WPRO radio interviewed me this morning on its news talk radio show with Gene Valicenti about the New York Times article focusing on crime in Nassau, Bahamas. 

WPRO has a large readership in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

We talked about U.S. citizens who were victims of armed robberies. We talked about tourists, including minor children, sexually assaulted by jet-ski operators on Paradise Island in Nassau.  

You can listen to the interview here (after the Jimmy Buffett into).    

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Photo Credit: Atlantis Paradise Island – Wikipedia / D Ramey Logan Creative Commons 3.0 / WPPilot Atlantis Paradise Island

  • deidre barr

    you really are a jerk

  • Kay

    i hope you are reporting all the crime in the U.S. we have rapist on the loose over here and we are always the last to find out.

  • NYC

    Mr. Walker, you are doing a great job, f@#k all these Bahamian bullshitters that think tourist shouldn’t know about the crime where their planning to vacation. If these f@#ks don’t care about our safety, than I say f@#k them, and shove your beautiful beaches up your ass! Because me, being street smart, and from the Bronx, the Bahamas is telling me they don’t give a shit about my family’s safety, so go f@#k yourself Bahamas! And if the Bahamas has any f@#kin problems with Mr. Walker and his job, or even threatens him in any f@#kin way, you’ll have to deal with f@#kin me! My father was a casino gangster in Cuba in the 40’s and 50’s, and my mother ran a f@#in whore house in Havana! I’m watching every f@#kin thing that is happening in the f@#kin Bahamas! It has also become as important as watching Wall Street, millions in real estate investments, and these f@#k ups are killing each other! And the lazy mother@#kin government just keeps stealing the people’s money thinking they can run and hide from investors! Keep f@#kin playing games with other people’s money, LOL, yea keep thinking that Prime Minister and your crew of f@#k ups!

  • rezzie

    There is nothing going on in the bahamas in the case of crime every where in the world has it going on if the hatains have a prblm with the lawz of the land such as mr walker go deal with your own homeland frist

  • Lance K.

    Two more murders in the Bahamas(www.jonesbahamas.com)
    Is it 103 or 104 murders for 2014 so far, I lost count? This place has become more dangerous than Jamaica it seems. Anyone with money is a bloody target, and now with the new code of the streets I read about in the Nassau Guardian newspaper,” No witnesses, no trial mentality” a person could lose their lives for a cell phone, or for anything.

  • Wade

    Nov.30th 2014, over 109 murders and climbing in the Bahamas, Wow! This morning they found a woman with her throat cut at a gambling web shop on Long Island. And one young man intentionally hit and run with a Jeep is dying right now at the Nassau hospital. When is their dishonest government going to do something, I have to return to Freeport so as to sell my property? This has become the most dangerous place for a white person with money to be at. I was e-mailed yesterday informing me that a Canadian friend of mine on Paradise Island was robbed at gun point two nights ago leaving a restaurant. Thank God he wasn’t shot or hurt, they took all his money, but speared his life because a cop car came around the corner just as they were done. The cops didn’t catch them because by the time my friend informed the police what happened, they were already gone. But who cares, my good friend is still alive, this will be a great Christmas indeed. But it will defiantly be our last, after living on and off Island for over 32 years, the Bahamas has changed for the worst, not an enjoyable place anymore.