Nassau Bahamas CruiseThe Bahamian newspapers report that 4 men were murdered in Nassau on Friday and Saturday. 

The Tribune reports that the police engaged in a shoot four with armed men early yesterday. One man had an AK-47 assault rifle. The police killed one man and arrested two others. The fourth suspect is being sought.

The Tribune says that another man was shot and killed outside of a nightclub early this morning.

The murder list has reached 54 so far this year. if this rate continues, Bahamas’ murder rate will elevate it to one of the most murderous countries in the greater Caribbean, Central and South America, behind only Honduras, Venezuela, Jamaica and the USVI. 

Other murders include a well known designer and a security guard at the Atlantis Resort. They were both beaten to death. 

The United Kingdom recently announced a travel advisory warning U.K. citizens of the danger of armed Nassau Bahamas Crime Warningrobbery and murder in the Bahamas. This was the eighth crime warning for the Bahamas since January 2014, totaling the warnings from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. 

Canada advised its citizens to “exercise a high degree of caution, especially in Nassau, due to high rates of crime.”

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Photo Credit: DEK Brown

  • Axel Krack

    Hi Jim,
    again, it seems for me that’s a special problem of North American citizens. Well, there is no warnings for European travelers from the bureau of foreign affairs existing….

    Of course, the crime rate in some countries are high and raising… like USA. You have to be careful as visitor and avoid some areas. These islands are not the paradise on earth…. also not on Paradise Island…. I know the places very well and I spend a great time at the Bahamian Islands. Nassau is in the focus, like big towns in the US… on other islands is the crime rate less, same in the US plains…

    For some years ago, my wife and I was traveling in Florida, right after the crime against the tourists in rental cars.

    Keep your eyes open… always, everywhere….

  • Gina

    The crime in the Bahamas needs to go viral! Big time media, like CNN, Dateline, etc. need to do a story. Cruise lines pull out of the Mexican Riviera all the time because of “crime against tourists” yet the crime rate in Nassau FAR outweighs those in ports like Mazatlan.
    Yet the cruise lines don’t pull out of the Bahamas or even warn their passengers. Why? Because the majority of those ship are registered in the Bahamas. Significant conflict of interest if you ask me.
    Passenger safety is certainly not a priority for the cruise lines that continue to port there.

  • Lee Tyndall
  • Ben

    I agree with Gina Mr. Walker, this problem needs to go viral. These cruise lines need to know that their business will suffer if they continue risking peoples lives by going to these dangerous ports will Nassau. Mr. Walker I’m sure you must know people in the media, or friends that do, it would be highly appreciated by all tourist around the world if you contacted them for a story to tell. We depend on people like you, the Bahamian government doesn’t care about it’s own people, so why would they warn stranger about their high crime rate than? Hopefully after the tourist stop going to their country because of all the crime, maybe they’ll do something about it. Thank you for your time and service.

  • Karl Wickland

    You want to know what’s really sick about this country, I’ve lived and work here now for five years. There are roomers going around that some police officers are putting down illegal bets of the murder count, is that sick or what? I can’t wait till our company’s contract is up, I’m outta here and never to return!

  • Amanda

    Gina, don’t be such an alarmist. The crimes in NASSAU, Bahamas are NOT crimes against tourist! Furthermore, they do not represent the 28 other islands with virtually no crime.

    While the US issues advises of the potential for robbery and places where violent crimes have occurred in Nassau, it warns of robbery, kidnapping, murder and organized crime AGAINST tourists in Mazatlan.

    If CNN or Datelines wants a story, I think Mazatlan is the place to be.

  • Joe

    Well, all this information is very easy to find on the Internet. I do my research for every location I travel to (including locations within the US). So, if people did their research, they would know….

  • Joe

    Well, all this information is very easy to find on the Internet. I do my research for every location I travel to (including locations within the US). So, if people did their research, they would know….

  • Sylvia

    I agree with the above comments. It’s time that something is done about the high murder rate in Nassau. I have traveled many times to Nassau and it was one of my favourite places to visit – but not anymore. I realize that there is crime no matter where you go. But 54 murders since the beginning of January is more than 10 per month and that’s counting all of the month of May. It is very strange that the cruise lines are still even stopping in Nassau but as Gina stated, so many of the cruise ships are registered in the Bahamas that could be one of the reasons that they don’t pull out of taking their cruise ships to this port. People all need to be made aware that when they are cruising to various foreign ports whether they be in the Caribbean, the South Pacific, the Mediterrean, and many other places, one always has to be cognizant of their surroundings. There is crime everywhere. But the Bahamian government needs to seriously look into their crime rate. Tourism is one of their biggest sources of revenue, but if they are not careful, this could become the lowest source of revenue as people/tourists will not want to visit these islands.

  • Oscar

    Nassau, is dangerous…for Bahamians. Creating hysteria over the potential for crimes against tourists via CNN or Dateline when that is not really true, is disingenuous. I think the U.S. travel advisories are sufficient because it notifies tourists of the potential dangers of being robbed in certain, non tourist areas. Likewise, it also warns of the potential for kidnappings, robberies and murders against tourists in Mazatlan…that could be why the cruise ships pull out. These issues seem more severe and prevalent.

    Nonetheless, I am heading to Mexico (not Mazatlan) in a few weeks. And like Axel said, I will be keeping my eyes open, always because crime can happen anywhere.

  • Leo ( Ten of the longest years of my life)
  • Debbie

    Almost as bad as Chicago……

  • Diana Rothchild

    Hello Mr. Walker,
    My family and I are scheduled to visit the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island, Bahamas in two weeks. I am every concerned for my families safety, I did read about the fashion designer’s murder in three of their newspapers, but can’t find anything on the Atlantis security guard’s murder. I did find a story about a government guard being murdered in his bed as he slept at his home, is this the same story? I contacted the hotel , and their telling me they have no idea what I’m talking about. Please provide more information on that story, it will bring peace of mind or reason to cancel. Thank you, and hope to see a comment…….Diana

  • Amanda

    Joe Wickland, please stop spreading rumors. And again, these are Bahamians killing Bahamians, not tourists. If you are so fed and concerned for your safety, why would you not leave prior to your company’s contract coming to an end? I would, if crime were a real concern for me as an expat!

  • Danny K

    Carnage? What alarmist nonsense. “…behind only Honduras, Venezuela, Jamaica and the USVI.” Should the cruise lines stop going to St. Thomas?

  • Larry Fry

    I lived in the Bahamas (Eleuthera) as an American teenager in the 1970’s and remember being offered marijuana and other illicit drugs while in Nassau walking on Bay Street during the daytime. I was also physically accosted once by a man on Bay Street just because I did not “look” Bahamian. But several other Bahamians in the area came to my quick rescue, for which I am still very grateful! In any case, even back then there was a fairly large cadre of homeless people and aggressive beggars along Bay Street. But the use of aggressive force (e.g., guns, etc.) in committing robberies and raping woman was not even on the horizon back then. Having said that, it has always been known by those most familiar with this beautiful country (like Amanda above) that the Bahamian Out (or Family) islands is where the true jewels of the country reside! I have been back to the island of Eleuthera many times since the 1970s (most recently in May, 2014) and can attest that this is still the case. Per the Bahamian family islands, it is still “better in the Bahamas” on my humble opinion!

  • Diana:

    The Tribune newspaper in Nassau reported that:

    Supt Rolle said police also have no leads in the murder of Beetrum Guerrier, a security guard at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island.

    Friends and family expressed their sadness on social media yesterday for a man described as an “excellent father and friend.”

    The 23-year-old father of one was found dead on Thursday morning with “blunt force trauma” to the head.

    One of the crime warnings issued by the U.S. last year involved teenage girls sexually assaulted while using jet skis outside of Atlantis . . .

    I suspect that Atlantis covers up the disclosure of these type of incidents.

    Read our article:

  • Linda Penrod

    I am concerned now!! My daughter and I are coming on a cruise ship in July. How worried do U think we really need to be. I cannot change plans and lose all the money I have invested in this.

  • Diana Rothchild

    Thank you so much for your response Mr. Walker, I’ve already canceled our trip. The Atlantis is not an honest hotel, after I showed them the newspaper story about the guard being killed through an e-mail,than they said to me” Oh, that story”, and I immediately canceled and told them they are dishonest and hung up on them while they were still talking. God bless you for the service you are doing to keep us Americans safe….xoxoxo.

  • “KARL” Wickland, Amanda!

    To Amanda,
    First of all my name is not “JOE”, it’s “KARL”, lay off the booze and drugs girl, Carnival is over. Second, I can tell you never worked in your life by your comment, because if you did, you would know what the meaning of the word “CONTRACT” means. It’s when a person agrees to do something for another till the job is complete. And also, if your lousy government knew the meaning of that word, things wouldn’t be falling part, don’t you think? By the way Mr. Walker, I think Gina hit a soft spot with the PLP officials commenting on your site by saying the word, “CNN”, don’t you agree? Maybe you should look into her idea, she sounds like an intelligent human being, and facts are facts, there is not a lie in anything you report.

  • Jelani Madaraca

    Lind Penrod, don’t have a heart attack, your going to be fine, but I don’t recommend two women exploring the port and streets of Nassau. When you get to Nassau, just don’t get off the ship, as thousands have done before you,enjoy the pool and safety of the ship (Don’t by drugs….lol). When the people who do get off the ship come back, ask them how they liked it, than report yours and their complaints to the Captain, and threaten to never use their company again. Hopefully this will add to the many same complaints until they do something about it. My family and I were one of not so wise people that did get off. I’m not going to go into it, but let’s just say we will never return, NEVER. The next ports are fine for you and your daughter to enjoy, but compare the differences in ports. From that filthy Nassau port with Military police holding AK-47’s, to the more beautiful and well kept ports that await you after Nassau that don’t need AK-47’s; have fun, and God be with you.

  • Skip

    Linda Penrod

    You will more than likely be fine in Nassau if you stay alert and stay in the tourist areas.

    However, if you are still concerned, there is no need to change your plans, simply stay on the ship when it docks in Nassau.

  • Alison

    The report above really bothers me. Yes, we are all very concerned about the crime (particularly murder) rate in The Bahamas, especially New Providence on which the capital, Nassau, is situated. I lived in the Bahamas for over thirty years and only left because we are getting old and needed to be closer to our children who live in the UK. I cannot deny that one has to be careful but for someone visiting from a cruise ship or staying on Paradise Island, there is little to fear. Not that is would be impossible to be assaulted or robbed , just as it would in in any major city, but it is unlikely. I used to walk from my home to downtown Nassau several times a week and never had a problem. Most of the murders are personal, gang, drug related or domestic and occur well away from tourist areas. I may be wrong but I think the murder of the Atlantis security guard occurred well away from Atlantis. It does not make it less of a tragedy but it should reinforce the fact that most crimes occur away from the city. If you are visiting, be vigilant but do not allow fear to prevent you enjoying the experience. If you are on a cruise ship, you will probably only have time to visit the main shopping area or take a quick taxi ride to Paradise Island. If you are staying for a few days, remain in the tourist areas or close to your hotel if you are uncomfortable or fearful of going further afield.

  • Amanda

    On the contrary, KARL I do not drink, nor did I particpate in that foolishness called Junkanoo-Carnival. I am not a PLP official. I am a Bahamian, who readily admits that the government is lousy and the crime rate in NASSAU, against other Nasssauvians is high and something needs to be done. I cannot however, agree with the sentiment, and the hypocrisy of Gina that the Bahamas needs to be exposed, and singled out as an unsafe tourist destination. That is simply not true. Nassau is not on the same level as Mazatlan, in terms of incidents against tourist, and that is why the cruise ships refuse to port there…if she wanted to be factual!

    Furthermore, I understand I work, and I also what a contract is, but I value life above a contract and money. If you, a long-term visitor, truly feel unsafe in Nassau. maybe you should re-evaluate your priorities. Or perhaps its your contract related angst with the PLP government that is driving your opinion.

  • Amanda

    Linda Penrod, you will be fine. Please go and enjoy yourself.

    Like you, I will be on a cruise to Cozumel shortly, which is also considered dangerous (on level with Mazatlan). So I will stick with cruise offered packages, and in groups. I will not going sightseeing to see the “real” Cozumel. Crime can happen anywhere. Just be careful.

  • Cgir

    You’ll can’t be serious. All those rioting,burning and looting in Baltimore, Cops killing innocent people and motorcycling gangs who just killed 9 people. The list can go on and on. Please, we in the Caribbean should be afraid to visit America. Crime is everywhere,you just can’t be so silly enough to put your guard down just because you are on vacation.Whenever my family and I go on vacation we don’t act willy nilly like toddlers who have no common sense.

  • Cj

    Amanda, as a person living in Nassau for the past 4 years I can tell you with authority crimes against tourist is in fact happening everyday! From minor thefts to physical armed assaults…they just don’t get in the paper and the police squash the news. Murders over the past three months included 3, count them 3, “non-bahamians” thus your theory of “only Bahamian on bahamian” crime is misdirected at best. Innocent people are getting killed everyday! It is an epidemic here!! and the Bahamian government doesn’t give a damn for sure. The police are inept, understaffed, unarmed and in most cases misdirected by their superiors…This country is not what it was in the 60-70’s for sure…Tourist HAVE to take their safety seriously…thus watch where you walk/go. Don’t wear/show off jewelry, computers, phones etc, Don’t go “over the hill” after midnight, don’t rely on the good favors of anyone to save you….you can become a statistic quicker than you think!!! Personally I would love it if the cruise ships started going someplace else for a few years to show the government/people what would happen….

  • Dana
  • Amanda

    CJ, I never said the only crimes in the Bahamas were “Bahamian on Bahamian”. A similar statement could not be honestly said of almost any country. The high crime rate in the Bahamas is attributable to Bahamian on Bahamian crimes, and not crimes against tourists. This is not my theory. This is a fact. Without access to your “squashed” police reports of assaults and robberies, I stand by that.

    Nassau is dangerous, I never claimed otherwise, but tourists are not targeted. Of the 55 homicides this year, 3 is hardly an epidemic against visitors that should have the entire country singled out, and branded “unsafe” for tourists because it is simply not true. These were unfortunate crimes of opportunity against our long term, resident, visitors. Also, I am personally aware of 2 non-Bahamian murders in this category. Is the Australian native, Dr. Vasyli, murdered in his home in his gated community by his Australian, ex-wife, the third?

    On our current trajectory, and lack of leaders in the government, we may get to a point where that is true. And if we do, I would not be one to defend it or encourage anyone to risk their life for sun, sand and sea.

  • tinikini

    So Amanda, you don’t want anyone bashing the Bahamian Islands but it is okay to bash Cozumel? Good Grief!!

    I have never read a warning for Cozumel that has alarmed me in the last 15 years I have traveled there to my timeshare. Did you do any research before you made your statement? You can’t see the “real” Cozumel?? Why not? Cozumel remains one of the safest places to travel. The people of Cozumel are friendly and helpful. They are happy to serve you not accost you, in any way. Stay off the scooters, remember you do not have the right of way as a pedestrian, and don’t be a “nilly willy toddler” and you will be just fine. Don’t knock it until you try it. And yes, I have been to the Bahamas. Eleuthera, twice, in the early 70’s…when it was better in the Bahamas. Beautiful island.

  • John

    I’ve visited Cozumel twice, last time in 2005 and never had a problem. We rented a car both times and explored the whole place, from the Pyramids to the crocodile lake; it was beautiful. Not one beggar did I see, but Acapulco is a whole different world, been there three times, but will never go again. The reef drift dive or snorkel in Cozumel is unbelievable, the coral reefs are so alive you will think your at the Great Barrier Reef; the color of the water is like glowing crystal clear blue mouth wash; beautiful. The visibility under the water is from 150 -200 ft. no joke!

  • Jack

    Cgir, Nassau’s population is around 250,000. The US population is around 320,000,000. And you can’t generalize that “cops are killing innocent people” in the US. There’s always one bad apple in any large group, but 99% of cops in the US are fair people just doing the job their supposed to do. You certainly can’t say that about Nassau.

    Amanda, Cozumel’s crime rate is NOT near Mazatlan’s.
    I’ve read the murder rate in Cozumel is 1 per 100,000 a year.

  • Amanda

    tinikini, where did I bash, or knock, Cozumel? I would exercise a degree of caution outside of the tourist areas, as I would any foreign destination. It’s not bashing, it’s common sense. Like I said crime can happen anywhere.

    Bash away at the Bahamas. I simply disagree that crimes against tourist are significant enough to label the Bahamas as an unsafe destination. 2 untargeted murders, of millions who visited so far is not exactly carnage.

  • John

    Amanda, have you ever considered that the reason it’s mostly Bahamian against Bahamians, is because there are so few tourist visiting your country lately? I was reading in the Bahamas press newspaper, that the hotels claim that their rooms were empty during Carnival. And by the photos I saw, I didn’t see many white people, Asians, or people that looked like tourist, I saw people who looked like locals. And your government claims 100,000 people attended, one third of the population of the Bahamas, no way, 3500-4700 is what I saw in those photos. I was at Central Park when Simon and Garfunkel played after many years of separation, and I saw what 100,000 people look like, and it’s not you guys that for sure… You sound like someone who really needs to convince people that your country is as safe as any other country, when it’s not. I’m starting to believe the other comments posted here claiming the government is the bad guy, are you one of them? Hahahaha! Like you would answer yes, if you were…

  • Cgir

    Jack do your research on the population of the Bahamas and then get back to me. Google population of the Bahamas, that will be your homework. I can go on and on about the crime in the US. The set I mentioned are just a few. How about kids going on shooting rampages killing innocent children and students many, many times over the years, which have never ever happened in the Bahamas.Like I said before crime is everywhere just don’t go acting like Willy Nilly toddlers letting your guard down just because you are on vacation.

  • Amanda

    John, carnival was a failure. The government is a failure and they are the only ones pushing that number.

    And no, Bahamian on Bahamian crime is not due to a decrease in tourist volume. The hotel occupancy rates stayed consistent, carnival did not attract the crowds they expected. Poverty, lack of opportunities, unchecked illegal immigration,gangs and a failing government are the reasons.

  • Joel Rademeyer

    Since this story was written, there have been at least two more horrific murders in Nassau, both in tourist areas.
    My sources tell me that a guy was shot dead in front of passengers off a Disney cruise ship. They also informed me of a man being knifed to death at Potter’s Cay dock, a popular spot where tourists buy fish and conch straight off the boat.

    These killings occurred not in the over-the-hill ghettoes, but in downtown Nassau, where tourists are seen all the time.
    When I read about the Bahamas’ economic woes, and the adverse impact of all this negative publicity, I think about the sour-faced Nassau waitress who, a few years ago, impudently handed back my ‘tip’ because it was in coins instead of notes.

    ‘I don’t take coins from nobody,’ she said, evidently thinking it was beneath her dignity.

    As the Bahamas goes down the pan, I wonder if she’ll be quite so particular in the future?

  • 57 murders to date

    Two more men have been murdered in the Bahamas, one at Potter’s Cay Dock, stabbed to death. And another near a church,a 21 yr. old man shot yesterday. The media is only telling us it’s a 34 yr. old man named Von Hending, sounds like another foreign white man to me. But it can’t be because according to Amanda, it’s only Bahamian against Bahamian crime; yea right! Foreigners get out ASAP if you value your family’s lives and yours.

  • Cgir

    Joel,the whole world is going down the pan economically, so I don’t know what you are talking about. Like I said before in case you do not know (unless you were born yesterday)everywhere has crime, just don’t act like willy,nilly toddlers who have no common sense.

  • Joel Redemeyer

    Sounds to me like Cgir is in denial. Of course everywhere has crime, but Nassau is in a critical situation, with rampant crime threatening the country’s economy – and, indeed, its survival as a civilised nation. Everyone who knows the Bahamas concedes it is now out of control. The place is full of fifth-rate lawyers, but there is no law – certainly no law that anyone respects. Drug gangs rule the ghettoes and are ruthless in their pursuit if riches. Anyone who gets in the way is dead. Period.

  • The Roland’s

    Mr. Joel Rademeyer, the same thing happened to me when we were visiting Grand Bahama last year. Even thou this lousy country already charges the consumer a tip for shitty service everywhere you go, I was good enough to leave all the change I had, about $9.00 is quarters. The waitress threw it on the floor and said to us with the most nasty attitude I’ve ever heard. She said,” Quarters are for Laundromats, do I look like a washing machine to you”!? I tell you Joel, I have never heard my wife curse before, but she told that Bahamian idiot to go fuck herself… This country is a trash can full of idiots, we will never return to that shithole again.

  • Yolanda

    You people still bad mouthing my country! Hell with da likes of you! May Satan make your wheels fall off as you drive! Mr. Walker, may your family die of cancer! Hope to God your mother and father are dead! I Dream your eyes lose sight of all da is! When you fall asleep tonight may you never awaken again! You are da child of da Devil! May your seed never produce! If they have already, may they lay dead to the side of the road! Mr. Walker, “IT IS BETTER IN DA BAHAMAS”!

  • christian kongawi

    I work for Carnival cruises, and I could go on about crazy stuff happening there… That’s why this doesn’t really surprise me.. Sadly.

  • Frank Redman

    Yolanda, you need to have your brain checked, you are an evil Bahamian woman! May your soul burn in hell for what you wish upon others! Your country is responsible for producing animals such as yourself! The social decay of your country starts in every dysfunctional family in the Bahamas!

  • Ms. Worthington

    Here is a perfect example of the Bahamian social decay; Yolanda. You can tell just but her comments that she is uneducated and clueless. But you really can’t blame her, her country is her worst enemy as a woman. Women in the Bahamas are treated like dogs, and the government won’t even consider giving them equal rights. And what’s really sad is 90% of their population is the same way. The Bahamas in the 60’s and 70’s was paradise on earth, now it’s a mess getting worse by the day; truly sad.

  • Samatha

    Yolanda, you are mentally disturbed. If your government is reading and making comment on this website, they should find out your identity and lock you up in a padded cell. You shouldn’t be allowed to interact with other humans, OMG, I hope you don’t have children, couldn’t image their hell with you in it.

  • Cgir

    I see most of you are wishing for the worst for this country.However last time I checked sensible Tourist’s are still coming to this country and not basing a few bad experiences and comments of others to deter them.We have many islands other than Nassau that are peaceful and serene eg Eleuthera,Bimini,Long Island etc.No matter what any disgruntled person says this country will survive.With God’s help we are going to make it.

  • Is Mickey O.K.!?

    “A guy was shot in front of Disney cruise passengers”. Joel, I hope Mickey Mouse is O.K., only in the Bahamas would Mickey have good olds on losing his life…

  • Cgir

    I think the Bahamian gov.needs to stop hiring these expats on contract who come with a smiley face then milk this country of our resources and then they come on social media talking crap about the country.

  • Karl Wickland

    You are a complete idiot “Cgir”. In every Bahamian newspaper, T.V. news your government is exposed to their corruption. But idiots like you keeping say “their stupid idiots running the country. Their not stupid idiots, you are, and the ones like you that don’t realize it’s all intentional on their part. They keep you down, sell off everything to foreigners, than pocketing the money. They are geniuses, becoming wealthy while you blame others, your the stupid idiot who doesn’t realize it. Or, your one of them and is scared to death what would happen if your people found out.

  • Cgir

    Karl by your comments seems to me as if you have been in this country for a looooooong time.If you don’t like it then you can just leave,LOLOLOL.

  • Karl Wickland

    Cgir, you PLP piece of shit! You laugh at your people everyday as you steal from them. Me, I have 5 more weeks of this fucked shithole of a country until our contract is complete. When I get back to Canada, I am going to all the newspapers and tell them how you scumbags treat foreigners and Canadians. Laugh all you want you PLP piece of shit, because one day you’ll have to eat rats to survive when the whole world finds out what scumbags you really are! Then will see who has the last laugh!

  • Not official travel warnings

    Karl’s not happy lol.

  • Barbara

    Hang in there Karl, your going to make it, you have only five more weeks left. I totally understand your frustration, I worked for the BEC (Bahamian Electric Company) for a year and couldn’t wait to leave. I worked for one of the most hated companies in the Bahamas, I was afraid to let anyone know who my bosses where. That company was the biggest rip off I have ever worked for. Charged everyone outrages prices, than shut the power off on them on propose out of spite; no kidding either. And their CEO, Mr. Leslie Miller was the biggest arrogant jerk I have ever met. This jerk not only thinks he above everyone else, but thinks he’s God gift to women; I’m going to through up. So hang in there, the nightmare is almost over.

  • S.Smith

    The crimes that happen in Nassau are usually “over the hill” in areas far away from the hotels etc. They are usually drug or domestic issues. The tourist areas and activities are perfectly safe, safer than Florida. I have lived here for 40 years and am in the tourist business. As far as i am concerned we could do without the cruise ships with their pollution and ‘blue collar’ clients. Bahamas was always upscale until a few years ago when the recession changed a lot of things. If you go walking in the wrong area in any city you will meet with unwanted excitement.

  • Sil

    Lee Tyndall,
    What you call “something like the earthquake that hit Haiti” is actually where Bahamians go to enjoy their precious conch salad and to socialize. Many tourists who actually want to experience local culture enjoy it as well. You are a drama queen who would do better staying in your hotel room looking at the world from your balcony. As far as the “death trap” taxis.. in what country is a taxi a truly enjoyable ride? Not Mumbai or USA or Bahamas? Really? They are taxis the same as everywhere in the world! As for the “Shady characters” on the streets, I gather they didn’t rob you, beat you or shoot you? I guess they were just local Bahamians that didn’t look clean or white enough for you? Take your next vacation to Disney. I hear they cater to whiny babies like you.
    Local Bahamians, foreign residents and tourists are NOT being killed everyday in the Bahamas. Your sob story is just trash that has nothing to do with crime.

  • Barbara

    HAHAHAHA! Today Mr. Leslie Miller made the news, in the ( Bahamian newspaper. He’s under questioning that he may have illegally bided on a BEC contract; he’s the CEO, hahahaha! I hope he gets what’s coming to him, he was the worst human being I’ve ever worked for. One of the biggest thieves that country has, enjoys down talking to his own people! I hope they throw his arrogant ass in jail, oh, I forgot. It’s the Bahamas, the judge will most likely be his cousin, or aunt, hahahaha! What a loser country, hahahaha! The rich Bahamians love shoving it up the poor Bahamians ass, hahahaha! When will they realize this? hahahahaha!

  • Pepe Endormia

    Leslie Miller himself has fallen victim to Nassau-style crime. His son Mario was brutally butchered 12 years ago, his body dumped in bushes next to a superstore car park.
    As far as I know, no action was taken because the main suspect was the son of a leading Bahamian law official.
    It’s this type of corruption that has led the Bahamas into its present dire mess. If you have the right connections you can get away with anything.
    Nassau was a great town before independence. Now it sucks – a down-at-heel shanty city full of dug-addled low life. Shame.