A reader of Cruise Law News said that there was a small fire reportedly on Jewel of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean did not make an announcement about the fire. There was no air conditioning for five hours. 

One person left a comment on my Facebook page:

". . . .The fire was dealt with quickly, took about 9 hours to get all the resulting issues fixed and they arrived Jewel of the Seasin San Juan on time. There was a power outage on the day they left San Juan that lasted about 10 minutes. Said the fire was a result of a blown breaker. Another post from someone on the ship said 30 minutes after leaving Barbados a major breaker blew causing a fire in one of the stacks. The fire was quickly put out, but they had no air conditioning for 5 hours and no toilets for at least two. It was 3am before they started moving again. None of the announcements on board mentioned the fire, that there were enough passengers that witnessed it, and knew about it. They missed both the Thursday and Friday shows because of (the) issue."

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Photo Credit: Dave Souza Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Anonymous

    There was NO fire on-board, simply a failed circuit breaker.

  • “Anonymous:”

    Your Internet Provider (IP) address is Royal Caribbean’s headquarters.

  • John Goldsmith

    There is no such thing as ” simply a failed circuit breaker” Breakers are a significant safety device, they only fail when there is an imbalance on the load side, or on the line side.
    Was there a problem with the power feeding the circuit or a load problem on the other side.
    I know circuits fail, everywhere. Nothing produced en masse will ever be perfect. The question here is. What caused the failure?

  • Steve Kaukl


    I have a degree in mechanical engineering and the explanation given the next day by the Captain seemed sound, based on what I observed on Thursday night. I suspect that they had to change a breaker on the main power distribution panel.