Nassau BahamasThis weekend was one of the bloodiest in the Bahamas this year. Seven people shot and three dead.

By my calculations, the death toll for the year in the Bahamas is 118 (last year was 119 murders). The murders are primarily in Nassau. 

According to the Tribune, an 18-year-old out of jail on bail was killed on Saturday after attending the funeral of his brother who was murdered two weeks ago. He was leaving the funeral with his 14-year-old brother when they stopped at a traffic light. Two masked men jumped out of a vehicle and shot the two brothers multiple times before speeding off. The older brother died and the younger brother is in the hospital in critical condition.

The Tribune also reported on three separate weekend shooting incidents that placed four men in the hospital, as well as another shooting incident where a police officer killed a young man who reportedly tried to shoot him first.

The Bahamas Press also reports that the person who shot and killed police officer Sargent Dwayne Rolle last week outside a popular gambling spot turns out to be another police officer who was allegedly involved in gambling with police officer Rolle who he then killed when he left the gambling joint.   

Meanwhile the commanding officer and chief superintendent of the Central District Police Station, Leamond Deleveaux, claims that he has beefed up Police Nassauthe police presence in the tourist areas of Nassau. He told the the Guardian newspaper that "I’ve been putting a police officer on every corner for over six months, and over the last month we’ve gotten more officers."    

He also claims that tourists in Nassau are virtually immune from crime. He states "to be honest with you, crime against tourists are almost non-existent despite what you hear or is printed in the media." 

That’s a bold claim when the Bahamas is the subject to four critical crime warnings to U.S.citizens (one from the U.S. State Department and three from the U.S. Embassy) and one warning from Canada, all in less than one year. The last U.S. warning mentioned that U.S. tourists have been raped and robbed at gunpoint, and there have been three reported sexual assaults on U.S. citizens, including minors, by jet ski operators on Paradise Island.

Police chief Deleveaux needs to spend less time playing for the tourism board and more time fighting crime.


Photo Credit: Tribune    Wikipedia / Ritchie Sieradzki Creative Commons 2.0.

  • celia Irizarry

    I have been on NCL this past March and we got off at Nassau, Bahamas and walked the streets of the island and I am blessed that we never saw any crimes there. It is a scary thought when Americans are being attacked and killed and there is no justice.

  • Bahamian Police Corruption

    Finally today,the Bahamian police commissioner admitted their is Bahamian Police Corruption in his court; finally! The Bahamas is headed for a collapse in economical proportions due to government corruption. The commissioner should be rewarded for putting his life on the line admitting this truth we all knew was acquiring. I wouldn’t be surprised if a contract is put on such a brave man’s head, may God protect him from his own kind. Since the days of the first Bahamian Prime Minister (Mr. Pindling and his crooked wife), the Bahamas has been raped yearly for 41 years now by the government, police and false pastors. The Bahamian people have been pawns to these thieves from day one, stealing the people’s overtaxed money as they live like Kings. Now the people have become the judges, jury, and executioners of this nation. And they will not stop the killings until they see a trust worthy government in power; that may never happen.

  • Bahamian Police Corruption

    Today the Bahamian government wants to hold the police commissioner in contempt for him speaking out against them. This brave man has just put a bounty on his life; may God protect him from his own kind.


    Cuba will soon be the travel destination it once was, screw the rest of the Caribbean. The crime ridden Bahamas is finished! I love Cayo Coco, Cuba! LOL! The nicest place I’ve ever visited!