The U.S. State Department has issued a critical crime warning for Nassau, Bahamas today. The warning is titled Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Nassau (Bahamas), Nassau Violent Crime.

The warning states that U.S. citizens residing in and traveling to the Bahamas to be aware of their surroundings and remain on heightened alert to avoid being a victim of crime. The warning states that armed robbery remains a major criminal threat facing U.S. citizens with the crime threat on New Providence listed as “critical.”

The last warning from the State Department or the U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas was just last month when the State Department issued the 2015 Bahamas Crime Report which revealed that armed robbery and sexual assaults were increasing. 

The most recent warning focused on violent incidents on March 22nd and 23rd which occurred in areas heavily frequented by U.S. citizen visitors and residents. One victim was was stabbed and killed and the other man was critically wounded and robbed. 

We picked Nassau as the most dangerous cruise destination in the world last year.

In 2014, Bahamas was the subject of four critical crime warnings to U.S. citizens (one from the U.S. State Department and three from the U.S. Embassy) and one warning from Canada. With the 2 warnings this year, that’s a total of 7 warnings. I have never heard any country being the recipient of seven crime warnings in just 15 months. The last U.S. warning in 2014 mentioned that U.S. tourists have been raped and robbed at gunpoint, and there have been three reported sexual assaults on U.S. citizens, including minors, by jet ski operators on Paradise Island.

The Nassau Guardian reports that there are 34 murders so far this year, up 35% from this time last year which was a particularly deadly period of time in the Bahamas. There were 23 murders this time last year.

The homicide rate for the Bahamas is over 30 per 100,000. In the U.S. the homicide rate is only 4.5 per 100,000. Most tourists and cruise passengers to Nassau don’t understand this.

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  • April

    Mr.Walker, just heard an unknown angry young Haitian Bahamian black male say a short while ago say that there are already several hits out on Prime Minister Perry Christie on Ellison Greenslade’s watch. The first threat was on Paul H.Farquharson back in January 2003. Why has both males inside the RBPF made the country so unsafe?

  • Robyn

    We just returned from a cruise to the Bahamas. I was unaware of the warnings to tourists until we were already booked on our cruise. We were on our way back from Paradise Island on the ferry, when a gentleman joined our ferry at the last second to give us a “tour”. I was not interested in the tour, and he was rude and obnoxious. He kept yelling at my husband to turn around and take a picture, and after discussion about the incident, we think we discovered out why. I accidentally let it slip that I had won a little money (did not disclose how much) at Atlantis. After the short ferry ride, he announced he was coming around for a tip. I had no plans to tip someone who was insulting people on the ferry. I just turned my back and waited until they let us off the boat. He became upset, and I started to walk quickly away from the boat. My husband was getting off after me, and the gentleman walks right next to my husband and starts to whisper in his ear that I was a liar about winning money or I was a liar that I spent it. My husband said I did win, and I did spend it, and that is when he felt the man start to reach into his pocket. My husband quickly put his hand on his pocket, pressing down on his wallet. Then the man took two steps back and my husband just looked at him and walked away. I was shocked that we were almost a victim by a “tour guide”.

  • Edw Johnson

    Sorry to say it will get worse, for both Nassau and Freeport, when they open up Cuba to tourists, and their visitor numbers fall off in large amounts. Forf a while they will not run into the staffs “attitudes” down there.

  • stoner

    Lived in Nassau during 1973-76 and then there was three
    murders a year. However,the reason why it was low was they hung them at Fox hill prison.That kept the crime rate down.They should bring back capital punishment and see what happens.Also there were a lot of breakins and things stolen.However ,that only involved the white folks.However, when the white folks left due to the crime rate and breakins were occurring with the locals and even govt officials,only then did the Govt do something about it.

  • Trevor

    Been to the Bahamas at least 8 times and never had a problem. We always stay at Atlantis but go off paradise island to eat lunch and dinner. Everyone is always very gracious and friendly.

  • Bruce

    Been sailing to The Bahamas for 30 years. No problem until 2014 March in Nassau then again in Feb. 2015 in Nassau.
    Stolen boat and motor ..Then night time boarding for a robbery in 2015.Numerous other like crimes. Police are untrained and useless. Huge amount of Street crime and vandals on e bay street just across the bridge from Paradise Island. Avoid it at night for sure. The Out Islands are great with gracious people . Avoid Nassau.

  • Peter

    From 1974 to 1977 I was a missionary and lived in Nassau. I lived “over the hill” in very poor neighborhoods of Kemp Road and the East St. area. Back then there were certainly some rough characters, but nothing like today. Thank God I never had a serious problem while I lived there and most of the Bahamians were friendly to me. However, I would never live in those areas today or walk down those same streets as I did back then. The crime has gotten much worse and be careful if you visit there. It’s not a safe place.

  • common sense

    The Bahamian government has disarmed the honest folks and cannot stop thieves and murders from obtaining firearms. What a bunch of liberal idiots. Take a page out of conservative Texas and let everyone own and carry all the guns they want. Thieves and murders are cowards. They will not attack someone who is armed and they can see the gun on their hip. Government cannot protect people every minute. It is stupid to criminalize the self protection of citizens and tourists. Wake up dum-dum government chum heads.

  • Joe ODUMBA

    Just imagine how wonderful the Bahamas would be if it were inhabited only by WHITE and ORIENTAL people.
    The biggest problem is that people are afraid to speak the truth and the truth IS that as in other countries…….the crime problem is caused by NIGGERS!