Norwegian DawnA NCL crew member employed aboard the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship was arrested yesterday when he attempted to smuggle cocaine aboard the ship when it was docked in Roatan, according to the Teledifusora Insular television station.

The television stations reports that the NCL ship employee, identified as Keneth Antonio Salas Taylor (age 35), a Nicaraguan galley worker, tired to board the Dawn with a package of cocaine hidden under his clothes.  The ship’s security discovered the drugs and reported the incident to the national police, who arrested the crew member. 

Last month, five NCL crew members on the Norwegian Sun were arrested in Tampa when the cruise ship returned from Roatan where the crew members picked up the cocaine (seven kilos). Like the instant crew member arrested, these men were galley workers.  

You can read about that drug bust here.

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Photo Credit: Top Fletcher6 via Wikipedia Creative Commons 3.0; Bottom Teledifusora Insular.

 Drug Bust Roatan Honduras

  • cindy

    Do you know how many times we as cruisers are approached to buy drugs on specific islands. I do not think it is just the crew. Check the cruisers better and I know for a fact that you will be arresting a whole more people! I would not say this is a NCL cruise problem. This is on all cruise lines

  • cindy

    I thought NCL was not going back to ROATAN due to the murder of a crew member last year? And Yes That is where I was approached to buy drugs.

  • shavetsi

    It’s so sad to see how the other Nicaraguan get block through others damn if you making your honest. Money why do this. Shit

  • Vexed Creole Nicaraguan

    Rass man !!! Man done mess up the chances for other Nicaraguans who want to work honestly and help their family. His poor family now are ashamed. I know his folks.

  • Claudio

    I was on that particular cruise and was watching from the 7th deck when the police escorted him off the ship

  • Nicaraguan boy

    We are poor people, and when the oppertunity comes to some they mest it up, i am ashamed of the situation because we are one nicaraguan and one home people. but i am vex because the way is now too hard for su as nicaraguan to go out the country.

  • Nicaraguan boy

    You had the chance and you do shit, now the heardest thing is for a next Nicaraguan get the oppertunity you get, because you mest up, blocking the way for others.

  • amilkar rugama ruiz

    Ok I have 4 years home since I sing of on medical of epic ship and since 3 year N.C.L don’t call or email me.
    And I call and no one answer the phone N.C.L is very good to sent employees home Bot what about to help the crew members went we are seek…