Yesterday, the U.S. took the unprecedented step of issuing a fourth crime warning for the Bahamas in 2014. The latest advisory was issued by the U.S. Embassy in Nassau. No other cruise destination in the world is the subject of such repeated and graphic crime warnings. 

The advisory says warns against armed robberies, kidnapping and rape of U.S. citizens, including the sexual assault of girls from the U.S. by jet ski operators on Paradise Island: 

Security Message: Recent Criminal Activity in Popular Areas of Nassau & Crime Warning Nassau Bahamas Holiday Season Security Awareness – November 3, 2014

"The U.S. Embassy in Nassau advises U.S. citizens residing in and traveling to The Bahamas to be aware of their surroundings and remain on heightened alert to avoid being victims of crime.

While U.S. citizens have not been targeted directly, over the past several weeks there has been an increase in the level of crime in areas where U.S. citizens live and frequent. We also have noticed criminals increasingly becoming more brazen and creative in their methods. For example, three armed robberies of U.S. citizens have occurred in daylight hours in heavily frequented tourist areas, including an armed assailant assaulting and robbing a woman walking near Ardastra Gardens. In mid-October during daylight hours in a heavily populated area, two men armed with handguns robbed customers waiting in the drive-thru line at a local restaurant. Armed assailants have placed random items in the street as impromptu roadblocks so unassuming drivers would stop and could be robbed. A man was shot at Potter’s Cay, near the base of the Paradise Island bridge, at a time when tourists would still be frequenting the area.

Police recently warned women to be extra vigilant after a recent spike in the number of reported sexual assaults in Nassau. In October, a U.S. citizen who resides in The Bahamas was kidnapped and violently raped while walking home. The water sports rental industry is only loosely regulated; since July, there have been three reported sexual assaults on U.S. citizens, including minors, by jet ski operators on Paradise Island.

Home invasions in Nassau have become more numerous and violent. A home invasion on October 28 resulted in the murder of the homeowner. In August, a U.S. citizen was the victim of a home invasion and attempted sexual assault in the Cable Beach area.

As the holiday season nears with its many celebrations there is often, unfortunately, an increase in criminal activity. During each year’s holiday season, the Embassy receives increased reports of crime, particularly armed robberies and burglaries."

You can read about the first warning (U.S. Embassy – January 2014), second warning (U.S. Embassy – March 2014) and third warning (U.S. State Department – May 2014) here, here and here.

Canada issued a crime warning in September this year.

The Latin America Monitor issued a crime warning which rocked Nassau in June this year.

The cruise lines finally began warning their passengers about crime in Nassau last year. 

You can read our most recent articles about the crime problem in Nassau:

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Update: The Tribune reported this afternoon U.S. Citizens Warned Over Nassau Crime (read comments to article). The Nassau Guardian reported U.S. Embassy Warns on Sexual Assaults. The Tribune also published Insight: Stopping The Bloodshed

November 5 2014 Update: Are the Police in Nassau, Bahamas Covering Up Crimes Against U.S. Citizens?


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Photo Credit: Nassau Tribune

  • R#34

    A modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, a place that attaches the filth of the Earth.

  • Lenny T.

    Great web site Jim, your company does a hell of a job informing the public. Just to let you know I was checking out one of the Bahamian newspapers mentioned in one of your articles, And believe it or not Jim, two more dead people found. One a 14 year old teenager that they though committed suicide, but now they say she was murdered. And another women in her 30’s body was found in Grand Bahama, 101 murders? I’m’ a travel agent here in North Carolina and have been keeping a sharp eye on what’s happening in the Bahamas. I will not even mention the Bahamas to my clients when doing business with them. Keep up the good work Jim, your doing a hell of a job.

  • USVI

    Good Day Mr. Walker,
    I live here in St. Croix, USVI and our crime rate started to rise during the beginning of the Great Recession due to so many unemployed. But your website brought so much attention to our government travel dept. that they had no choice but to take action. And since then crime has fallen quite a bet, and more tourists are coming back. I feel so sorry for the Bahamas, but one thing they shouldn’t do, is not inform the visitors and advertise it as a heaven on earth; that’s a no no in the travel business. Anyway, I think you’re doing a good job, you keep the police and governments of these countries on their toes. By the way, did you read in ( website about the 14 year old Bahamian teenager? She was found hanged and officials thought she committed suicide, but now an autopsy confirms she was murdered, this happened today. What a shame, the Bahamas has more beautiful beaches than the USVI can ever wish for, but what does that matter if death is always at your door. Thank you for your time and service Sir.

  • number1

    As an ex-employee of a cruise line company which will remain nameless. It is a known fact amongst the workers that Nassau is an “Economy Backup”. Let me explain, when a company is not doing well and knows passengers won’t get off at a curtain destination because of high crime, they use that to their advantage, but you lose a port to explore. If the passengers don’t get off the ship, the more money they will spend on the ship” Economy Backup”. The only way you this will ever change is if no one books trips that stop at these crime ridden places, simple. Then their lazy governments will take notice and actually do something about their crime problem. Killing two birds with one stone, Bahamas fixes their crime problem, and the cruise company gives you a safe port to explore. It’s called boycott people!

  • Gayne G.

    I live in Nassau and all dis bullshit I read is made up! Dis is one of the most safest countries to visit, America is da hell on earth, not Bahamaland. Where was a teenager hanged in the Bahamas today!? Bullshit! You people out there bad mouthing my country, to holy hell with all of you and Mr. Walker! We don’t need you or want you here in Bahamaland!

  • Gayne G.

    O.K., so I read this morning there was a teenager murdered by hanging, so what!? Look at all the teenagers shooting each other in the schools of the U.S. You and this website Mr. Walker can go straight to holy hell!

  • Abagale
  • Jack

    A few things…

    So as the US Embassy in Nassau says, the crimes are in fact in tourist areas.

    Many of the people posting here don’t seem to understand odds.

    It’s funny that someone that uses words like “dis” expects others to take what they’re saying seriously.

  • Gayne G.

    To Holy Hell with all a yas!