. crime warning says

"There have been incidents of violent crime including robbery, which is often armed and sometimes fatal, in residential and tourist areas of New Providence, Grand Bahama and Freeport. The number of break-ins and robbery incidents reported to the High Commission has increased. There are police patrols in the main tourist areas.

Be vigilant at all times and don’t walk alone away from the main hotels, tourist areas, beaches and downtown Nassau, particularly after dark. Take care if travelling on local bus services after dusk on routes away from the main tourist areas. Do not carry large amounts of cash or jewellery. Robbers may be armed."

I first learned of the crime warning from Travel Weekly

Incredibly, this is the eighth crime warning for the Bahamas in the last 16 months.

In 2014, Bahamas was the subject of four critical crime warnings to U.S. citizens (one from the U.S. State Department and three from the U.S. Embassy) and one warning from Canada. There have been 2 prior crime warnings from the U.S. for the Bahamas this year. With this latest U.K. warning, that’s a total of 8 warnings.

I have never heard any country being the recipient of 8 crime warnings in such a short time period. The U.S. warnings are much more specific, mentioning that U.S. tourists have been raped and robbed at gunpoint. 

We last wrote about the sorry state of affairs in the Bahamas earlier this month. We received a number of interesting comments to the article which you can read here. Many people avoid a cruise itinerary which includes the Bahamas, or they stay on the cruise ship when it reaches Nassau. 

I picked Nassau as the most dangerous cruise destination in the world last year.

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  • Here’s a message received from a Bahamian now living in London:

    “The Bahamas USED to be the best place on earth to live, but not anymore. When you’re forced to live in a gated compound or behind security bars, it’s no use saying it’s a great place to live because it isn’t. Bahamians are terrified to go out at night – the place is overrun with drug gangs. The courts are corrupt and the politicians are incompetent.

    Why and how did this transformation happen? It was down to a vile little man called Lynden Pindling, the so-called Father of the Nation, who died in 2000 and managed to accumulate a 50 million dollar fortune from drug barons. He led the nation into a life of corruption, routine dishonesty and unaccountability, and was even prepared to ‘sell’ Bahamian territory – the island of Norman’s Cay – to drug traffickers to use as a trans-shipment base.

    Delusional Bahamians still revere this gangster as ‘Father of the Nation’ but they are howling in the wind. Sensible Bahamians – and nearly all expats – point to Pindling as the architect of their woes, and with good reason.

    If the Bahamas is to have any chance of recovery, its people need to stop their hysterical God-bothering and face the facts. The place is in meltdown because of the moral collapse caused by Pindling and his criminal henchmen in the PLP, currently the governing party.

    In Nassau schools, ghetto kids will declare, without embarrassment, that their ambition is to be a drug dealer. Their only focus is money, which they use to buy trashy bling. There is easy access to firearms and the people’s meaningless religiosity is matched only by their greed.

    If this isn’t a formula for failure, I don’t know what is.”

  • Mary

    I love the Bahamas! Sadly to say my family rented a house Dec 2014 into the New year and were robbed New Years Eve. Thankfully we were out at Junkanoo. I was very upset and frightened but will always go back to Nassau.

  • Srgt. Thomas

    This morning 5/16/15, a fashion designer was murdered in his home and his house set on fire. And also four gang members battled it out in the streets with the police killing one gang member, injuring two, and one still out on the loose. Tourist, expats, workers, investors should leave ASAP, this country is on the verge of a civil uprising according to U.S. intelligence. Our government wants to thank you so much Mr. Jim Walker, you are helping us get the word out. You are a true American, and hope the rest of your Nation realizes this too.

  • Michelle Farrington

    You never cease to amaze me. While you think nothing of writing about my beautiful country.

    Ok so you say we have been cited 8 times for most dangerous. Well, the last time I checked the United States the land of the so called free… yet Americans have no privacy and the IRS continues to rob the hard working class of people.

    Oh and what do you, Jim Walker have to say about the police continually killing black people, calling it self defense? oh and what about all these shootings in killings in schools and universities.

    Let me remind you that when a country rapes and steals another countries resources in the name of bringing PEACE BY MEANS OF WARS, there are repercussions. How many families have been destroyed or ripped a part because the U.S.A. doesn’t care how many men/soldiers lives are sacrificed. These persons are someone’s father, husband, wife, son or daughter.

    While there are murders and violence in Nassau, we don’t live in fear and don’t go out at night.. if this paranoia exist, then they are a small minority. These types of crimes are basically revenge, or domestic related. So you say, the USA does not have these types of crime? Really????? I don’t think so!

    You need to get a life and leave us alone!

    Go write on all the crime throughout your country!

    I have been rushed, knocked to the ground and robbed in the parking lot of a hotel..yes, in the U.S. of A.
    To this day Car Rentals are targeted and many Bahamians have been victim to this type of crime in your country.

    So what say you?

    Michelle D. Farrington

  • Willa Kingsley

    My family and I are that the Atlantis hotel right now, I’m writing this comment with my IPhone as I speak. This morning at around 3-4 I believe we were awaken to gun fire in the distance, it sounded like a war. We just found out from the hotel’s lobby desk police had a confrontation with a group of gang members in the street. It’s still unclear if anyone was killed, but you should have heard the sounds, WOW! We are seriously thinking of leaving earlier than we hoped for, my kids are scared to death in leaving our room; this is nuts!

  • Michelle:

    Thanks for your comments.

    You make several good points.

    Our U.S. Federal government over-reaches all of the time. The IRS, Homeland Security & FBI regularly violate the rights of U.S. citizens.

    Our police (white and black) execute black men in the streets. It angers me greatly. It is a national disgrace. Travon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddy Grey are the martyrs of our going civil rights movement.

    You’re wrong about the men and women in our military. They don’t “rape and steal” as you claim. The Bahamas would be under the thumb of the Nazi’s but for the U.S. military. We have protected the world for decades. I see you could care less aboout that and are filled with hate. But the Bahamas couldn’t protect itself much less other countries if a troop of girl scouts attacked.

    The fact remains that Nassau is out-of-control dangerous. Your crime is widespread and increasing. Your government is corrupt. Your legal system is a joke. Your police are ineffective and corrupt. The Bahamas is dependant on tourism, primarily from the U.S., but you can’t stop from selling drugs to the cruise passengers or preying on them.

    My blog is read by mostly cruise passengers and crew members. It is intended to warn them of the danger on cruises ships and ports of call that they may not be aware of. Over a million people read over 6 millions pages a year.

    Most U.S. citizens think stepping off a cruise ship from Miami to the Bahamas is safe. It’s not. We report issues about the Bahamas which you and other delusioanal Bahamains try and keep secret. We have sent the messahge wide and far.

    If you want to warn people about dangers in the U.S., by all means do so. We wish you the same success in warning travelers that we have achieved.

  • Finely Tuned And Polished
  • Henry Pratt

    Michelle Farrington our country is a beautiful country and I don’t believe anyone here is disagreeing with you. But it is 100% true what these people are saying, our government is destroying us, fact, and for some reason most Bahamians are in denial about it. Too proud to admit that since our independence day Bahamians decided to start stealing from other Bahamians while in office. Everyday we have a government scandal involving them and our money. Everyday they try to cover up their dishonesty, and frankly , I’m one Bahamian who is sick of it. And as for Lynden Pindling, any Bahamian would have fit the same position. But this corrupt Bahamian chose to steal from his own country rather than glorify it with improvements. I for one teach my children that this man is not the founding father of the Bahamas, just a user of the Bahamas. I teach them that Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King were great man, Pindling was just a corrupt little man.

  • 9 lives MARY

    Mary 9 lives, go thank God this Sunday for not being home when it was robbed while you were at Junkanoo. With out a doubt you would have had a 98% chance of being raped and murdered if you were. But give it another chance, God won’t help you next time if he realizes you have no common sense.

  • Skip

    I think maybe it is time to stop blaming all the problems in the Bahamas on a man that died 20 years or so ago.

    The Progressive Liberals have governed the Bahamas, except for something like 5 five years, for the country’s entire history. It would seem that “sensible” Bahamians would stop voting for this party so that they could move away from Pindling’s “vile” influence and make the Bahamas a better place. Instead, they vote the PLP into majority governments.

    So, is it the majority of Bahamians that are “delusional” or is it just those who want to place the blame for a clearly dysfunctional country, one that seems to be getting worse many years after Pindling’s death, at the feet of an easy target?

  • OneOrder .357 Mag

    To the old PLP farts of this country, get this through your thick fuckin heads. Pindling to you is ” The father of this Nation”. To us youth with no future, he is ” The fatherfucker of this Nation”. Go buy his whore of a widow another fuckin BMW on us with our overtaxed funds! Take your fuckin bullshitting and shove it down your throats, before you really start pissing us off!

  • Karl Wickland

    Why in god’s name would any sane human being go to Nassau, Bahamas. This is the cesspool of the Bahamas, the toilet bowl of the country. It has nothing to see but drunken bums everywhere pan handling, vendors harassing the tourist with their junk. There are drug dealers on every street pushing their drugs, while their corrupt cops look on to later extort money from the tourist buying drugs. And if you have a pretty wife or daughter, be prepared for non-stop sexual harassment everywhere you go. This country treats their women and their rights like they treat the hundreds of homeless animals that roam their streets. As for the outer islands, they are beautiful, but the isolation to me is more scary than Nassau considering all the illegal Haitians that always seem to land on them before they land in Nassau. They are always finding dead bodies on these islands, months later after they’ve been dead. This country needs to vote in a trust worthy government or else it is doomed without tourism; period! I have to go there, my business demands it, but soon the company I work for will also be pulling out because of the high VAT taxes.

  • R.J.Lovejoy

    I love the Bahamas and really like many of its people. But there is a deep streak of avarice running through the place which has led to its present calamitous situation. I recently read a superb book called Long Hot Summer by an English journalist who worked in Nassau for many years. It gives the lowdown on the modern Bahamas and describes the political background to what is happening today. He wrote that the Bahamas, on gaining independence in the 1970s, had a wonderful chance to become a model mixed-race society. Instead, its politicians sold out to drug gangsters and turned an island paradise into a place where people live in fear. Today’s murder rate is the direct legacy of those politicians and their wicked ways.

  • Abby Brownlee

    The Bahamas are a great place to vacation. We visit at least once a year. I am always cautious wherever I travel. I believe that a small nation like Bahamas will not thrive in the long run, on its own. They should apply for statehood in the United States.
    If drugs and drug gangs are the root of the current problems, then legalize them and tax them, like Colorado and Washington state. It would also improve the tourist trade.

  • HELL NO!

    “They should apply for statehood in the United States”!? Are you no crack Abby Brownlee!? You don’t think we have enough problems!? Hell no! If that ever happened there will surely be another Civil War in the U.S.A.! Let them kill themselves, they are the ones who made it like it is now! Fuck no! Abby Brownlee! Take that idea and bury it deep, bury it as deep as a person can bury something! God O Mighty! Don’t even repeat it! Just thinking about it scares the hell out of me! The whole Bahamas in Miami! Christ no! It would spread like cancer across the whole U.S. ! HELL NO!

  • Skip

    So, “OneOrder .357 Mag”,

    I guess you are one of the “sensible” Bahamians?

    The PLP is still in power and, instead of doing something about the problems in the Bahamas, you (and the rest of your “sensible” country men and women”)still lay the blame for your woes on a man that has been dead for many years.

    The Bahamian people need to move on and realize that simply blaming Pindling for all that is wrong with your country and leaving it at that solves nothing. Make changes. Do something to make things better. Just bitching about it and blaming others does nothing.

  • ?

    Skip, I guess you don’t know who we are, you are not from here I presume. Don’t worry about us my friend, we know what we’re doing, we’re just waiting on orders. Every moment in history has it’s right time, when ours is ready, you will know, the whole world will know. Thank you for your concern, but this is our fight, and the PLP is the enemy.

  • Bonnie

    R.J.Lovejoy, I’m reading that book right now, it’s a real good book. I wonder if Bahamians have read this book, they meant have a different view of Pindling and what he’s done to them, and not for them. What a greedy selfish man, him and his wife. I mean, even thou he sold out this people and country to drug lords, he could have at least used the money to better the future of this people. Instead, him and he wife lived like kings in a $10M dollar Mansion as the country worsen with poverty, crime, decay, and unemployment rose along with the rape and murder count. I never knew the Bahamas was considered the rape capitol of the world, did you? They call this filthy slug of a man, “the father of the nation”, if you read the book, it’s more like , “the dictator of the nation”; don’t you think? Can’t wait to finish this book, every Bahamian should read this book, but like a dictatorship; it will be banned in the Bahamas.

  • V.Armbrister

    Bonnie, the book Long Hot Summer is available in Nassau, as I’ve seen it displayed at Logos Bookstore at Harbour Bay. Perhaps it hasn’t been banned because the politicians haven’t got round to reading it yet.
    A reviewer called it ‘jaw droppingly direct’ and said it ‘lifts the lid off the modern Bahamas.’ It is the most brutally frank book I’ve ever read.