This morning I received a number of emails from residents of Roatan about an extremely violent murder of a local merchant in Roatan (Coxen Hole) near the port. 

Four men attacked and repeatedly beat Mr. Marcelino Vásquez (age 58), the proprietor of a store called "Commercial Vasquez." An article in Teledifusora Insular states that Mr. Vásquez routinely went jogging with his wife at 5:00 o’clock in the morning.  But yesterday at dawn, four men attacked him and threw numerous punches to his head and face. He was taken to the hospital where he died. The beating reportedly took place on the main street of Coxen Hole.

Comments on the Teledifusora Insular site (warning extremely graphic photographs) include these:

  •  . . . our island is in a mess.
  •  . . . necessary to make a cleaning on all these rats which endanger the community of Roatan.
  • This truly is a wake up call to our authority’s for us also but mostly for them what’s your plans are you all going to sit and watch the island fall into a war zone Mr mayor, Mr deputy, Mr govener get up and do your job.
  • Lamentable la situacion en Roatan

We were the first to report on the murder of a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) employee in Roatan (Coxen Hole) earlier this year, in addition to the armed robberies of cruise visitors and tourists.

Last week, we reported on the murder in Roatan of four boys / young men.  The Teledifusora Insular Facebook page contains a photo of the bodies of the boys being returned to Coxen Hole in a small boat and transported to a pickup truck, as a NCL cruise ship looks on not knowing of the deaths. 


  • In Roatan right now

    Many nice people here, but, like any country in poverty, everyone seems to be ón the take when you’re “rich.” Of course everyone assumes you’re rich because you can afford to get here and stay for a litle while, esp. Americano and Canadian.

    All in all though, I feel pretty safe. I don’t go out much at night, if I want a drink I stay in the neighborhood. Watch the cab drivers, some will refuse to open the trunk (luggage) if you don’t pay more than the agreed upon price foe the ride. Cost me$100 U.S. From the airport to Diamond Rock first night. I should have put up more of a fight, but it was late on a Sunday night. Busses run across the island (really only one road) about every hour; not sure about the nights.

    Two good grocers, Eldon’s in French Harbour and Coxen Hole. Scuba OK, but much of the reef system is dead due to water polution. They’re trying to fix it.

    East end of the island for REAL quiet, (a compliment, no planes overhead, no motorcycles roaring, beautiful starlite nights.) West Bay for more energetic sundowners.