CArnival DreamWe have been contacted by a half-dozen passengers from the Carnival Dream ship sailing out of New Orleans. They have inquired about the death last week of a 30 year-old man (passenger) sailing with his wife and other couples. 

He apparently fell from his cabin’s balcony and landed on an exterior deck that runs above the lifeboats (deck 5 I believe). This occurred on Tuesday, January 20th.

The cruise ship called on Cozumel on Tuesday, Grand Cayman on Wednesday and Montego Bay on Thursday.

The FBI was supposed to board on Sunday when the ship returned to New Orleans. There have been no reports we know of foul play.

He is from Missouri. Carnival flew his wife home during the cruise. 

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Photo Credit: "Carnival Dream Bow" by Longbowe at en.wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

  • ineke

    Februari 20th last year?

  • Linda

    I think you mean he fell on Tuesday JANUARY 20–not February 20. Sorry to hear this.

  • Yes, sorry. It was a typo error. January 20 2015. My apologies.

  • Priscila Cassou

    I worked on ships for 8 years… I still don’t understand how can someone fall from a balcony by itself!! Unless you sit on the rail or climb it… and I believe if someone does that it should knows the risks of it…

    Working for 8 years and I never understood… I would like to see a reconstitution of this cases…

  • David Walker

    The first sentence in your report incorrectly identifies the ‘name’ of the ship, although you got the right ship. The name of the ship is ‘Carnival Dream’ (two words), not “the Carnival ‘Dream’ (one word) ship” as you wrote it (with only the word ‘Dream’) in italics. Hence, it should have been written “We have been contacted by a half-dozen passengers from the ‘Carnival Dream’ (those two words in italics) sailing out of New Orleans”. Being a maritime website, it’s a ‘given’ that you’re talking about a ship, so no need to re-emphasize it. Using the correct names of these ships will make it sound more professional as a maritime lawyer. 😉

  • I’m hearing rumors that the deceased was “balcony hopping” from one to another. Has anyone confirmed that?

  • Lance

    Has there been confirmations of other deaths on that cruise, I heard 4 or 5 people died

  • C Sweeting

    We were on this cruise too. Other passengers stated that they had heard of 2 other deaths on that cruise. One was a drowning while snorkelling and another was a woman died from a heart attack in one of the ships hot tubs. No proof to substantiate this.

  • 1234

    There is no evidence of him “balcony hopping”. Video does not show anything of this sorts.

  • Jolts

    we talked to a women who was interrogated from cozumel to last full day of sailing on this death
    She was accused of pushing him over the railing by this mans wife.
    There is clear video from casino bar where his wife and him started to fight and ended up in
    Their bal room the second video shows clearly what happen and how he fell.
    The women accused was still at bar when this guy died and man who died was with wife in bal room alone. He was very drunk caused a bad seen at casino bar his wife was pissed off
    And the fight carried on on deck 6 in their room. I’ve seen photos first hand after he fell. There was no other deaths on that cruise week some people got hurt but that’s about it.

  • Jon

    He didn’t fall….you can’t just fall over one of the railings.

  • Cindy

    if a person was holding on to the rail! The outside balcony door opens and swings out, it could flip you off your feet!

  • farmgirl

    Jolts please email me. I’d like to talk to you if possible more about what natalie from Texas told you

  • friend of the loved one

    Jolts first off you don’t even have a clue to the true. The victim and his wife never had a argument at all…
    You people have no good heart or you wouldn’t be on here bad mouthing something you know nothing about. Did you review the video I don’t think you did nor do I think did the woman either. So until you know facts why don’t you all shut the hell up.

  • Kris

    I was also on this cruise. Deck 8 just above where he landed. I did not see him fall but I did see him on the Lanai with a lot of blood. The crew kept looking up to see where he could have come from. I heard several days later that he fell 6 decks while trying to climb from one balcony to the next. I thought he looked older than 30.

  • tinikini

    Hey David you should teach school. Maybe it would give you something to do. Good grief who cares how Jim typed the name of the ship. It is not the point of the article. Someone died and all you care about is language and grammar. Have some respect.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I am sorry for your loss.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t personally know him, however, I do know that there was NO foul play. You people sound ridiculous, jumping to your own conclusions. Have you ever thought about what your saying and how hurtful that is for the family and friends during this hard time? We live in a small town of Missouri, MANY people were affected by this tragedy. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen this shared on my Facebook. So I know many have probably read all these comments and shook their heads.

  • a caring MO resident

    I’m so sorry to hear about such tragedy. I’m from MO and going on this ship in 2 weeks. Prayers for all the family and friends and those that witnessed it.

  • Anonymous

    RIP Aaron. A fun time should have been one where you got to come back home to your family. I can’t imagine how the rest of your friends are feeling…

  • Pam

    As we boarded the ship in Cozumel before departure time, I noticed A Mexican Immigration Agent coming off beside us followed by there very upset people coming off with all of their luggage. They were all crying. Some Smart Mouth behind us said “they must have had an incident” and one of the ladies under her breath “yeah we had an incident – someone died.” I reached out and touched her and told her I would be praying for her and I still am. I did want to turn around and tell the other guy to shut up. We did not hear anything else during the trip.

  • Debbie

    We were also on this cruise. No matter how it happened, my condolences to his family. We did a b2b, and i went OFF on a teenager who jumped from the 12th floor jogging track to the floor below!!

  • Lance

    Has there been confirmations of other deaths on that cruise, I heard 4 or 5 people died

  • Ro

    David walker ur an idiot. They were just trying to get message out there. Does it really matter if it’s 1 word or 2

    Suggestion………try getting a life instead of a keyboard.

  • Champ

    I was on this cruise!

  • Unsure

    I heard that the wife claims to have been no where around when the accident happened. And that she was pages by security. But if the reports say that she was in the room and it was following a heated argument between her and her husband…..then why does she claim to have been nowhere around? If there was truly no foul play then why does she deny being in the room? Still very odd that a grown man just “falls” off a balcony. Very sad situation and very confusing…

  • David Walker

    Hi Ro and Tinikini – my ‘comment’ above was directed specifically at Jim Walker and was meant to be a private editorial suggestion, yet was published anyways. Had I been aware that it would not be utilized for corrections to the above story, and posted none the less, I’d have also expressed my condolences to the family members affected, but never got that chance before I was called an “idiot” and dictated to “show some respect”. Very cordial and condemning of you both before knowing the facts (rolls eyes).

  • Mike

    Is this the same ship sailing out of South Florida

  • Lauren

    So sad but how did he fall off of a balcony a 30 year old man should no the risks of the balcony!!