Bahamas CelebrationThe Bahamas Celebration ran aground ten days ago and sustained a breach in the hull which permitted water to enter the lower deck.  

I am receiving many messages from the crew that they were required to work in dangerous conditions after the ship ran aground and returned to port in Freeport. Now the majority of the crew has been sent home and there are doubts that the cruise ship will sail again anytime soon. 

The company appears to be paying only the basic salary of the crew for two months. Waiters and cabin attendants who earn a basic salary of only $50 a month (and rely on tips to earn a living) will receive only $100 in the next two months.

The Bahamas Celebration Facebook page was updated yesterday with a cover photo saying "Caribbean Vacation Option Beginning November 13" with a toll free number.

This seems very misleading as the cruise ship can’t sail and the crew was just sent home.

If you have information about the extend of the damage to the vessel or the status of the crew, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Top – WPTV.

November 11 2014 Update: A number of cruise passengers and agents have contacted us today. Many passengers feel that they were treated improperly by the company. Agents, who have not worked since the first of November, feel that the company is keeping them in the dark.  They have not heard anything from the company, management, or staffing agency. One person told me: "The company is wrong in the way they are treating everyone guest, crew,and agents. Leaving people who go to work everyday with no communication, answers or even a reason, we have families! We are required to give reasons and communicate if something happens in our life but we do not get the same respect."  

Bahamas Celebration

  • Axel Krack

    Oh dear, that is slavery !!! What’s happen with the new maritime labour convention law ??? I feel that modern slavery on cruise ships is still increasing worldwide. What’s happen with ITF ? We should keep an eye on cruise companies. Thanks Jim for your blog, I’m happy to found it – keep foreward.

    Regards Axel

  • Aries aparece

    Every company,cruise ship lines has different rules what i wanted to know is what is my right as a seafarer??i know some of the organization which will help seafarers but the thing is how can we contact their hotline numbers for us to be able to seek help just incase…
    Thank you and more power.

  • Deborah mele

    I have a trip planned for January 6th. Since the Bahama Celebration is in dry dock I have been offered 3 alternatives. A land vacation for the original dates at no charge and the planned trip at a later date with one companion plane voucher. The other possibilities are two possible cruises on Carnival Cruise lines for the original dates. It seems like they are working hard to do what they can. They didn’t call right away, but imagine how many customers they have to talk to. The wait time to talk with a representative is not too long.what have you heard about alternatives for passengers with future reservations.?

  • JRenee

    I’m wondering what’s going to happen with the cruises already paid for now that the ship isn’t sailing?

  • Polechik

    We were suppose to sail Nov 15, No One called to inform us of the situation, when we arrived at the empty port is when we found out. Would have a liked a call and had them offer us those alternatives also since we came from canada…instead of leaving us in the dark. was a shit show from then on dealing with them over the phone, resulting in a stressful, exhausting expensive honeymoon. wished we never booked with them, never will again

  • Bruce

    I just got off the phone with a “promotional representative” winning a free cruise on the Bahama Celebration any time in the next 18 months if I used a credit card to imediately pay a $59 “travel tax” I it had scam written all over it, actually thought the ship may not exist. I was not far off the truth. Actually I now think the call did come from the crooks who run the opperation. The refits 800 odd passengers to almost 2000 for a 35,000 ton ship put me in mind of the Korean disaster. I think the passengers were very lucky!

  • Steph

    Has anyone had trouble getting ahold of the company by email? Especially since they are not repairing the old boat and buying a new one and now changing the name of the company? Wat happened with everyones elses trips that were suppose to sail btwn Nov and now?

  • This Bahamas cruise ship accident was a crazy experience but truly, it wasn’t too bad because they put us up in a nice resort for an extra day. Yes, it was a bit scary and time consuming but over all it’s a good story to tell…
    I told my story in a little blog psot –

  • Michelle

    I have been trying to research what is going on with this company and the ship. I have paid $467.50 down payment on a trip giving me 3 years to take. When I tried to schedule the trip I couldn’t get an answer, tried email and phone also tried owners cell phone to no avail. I have been trying to get a refund and have been to paypal (which I used to pay this amount) they couldn’t do anything because the purchase was over a year old and the company closed their paypal account. I have tried at my bank but no luck there either. What can be done about this. This was a phone call made by a gentleman named Jason and I also talked with a Matthew Grant.