Carnival ConquestThe Cayman News Service is reporting that a 31 year old cruise passenger from the Carnival Conquest was killed after his jet-ski was struck by a jet-ski operated by a fifteen year old boy from the Carnival Paradise

The 31 year old had rented a jet-ski with his 37 year old girlfriend and they are from Virginia. A Carnival PR representative told the AP that the couple were not participating in a shore excursion sold through the company.

The incident occurred the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa.

The 15 year old boy is from New York and was jet-skiing with his brothers and father. He reportedly was driving the jet-ski alone at the time of the accident. It is unknown whether his family had rented the jet-ski independently or they were on a cruise excursion.

A local news station in Virginia is reporting on the accident.

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Photo Credit: "Carnival Conquest" by Matt Howry Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

  • Sue Hurrell

    so sad, so tragic. I feel sorry for everyone involved in this terrible accident

  • Teresa Pelley

    Why does it matter whether or not either of the excursions were booked through the cruise line? Negligence is negligence. I am certain that the 15 year old didn’t set out to hurt/kill anyone. However, it happened. No one is to blame but the driver of the “vehicle” that did the damage. My heart goes out to all involved but there really isn’t a cruise line story here. It has nothing to do with who the excursion was booked with.

  • Yes, it makes a difference whether the jet-skis were rented independently or were part of a cruise excursion marketed and sold by Carnival.

    Cruise lines have the legal duty to vet excursions. Carnival is legally required to perform background checks and audits of excursion companies it selects for its guests in order to determine whether the companies have safe equipment, conduct safety checks, perform appropriate instructors to the participants, require life-vests, etc.

    There is no such duty if the passengers select their own excursions.

  • Ed

    When you leave the ship on foreign soil, you are in the food chain.

  • Jack

    I wouldn’t think anyone would ride a jet ski without a life vest. And the boy would have run into the victim whether it was booked through the cruise line or not. This may or many not have anything to do with the cruise, and happens on lakes probably nearly every day of the summer in the US. Even if he got proper driving instruction, it takes a lot of experience to become instinct that you can’t turn as fast without power. And up until about 10 years ago when they started adding off-power steering, you had no turning without power. First thing inexperience drivers do when heading towards someone is let off the power and try to turn.

  • Christine B

    Well I can say that one of the 3 Carnival ships in port that day departed around 2:15 pm from Grand Cayman and returned to port an hour later. We figured something serious had happened because it’s highly unusual to see a ship turn around and come back to port. Hoping Carnival at least assisted the families in dealing with the crisis the best they should have. So sad for all.

  • Daniel cross

    There should be an age requirement for someone operating a jet ski.I have a few deaths on the water a gruesome scene

  • Mike

    I just returned from that Paradise cruise. Needless to say, EVERYONE ONBOARD was talking about it. The Captain made an announcement saying that an “incident” occurred on land, and that he was returning to Grand Cayman. 3 Police officers boarded our ship and removed the 15 yr old and his family and their luggage, and he was going to be charged with Murder.

  • nelson

    Was on the carnival paradise boat and it was sad to hear about the accident. I just found it weird before we found out they our ship did a uturn back to the tendering area.There is no compliance with ages of any water rentals on these islands my condolense to family of accident victim family.

  • Mary

    What sad news for both families. Living in Florida, we hear of Jet Ski accidents very often…..Jet Ski’s require more than a few minutes training before taking out into the water alone. We read about just as many older people as we do younger people being injured or killed.

  • Wendy Shealy

    I was on The Ship! It may have been a accident but they left the scene & left the man for dead knowing he hit him & proceeded to get back on ship & thought he wouldn’t get caught. They turned our ship around because of this. What a terrible thing to do. Own up to what you did. Also 15 yr old shouldn’t be driving a jet ski.

  • Martin

    Everybody is assuming that it was the 15 yr old’s fault.

  • Kelly

    I too was on the Paradise to witness the Port Authority and a tender boat take said people away. It seems there are a lot of personal opinions and speculation going on in these comments. I’m so sorry for EVERYONE involved. Carnival’s Captain did a great job keeping the passengers informed while keeping confidentially in mind. I’m curious as to where others are getting their information.



  • Judy

    I was on the Carnival Paradise cruise. The family of the 15 year old did not leave the scene of the crime. The accident victim was alive before our ship left the port. He died later in the hospital. It was at that point, when the 15 year old was required to return to the island for the investigation. What a horrible misfortune for both families. Very sad accident. Carnival staff did a great job at handling the situation.

  • michelle

    Very sad i was on that ship. Prays go out to the families.

  • michelle

    I was on that ship. Very sad for both families.