I’ve written thousands of articles here on Cruise Law News about all type of issues – cruise ship air pollution, cruise waste discharge, mistreatment of crew employees and the cruise industry’s exploitation of the Caribbean ports of call all the while cruise executives pocket obscene amounts of money.

But one of the issues that I rarely write about are the actual cases which we handle against the cruise lines. 

Starting today, I’m going to start posting a brief description of the cases which we file, whether it’s a Cruise Ship Lawsuitlawsuit on behalf of a passenger injured on a cruise ship, or an arbitration claim filed when a cruise line refuses to provide basic medical care and treatment to a sick crew member. 

Many people like to think that cases filed against cruise lines are frivolous, or silly, or filed just for the purpose of trying to get a free cruise and will result in higher cruise fares. Hardly.

Some of the cases which we file reveal the cruise industry at its absolute worst. The cases include issues like the cruise line’s mistreatment of female crew members who were sexually assaulted on so-called luxury cruise lines. Other cases involve the cruise lines’ refusal to provide and/or delay in providing life-saving medical treatment to crew members diagnosed with cancer. 

We will explain the applicable law so you can understand how legal issues are different under maritime law on the high seas. We’ll provide you with information that the cruise lines would prefer that you do not know.

  • tinikini

    This should be both interesting and informative!!!

  • Valerie

    I can’t wait to hear about these legal cases involving cruise ships. Like you pointed out, I think so many people believe that cruise ship lawsuits are silly and never amount to anything, but that can’t be further from the truth. I’m looking forward to reading more about your legal expertise in cruise ships.

  • My opinion is that Insurance Companies have policy of not paying those who have lost or stolen property or who have been mistreated in one form or another. You are not suing the Cruise Liner company but you are suing the insurer of the cruise liner company who have a policy not to pay under any circumstances. The Insurer will take the litigant right down to the wire, by that time you will have no money left. Further, most litigants will not proceed with a claim due to the high cost of legal representation. There are many claims I have personally come across due to the fact that they are frightened to proceed against
    the Cruise Line and I say it again frightened.

  • Bob Jones

    Fact is, ship doctors have budgets… They don’t want yo refer crew shoreside because of this, even when the ship doctors cannot be assed to give you a proper diagnosis. Plus the fact thatcher are immune to malpractice suits means they can do what they want abd they and the cruise lines just get away with it..

  • Steve Smith


    I am curious what is being done to protect the innocent crew members where second hand smoke is concerned.

    Crew members (who do not smoke themselves) work the casino or the disco that have a haze of cigarette smoke for 10-20 years. They then return to countries that have little to no proper treatment for the lung cancer, heart disease, etc that this passive smoke creates.

    Do cruise lines simply send them home to die?

    Why should their job be allowed to be a death sentence?

  • Joe Phillips

    I booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean. Hurricane Matthew came along and located between Cuba and the Bahamas The cruise line changed ports and went to key west from Port Canaveral and sailed south towards Matthew which was traveling North. I did not pay to go to Key west since I lived there for twenty years. They charged me 575.00 cancelation fees since I did not by cruise insurance.
    is there any legal action that I can take?

  • Leo Sticinski

    We planned a cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines with my wife, for sons, and five family members.Before booking a cruise and flights we asked if my Delaware federal drivers license would be sufficient to get on the boat and into the Bahamas. A few years earlier I had used my Delaware federal license to get on a carnival cruise to the Bahamas and had no problem . They assured me that everything would be fine. When we went to online booking a few days before we saw there was no drop-down for Delaware federal drivers license. So we called Royal Caribbean is 800 number and talk to Alex. She told us there would be no problem and to check the box for birth certificate. I asked that she send me an email about our conversation. She said all her conversations were recorded in there would not be a problem. In fact she was 300% sure I could get on with my Delaware federal ID. Obviously I have not been able to and our whole vacation is a mess. The people at the desk informed me it was not their responsibility for any conversations I had on calls with Royal Caribbean representatives. I have a recorded conversation with the people at the desk when all of this was transpiring. I would like to sue for any expenses out of my pocket and additional hardship to my family. We had planned this vacation for 6 months. I would not have pursued this if I was not I was assured that everything would be fine at check-in

  • Janice Wiliams

    I just returned from Starvista’s Soul Train Cruise on The Celebrity Summit Ship. We sailed March 4-March 11, 2017. We signed up for an Itinerary to Belize, The Bahamas, and Cozumel. The ship broke down two days after we sailed! We were stuck on the ocean do to engine failure. We never made it to Belize or Cozumel. Celebrity offered up to $500 ship’s credit! Whatever you spent on the ship was deducted from your $500. So in my case I only got $338 because of the drinks, and incidentals that I bought on the ship. Hardly a fair trade for the 2,450 that I spent for destinations that I never went to! Not to mention little things like the toilet in my cabin not flushing, rude service from some staff, etc. This feels like a breach of contract to e. I purchased insurance from them but they say they can’t do more than the ship did. Do we have any recourse. There were over 2,000 of us onboard!