Quantum of the SeasKallis Video Production’s YouTube page shows a video of the arrival of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas in Bremerhaven on October 5, 2014.

The video was taken from a gyrocopter. 

The Quantum is the latest ballyhooed giant cruise ship from Royal Caribbean. Two weeks ago it was trotted out from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany and sailed down the River Ems to the sea. It is scheduled to arrive in New York in November. It will be home ported in Shanghai. 

“We were determined to take the best advances in modern technology, turn them into shipboard ‘wows’ . . . " said Royal Caribbean chairman Richard Fain in the article High Tech on the High Seas: Royal Caribbean Unveils ‘World’s First SmartShip.

Judging by this video, it’s too bad that this supposedly technological "smart" ship still burns bunker fuel.  Watch the video below; you can see the ship spewing emissions from high sulfur "dirty" fuel. Unfortunately, China is a good location for such an environmental beast. There are loose air standards over there.    

Nasty bunker fuel causes asthma, heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness and premature death.  

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4 Responses to A Quantum Hazard: Why is a Smart Ship So Stinky?

I like to watch the ships when they sail out of the Florida Ports and on several occasions I noticed heavy smoke coming out of a few of the ships.

So many insist they are environmental friendly, but when you see this, you know that this just isn’t true.

I’d like to advise all of the shipping companies to look into an alternative way to fuel their ships, so that you just don’t see them polluting the environment.

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