Adam Goldstein Royal CaribbeanI’ve written many articles about the rich-get-richer schemes of cruise executives: paying the crew members a pittance, making the crew work for 10-to-12 hours a day 6-to-8 months without a single day off, firing hundreds of office employees when the stock drops, and so forth and so on.

Well you can add this article to the list.

The Securities & Exchange Commission revealed that Royal Caribbean’s Chief Operating Officer Adam Goldstein unloaded 90,000 shares of the company’s stock yesterday. Goldstein sold a small portion of his RCL stock at an average price of $77.31 for $6,957,900.00. Following the the sale, he still owns 310,724 shares of his cruise stock, valued at approximately $24,022,072.

I last wrote about cruise executive Goldstein’s stock sales this summer – The Rich Get Richer: Cruise Executive Goldstein Unloads $2,599,935.36 of Royal Caribbean Stock.

Goldstein caused an uproar in August when the cruise line announced that it was charging kids $10 to have breakfast with Shrek.

Now you can understand where all those nickels and dimes go – into the cruise executives’ pockets.


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Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean Press Center

  • desmond

    We like cruising but it is getting harder and harder to willingly book a cruise.

    The constant screwing over of guest with the cost going up and fees for everything is too much. Yes we do not like how staff are treated but it is often better then what they can find back home or they would not be there.

    If more people would just say no to paying all tye extras the cruise line charges then they would need to rethink how they treat guests pocjet books

  • Alessandro Mencos

    The extremely healthy cruise line industry proves that the vast majority of the guests taking a repeat or first cruise are extremely happy with what the industry has to offer… and if Mr Goldstein helped build Royal Caribbean into the hugely successful brand it is today, and with the top positive stock market news on the company lately… good for him he gets his reward for his work. Attacking him won’t fix the issues you mention Mr Walker, so I would invite you to find an approach that can better address the issues you mention…

  • Axel Krack

    Well, there is no different between “normal” big companies like Apple or Mercedes Benz and cruise companies. Make money, much as you can. I worked a lot for smaller expedition cruise comp., so I know what’s going on. Get bigger and cheaper for the market, and crew members are the modern slaves. Well, there are two major segments of pax. The chinese (mostly from Hong Kong) they have money like “shit”, sorry, and Anglo American, they suffer on the worldwide terroristic paranoia…. American ships, American companies – safe ground. The US companies know that, and make money…