A newspaper in Sweden is reporting that police officers in Finland have questioned eight Swedish men about the allegations of a passenger that she was "gang raped" on a Viking Line ferry in Finnish waters over the weekend.

The alleged sexual attack took place on the Amorella, which is described as an overnight ferry sailing from Stockholm to the Finnish port of Turku on Saturday. 

The eight male passengers are accused of sexually assaulting the woman, age 45.  

Many passengers were intoxicated and unruly on the ferry during the crossing. One passenger is quoted saying that she saw the victim half dressed and sitting in a corridor "in a shocked state."

Other witnesses "were critical of the way guards took care of the woman, suggesting that they didn’t respond quickly enough or appear to show enough care or concern for her."


Photo Credit: Jonas Bergsten – via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Nick Morris

    Actually the 8 men turned out to be from Somalia and Iraq and not citizens of Sweden. Due to an overdose of political correctness the Swedish media decided that it would be better to pretend that the Somalis were Swedes then to actually report the truth.

  • Copyright101

    Eight Swedish men? Pull the other one, we know they were not Swedish, not Scandanavian certainly NOT white. The crew should have thrown them over the side, chances of survival at this time of year – low.