Grandeur of the Seas Multiple news sources in Baltimore are reporting that over 200 passenger and crew members aboard the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas are stricken with norovirus, requiring the cruise ship to skip a port and return to its home port in Baltimore a day early.

A local CBS station says that "just over 200" guests and crew members came down with symptoms of norovirus and the cruise ship decided to return early so that they could receive medical attention.

WBAL Radio reports that there was a medical emergency for one at least one passenger and an outbreak of norovirus among nearly 200 others. 193 passengers and 9 crew members are ill with norovirus.

One passenger who contacted us says that Royal Caribbean promised $75 credit for missing the port of Labadee. The ship will be subjected to enhanced cleaning. 

The Grandeur has been in the news for norovirus in the last year.

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Photo Credit: J. Glover licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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  • Nancy Lee Meyerdirk

    I was just on the Grandeur which returned a day early due to illness on board. I would like to highly commend the crew and staff for all the extremely hard work they went to cleaning, sterlizing, all the endless hours they worked to keep the passengers as safe as possible. I came down with something last Tuesday, the Medical staff was amazing and responsive with a shot to quiet the stomach and really put me out. You could not have asked for harder workers in trying to keep everyone safe and in trying to stop what was going around. They all were amazing.

  • Bobbie

    I was on that cruise. The crew worked incredibly hard trying to keep us healthy and entertained. For most of the voyage, the singers and dancers were drafted to serve guests in the Windjammer so we didn’t touch the serving utensils. Despite all the extra work, the staff and crew remained cheerful and attentive. It’s too bad this happened, but most folks were fine.

  • Louise Daniel

    I am thankful to be home. The cruise had a disappointing ending; however, the crew on the Grandeur worked tirelessly, even scrubbing walls several times daily. We couldn’t have asked for better treatment by the. Crew. Someone reported the $75 refund given for the inconvenience of missing the day in Labadee, Haiti. That was appreciated. At that point they were planning to keep us on the ship until Tuesday morning, even though we would arrive home on Monday night. Then the emergency happened on Sunday. We were told then that we would have to leave the ship when the ship arrived even earlier today. At that point, Royal Caribbean offered one free day toward another cruise within a year. That will work nicely for those who can take another cruise during that time. However, there are those, like me, whose vacation plans for the next year are already made. For many others, however, another cruise within a year is not affordable. For them and me, a day toward another cruise is money lost. Not exactly fair, in my estimation! Also, to be put on the streets of Baltimore with no help toward hotel accommodations was not a good thing for many to have to face. Thank goodness, we live four hours away and could come home. Not everyone had such good fortune, though.

  • dale reppel

    We were on that ship, the Jan 6th cruise. The ship was very dry, had to drink lots of water during the night. Also turned on the shower just before bed to get moisture in the room. At the end of the cruise everyone on board was coughing because of the dryness. We didn’t have the virus but knew that the ship was sick.

  • Linda Barnes

    My husband (Byron)Bruce and myself were also on this cruise. We personally felt that the Captain and Crew did an especially wonderful job doing their best to keep us safe and as well as possible. I agree the crew were very responsive to the cleanliness and worked tirelessly to scrub and clean, so much so that members of the entertainment staff etc. jumped in and helped in all positions such as serving food line duty, cleaning etc. My kudos go out especially to a server in the R Lounge, Lynn, who held a lot of double duty but was always smiling and happy. In the Great Gatsby Restaurant, Ferdinand and his assistant were always 100% cheerful, and helpful. Our cabin man was Dennis(Cabin 8307 and always went above and beyond, No complaints from us.. sure we missed the Haiti Day but others were in a greater need than we were at that point. Good call Captain and thank you all for a job well done.

  • George Stan

    wow, third time in nine months this ship has a report on the cdc. I don’t think it’s the passengers. The cdc does not list all, just the large outbreaks.

  • D. Young

    Is it contracted from breathing contaminated air or through food or beverage?…or is in contracted from touching a contaminated surface then touching your mouth or nose (in which it so obviously would be the passengers fault for being dirty slobs and not following mom and dads instructions to “wash your hands”).

  • Joy Berman

    I was on this cruise and the crew and staff were wonderful, working endless days and nights trying to contain the virus. unfortunately, there were passengers who did not report their illness and continued to contaminate others for their own selfish reasons. I enjoyed our trip and I am ashamed of the people that I met that were so careless towards the other people on the trip.

  • Harvey Levitt

    I have posted extensive comments on this cruise on Attorney Walker’s facebook page for this cruise. As an experienced cruiser and world traveler, the crew was magnificent, but Royal management failed miserably to protect its customers and caused or exacerbated the problem by its many failures. Do not criticize fellow cruisers who exhibited unsanitary behavior. Royal’s responsibility from the moment a cruiser boards the ship is to “teach” proper sanitation. All they ever said was wash your hands. People were not taught or encouraged to sanitize their hands before and after entering public places and after touching anything.

  • Matt K

    If it helps any, I was on the explorer of the seas and we were at Labadee the day you were supposed to be there with us as well……IT WAS A RAINOUT, Iit. rained all day, only about 20 people got off the ship.

    Glad u all made it home safe, but you didn’t miss anything in Haiti.

  • Gary

    I am ready to board a princess cruise to Turks and Caicos this Thursday on my company’s annual rewards trip. I have been forewarned from Princess that the ship is contaminated with the Norovirus. Several of my employees including those taking their parents have already cancelled due to the risk of becoming infected.

    What are my rights to cancel their rooms and perhaps even our entire trip for 24 employees. 3 of our 4 nights are at sea in the close quarters of the ship.

    Does the cruise line owe us a refund?