The U.S Department of State just released the The Bahamas 2015 Crime and Safety Report. Armed robberies, property theft, and purse snatchings remain the most common crimes perpetrated against tourists.  

The report noted that the Bahamian government has not made public comprehensive, updated national crime statistics since July 2013. However, the U.S. report indicates that the murder rate increased in 2014. Crimes, including armed robberies of tourists by perpetrators with knifes or guns, Crime Nassau Bahamasoccurred in areas frequented by tourists including areas close to the cruise ship port (Prince George Wharf) and the Cable Beach resort areas.  The report stated:

"The U.S. Embassy has received an increase of reports of assaults, including sexual assaults, at residences, hotel rooms, casinos, outside hotels, and on cruise ships. In some sexual assault incidents, the victim had reportedly been drugged. As a result, the Embassy has issued five security messages for 2014 (Spike in Crime, Recent Armed Robberies, Credit Card/ATM Fraud, Jet ski sexual assaults, and Crime during Holiday Season). Police warned women to be extra vigilant after a recent spike in the number of reported sexual assaults in Nassau. In October, a U.S. citizen resident was kidnapped and raped. The water sports rental industry is loosely regulated; in 2014, there were four reported sexual assaults of U.S. citizens, including minors, by jet-ski operators: three incidents on Paradise Island and one on Cable Beach." 

You can read the local article in the Bahamas entitled US: Crime Is Now At Critical Level by the Tribune newspaper in Nassau. The Tribune points out that the police commissioner said that (unspecified) serious crimes in the Bahamas decreased in 2014 compared to 2013; however, the US. report says that violent crime increased over the same period.

The Nassau Guardian has an interesting debate in its newspaper issue today regarding this issue. Minister of State for National Defense Keith Bell said that the government of the Bahamas is taking the crime situation very seriously. But FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest said that the Bahamas is not taking the U.S. warnings seriously enough. "The point is that we as a country, that sells itself as a safe, friendly destination for work and for play, this cuts to our economic survival," the Guardian quotes Mr. Turnquest.   

Last year, we picked Nassau as the most dangerous cruise destination in the world.

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Photo Credit: Nassau Guardian

  • Mrs. Jones

    Just returned from Nassau this morning, glad to be back in the States. Two young men were killed this morning there. One had his brains blown out of his skull from a gun shot wound, the photo was placed in the front page of a newspaper. His brain matter lands on this left leg, it’s horrifying to see this. I’ve been doing business in the Bahamas since the early 80’s, this will be my last trip there. This country is headed for total economical destruction from all the murders and high crime. So many businesses are pulling out of this crime ridden country who calls themselves a “Christian Nation”; far from it.

  • NJ Louis.

    Persons with criminal convictions(felonies) should not be allowed to frequent or come into contact with tourist in service areas by Law …..

  • Out of Towner

    Took family to Bahamas on Cruise and it was a disaster. Disgusting place, no law, rude people, and we will NEVER go back.

    Visited with wife 5 years ago and had a good time; this year’s visit was scary. We had a “vendor” or should I say a robber choke my 8 year old daughter as she was done braiding her hair. Gave the ladies 80 dollars and they said 350. I said no way. She proceeded to choke my daughter. I paid the 350, went into the water for an hour and got the hell out of that cesspool. This was on Cabbage Beach which was another joke. My advice to all is stay away from Nassau, not a safe place and plus the place does not offer much.

  • Joe

    Cruise ship October 18, 2015, Family vacation to Nassau, this was a very aggressive people demanding to take you on their taxi rides, in one incident inside the gated area before you step into the city of Nassau we thought you might be protected however, my 23 year old son was surrounded by thug life men demanding him to ride with them, and I reached into the crowd and put my arm around him and let him out, had it not been my physical appearance because I am a bodybuilder I think if they would then a altercation, however this was not like I have ever seen before in Nassau it was very scary uncomfortable and confrontational I will never go back there again.

  • Terry Atkins

    What a beautiful place not to visit ever again,, get the crime fixed and ill come back