We have been contacted by passengers on the Adventure of the Seas, complaining about an a norovirus outbreak.

This morning we received this latest comment:

“My family have just returned from a European cruise onboard Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of The Seas. There was a nasty outbreak of noro virus inboard affecting many guests which led to a full deep clean in port here in the UK today before the ship set sail again.

Rather worryingly, my family was told by a crew member that this was the second consecutive cruise by the ship to be affected by noro virus.”

The Adventure is currently on a Mediterranean itinerary.

On November 2, 2014 the ship will sail from Southampton, England on a 14 night transatlantic cruise. It will reposition for Caribbean cruises sailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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October 24 2014 Update: Sick ship? Adventure of the Seas Can’t Shake the Bug. The Adventure suffers through its third consecutive norovirus outbreak. Will the “deep cleaning” work this time? Will Royal Caribbean permit its customers to reschedule?

Adventure of the Seas

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  • Cruise master

    What are they complaining of? It is fact that most of the outbreaks are only amongst passengers! That means it is not the crew’s fault! Think about it! Go on a cruise and pay attention to some of the passengers’ hygiene habbits.

  • Rene

    we travelled with the Adventure of the Seas from Southhampton 28.Sept-12.Okt 2014 and there where 91 passengers (captain tells on interview) ill by Norovirus, two passengers must be evacuated by helicopter. The Trip before also had some passengers ill, that was announced by the check-in. So i can confirm the information.
    The last 4 day, nobody was allowed to touch any glasses, cups, plate or forceps in the restaurants. On every food station was a crew member to serve you the food.


    Rene Meissner

  • Margaret Blake

    I think the captain should make a point when doing the drill before sailing , would all passengers PLEASE, wash Hands after using the Toilets plus use Sanitiser provided.has we don’t wont the Norovirus on board, spoiling passengers Cruise. Plus your own. Also in all eating venues. This conduct should be your 1st Priority on board at all times. Dont be affended if a fella passenger got to remind you at any time..

  • yvonne Davies

    I have just returned on Adventure of Seas and was astonished when one well dressed elderly lady was challenged in the toilet by another passenger that she had not washed her hands but was going through the door. To this she said she had her own special hand cleanser and literally pushed her way out of the toilet without washing her hands! I met her husband whilst collecting my luggage and asked him why she had adopted this attitude only to be told to shut my mouth! Chances of keeping such a large ship healthy are very slim. However was the Norovirus on board before September 28th as apparently it had been ‘deep cleansed’ before we set sail from Southampton?

  • HACCP Auditor

    Just to correct – the captain said that the two persons evacuated were not related to the Noro incident.
    After what I witnessed, I agree with Cruise Master – passenger hygeine practices were to blame, however I dissagree about the outbreaks are only amongst passengers, as the crew members were ill on 28 Sept cruise.

  • Pete lavis

    With family on adventures of the seas sailing 28th Sept.
    The last 4 days, nobody was allowed to touch any glasses, cups, plate or tongs in the restaurants. On every food station was a crew member to serve you the food. Should have adopted this from start of cruise knowing virus was present and I agree with comments that passengers are more to blame, I seen people eating with their fingers at the serving areas then dishing more food on their plates as though their was a food shortage. Did say to one person but got abuse.

  • Mrs Jean Lockwood

    I joined the cruise on 28th September with my companion fit and well. Shortly after boarding the coach to Southampton the driver told us that there had been a ‘virus on board and the ship was being thoroughly cleaned, resulting in a delayed departure’. I am extremely careful with hygiene, washing hands etc both at the many hand cleaning facilities and of course in my stateroom. My partner is also fastidious regarding hygiene.
    On the first full day at sea,(Mon 29th Sept) my partner became ill during the evening meal, resulting in us returning to our stateroom earlier than expected.
    He spent the rest of the evening and early morning suffering violent attacks of vomiting and diarrhoea.
    He was advised to remain in the stateroom for at least 24 hours, basically on water and 6 hours after latest attack, dry toast and “gruel” – no “gruel” was to be found and on asking for rice, neither was that available. Obviously I became similarly affected and spent the next 24 hrs in the same situation. We were allowed “free” water during our confinement in the cabin!

    The treatment received was very basic, imodium tablets
    for the diarrhoea but nothing for improving the dehydration – I had to buy Rehydrate (Dioralyte) when I managed to get ashore later in the week. This is to replace minerals etc. lost during diarrhoea and should have been freely available. Your comment on this?

    All in all the “cruise of a lifetime” (months and months of saving) was a total disappointment and worse than that, we ended the cruise in a far worse physical state than when we embarked.

    I do not know what procedures your company follows in response to my comments, but I hope they exceed my expectations.


    Mrs. J. Lockwood
    Partner/companion of Mr. P. J. Lillie

  • J Pearson Jayne & Neil

    Just returned back off the Adventure of the seas , we should of been offered our money back I would of rather not had gone . Luckily my husband and I did not become ill , been on many cruise ships but found this cruise was not a holiday . You talk about people not washing hands !!! I witnessed the staff from the kids club took the children for lunch one day and didn’t use the hand spray provided . WHY ??? We were on deck six our cabin man wore a mask on day . This isn’t what I call a holiday . While you were eating in the buffet restaurant staff were spraying tables and chairs and not clearing tables ?? The last day why were we allowed to serve yourself coffee on deck five surely the rule that had been put in place should of been carried out until we had got off the ship .

  • Helen Fensome

    I have my parents on the Adventure of the Seas at present. Which set sail on the 12th October from Southampton. When they arrived at Southampton they were given a letter stating that they were not allowed on the ship until 2.30pm as it was being deep cleaned as there had been the norovirus on board. They were slightly disappointed, as they have been up graded after being on many cruises and were allowed on the ship early. The ship was being cleaned before anyone being allowed on which makes sense they still set sail on time. I have spoken to them yesterday 17th October and they have said that there are still some people onboard who are ill with the norovirus, they are not allowed to serve themselves on the restaurants and everywhere you go there are hand sanertizing gel. You cannot detect whether passengers have the bug before they go onto the ship which then spreads like wild fire. My parents have said they are still having a great time , hopefully they will be fine and they will continue to follow the procedures on board.

  • David Lloyd

    My wife and were also on the cruise to Spain and the Canaries which left Southhampton on 28th September and the comments re Nurovirus being prevalent on the Adventure of the Seas are accurate. The ship had had the same issues on the previous cruise as well….so I think we can eliminate the point that passengers brought it’s bug on board.
    The most serious issue on board the ship was the failure of its sewage system, a point admitted by its officers during the Q and A session. The ship stank like a sewage farm throughout the 14days. We we also found the bed linen in our cabin filthy (pillows were brown and needed to be replaced). Balcony was also sticky with a substance I would not describe. This ship has problems !

  • Susan suttie

    I too was on the ship from 28 th september….i was swimming and had to go round faeces, which was also in the jacussi…it was reported but nothing was said. We couldnt wait to get home, the last few days were long. No cruising for me im afraid,put me off completely….we should get a refund of some sort, we saved up £3000 hard earned money for this cruise, i was dissapointed big style …

  • stuart

    I’m on board the adventure of the seas his very minute. There has been a small handful of people that have got norovirus but its been contained. Everything is clean and spotless. Plenty of gel around the place and buffet has staff dishing the food out. although yesturday went the toilet and some guy came in did what he had to do and then walk out without washing hands…. Its the passengers that cause it… Its dam aweful how people don’t know how to be clean

  • ivor

    have just been informed today that there is another outbreak and there will be a deep clean completed on the ship before we can board on Sunday

  • Jen Bell

    I am due to go on the Adventurer of the Seas this Sunday, 2nd November, with two children under 10. What do people advise? Go or cancel? I am travelling alone – can you imagine what it would be like if we all became ill? Advice needed please URGENTLY.

  • Claire Battle

    Had the email also today, think they should offer a refund they cannot ensure we wont get it. If its been on board for the last two cruises there must be issues.

  • Jayne Pearson

    Already wrote a report see above comments . This will be the 3rd deep clean we know off try for your money back . I have already wrote a letter of complaint took it to my travel agents awaiting a response . We have booked to go on the new ship next year , after the cruise on the 28th sept , I do not wish to go with them again want my deposit back . They talk about people washing hands !!!! How many times do the bar staff handle your cruise card to charge you when serving drinks ??? Neither do they wear gloves . There would be nothing worse if you were confined to your room if you became ill .

  • lynda richards

    Hi received an email from RC tonight about adventure of the seas having the virus on it. We have been told we will board late on Saturday and that the terminal will have a deep sanitize as well. Can we cancel this cruise without loosing our money because this is the third consequetive cruise with the virus. I have recently had open heart surgery so are quite worried about this cruise. We have cruised several times with them before and the adventure in May to Norway with no problems

  • Jen bell

    Claire – I put the wrong date on my post, I am due to travel this Sunday with the children. Couldn’t get through to RC at 4.50 today, the offices were shut! I am going to insist on a refund or transfer the money to another cruise. As far as I can see there have been problems with the ship since mid September, but also back in December last year it had the norovirus bug. I am furious to be told at such short notice and am worried I will be forced to go or lose the money.

  • Sandra Audley

    I too have just returned from cruise on the Adventure of the Seas, what a shame that the elderley lady that did not wash her hands did not get the virus, she should no better disgusting, when the crew, and the rest of us tried so hard.
    The Pensioners think they have a rt to please them selves.
    We did not have virus but washed constantley the only way to be safe, crew were brilliant can’t praise enough, great holiday.

  • Claire Battle

    call 01932 834243 the number on the letter doesnt work.

  • Ali Shaw

    We are due on board the ADS on Sunday and are still very much looking forward to it. Whilst it is concerning that there is another outbreak of the norovirus on board, I do think a sense of perspective needs to be addressed. Would people who are thinking of cancelling still do their weekly supermarket shop? Do they know how many bugs are on the handles of a trolley/basket that can be easily picked up? Do they immediately wash their hands before getting home anbd unpacking the shopping – I doubt it… How about travelling on a bus/tube train? Handrails are a breeding grounds for germs. How about at an airport or on an aeroplane? Again an enclosed space which germs can easily be transmitted. I totally agree that some passengers do not adhere to hygeine standards and use the loo without washing their hands. We have seen this on previous trips. Whilst it is a bit of inconvenience, we decided on a trip last year that if we needed the loo we would always go back to our cabin as we did not trust other passengers cleanliness in public toilets on board. I also think a lot of people have lots of food and booze on a cruise ship and put overeating sickness down to norovirus! Unless you have proof that Royal Caribbean are being negligent in their hygeine and cleaning the ship, I certainly would not be cancelling my holiday at the moment. Plenty of other cruise lines – Cunard / Celebrity / Holland America have all had bouts of this virus, not just RC. We’ve never travelled with them before, but trying to remain level headed and not panic about this situation.

  • Claire Battle

    I have rescheduled my cruise, i have lost money but better safe than sorry given i have a daughter who has CFS/ME. They wont give you a refund.

  • Debbie

    Informed about the Norovirus outbreak last evening, e-mailed RCI but no reply as yet. On further research Section 12 of the Holiday Packages Deal states if there is Significant Change to your holiday then there is cause for complaint. However, visited our travel agents this morning who contacted RCI to inform them of our concerns and their attitude was turn up or lose your money! A refund was out of the question but they were not even willing to defer our cruise. Whilst a Norovirus outbreak may be a fairly common occurrence onboard ships so it appears, what is disturbing is the fact that this is the third outbreak within a short space of time onboard the AOTS and it has already had numerous deep cleans yet the problem still exists. Having had Norovirus in the past I feel anxious about taking the trip. RCI, Thankyou for your understanding!!!

  • Mark Allison


    How did you reschedule your Cruise, on what terms was it. I am due to board the AOS on Sunday.

  • JB

    I’ve been watching this blog for a few days now. We’re boarding AotS this Sunday. Yes, I’m a bit nervous about any of us catching the bug, but we plan to be especially meticulous about washing our hands! Will let you know how it went!

  • wayne

    My wife and I received an E’mail from Royal Caribbean late on Thursday 23 Oct 14 confirming norovirus on board. We have been advised that the ship will be cleaned prior to departure on Sunday 26 Oct 2014. We asked Thompson our agents to ask if we could or should go on another date or get a refund? A point blank NO! was the reply. If you don’t sail you lose the money.

    No effort was made to put our minds at ease prior to our first cruise. This will be our last cruise with Royal with Royal Caribbean regardless of the final experience.

  • stuart

    Well as said I’m on it just now due to disembark on Sunday and I only know of a small amount of people that have had it simply by what the captain has said. Its not a major outbreak. The ship is spotless. As for the guys above saying you will never cruise royal again. Don’t Blane royal for bookig with a poor agent. With a cruise apecialist in the future ( like myself )

    Anyway everyone be assured you will have a fantastic cruise. Passengers cause the borovirus not the ship

  • sue fellows

    i am sailing on Independence tomorrow and have been informed of gastro
    intestinal on board and a deep clean and sanitising will take place before we sail .2 ships same company same time what a coincidence . Is it the ship or the company that has problems?

  • malcolm ward

    I and my wife are going on the adventure on sunday 26/10/14 and i am taking methotrexate tablets to hold down my immune system !!!!!
    what am i to do about this.
    malcolm ward

  • Claire Battle

    I have managed to reschedule, going next year on a shorter cruise and they have refunded some of our money.
    Very disappointed but better to be safe than sorry. Abby from RCI was helpful.

  • stuart

    Stop panicking. On the whole cruise there has been 55 potential cases of norovirus. Most of which are probably just upset stomachs due rich food.

    You know that on the p&o Ventura’s last cruise there was 132 cases of potential norovirus yet no one heard about it. Yea biggest difference here is that royal are open and honest and prefer to be safe rather than sorry

  • J Wylie

    If it’s the same ship having the virus……..maybe it’s the crew that’s keeping it on board…..been there ….done that……RC did compensate for inconvenience for future cruise.

  • A Johnston

    Just returned from the adventure of the sea today, and can confirm that there was 55 cases last cruse. The announcement are very one sided aimed at passengers saying that staff are doing everything they can to contain the virus, but on the night of the pool party myself, husband and son were walking behind a trolley being pushed to the poolside with plates on it when it crashed and the plates fell on to the ground, the 3 of us helped the server pick them up and we placed the ones we had picked up on the lower level of the trolley expecting him not to use them as they had been on the ground and handled by ourselves and we didn’t have gloves on….. But no he thanked us for our help took them from the bottom shelf and put them on top of the clean ones and pushed them over to the outside food station and started to serve the passengers fruit in the plates. But put his gloves on first. ???

  • stuart

    A Johnson… Yea I was beside him when that happened and I saw you help him. What I also saw though was he took them over to the food station. At this point though what you are saying is complete lies… Sorry. Another member of staff placed used plates on the trolley then it was wheeled off. The plates that fell were not used but instead were taken back to the galley to be cleaned.

    Yet another person scaremongering

  • Llinos

    Sailed on AOS on Italian cruise from 12th September 2014 to 28th September and unfortunately had the norovirus on day 12. Captain announced on day 8 that there were reports of norovirus and flu but apparently this had started from day 2 so why weren’t we warned earlier??.I am a fastidious person when it comes to hygiene and noticed as leaving the lyric theatre one evening there was vomit on the floor and people had to walk around it!! Noticed also that some passengers refused to use the sanitizer on entering the restraints which I found annoying. After being on IOS I was very disappointed with this ship, worst place to pick up the germs is being crammed in a lift. Long time before I go on RCI again. A holiday certainly NOT to be remembered

  • A johnston

    Stuart . For a big ship its a small world if you seen us help, I can assure you I am not scaremongering as I have a lot of issues with this holiday and this was only one of them, whether the plates were took back or not I certainly did not see that. Speaking to other passengers onboard and they also feel it’s was not the best cruise they/we have ever been on and there is certainly room for improvement. I have made my feedback form out and been in touch with RC for their comments as you have pointed out everyone’s opinion is different.

  • G Thomas

    My husband and I have just returned from two weeks cruise on Adventure of the sea we went on the ship fit and healthy but came off wrecks, my husband in a wheel chair. I became ill early morning of the 25th October.with extreme vomiting, went to the medical centre where I was given an injection at a cost of $150 which put me in bed for the rest of the day and night. At 11.00pm on the night of 25th my husband stared vomiting and then about 2.30am started the diarrhoea I phoned for emergency they came to our state room took him to the medical centre in a wheel chair gave him an injection and some tablets took him back to the state room where he was way out of it. I phoned for a wheel chair and was told that we would have to go to the lobby bar my husband at this point was so ill I did not know how to get him off ship to our car, he managed to walk off I saw a porter with a wheel chair he then took him off ship. I myself was still quite poorly but had to drive from Southampton to Wales with my husband fully out in space, as I write this at 12.00noon on Monday 27th my husband is still in bed. We did every thing to avoid this by washing and sanatizing showering twice a Day and certainly did not over eat. This is the second time we have cruised on Adventures of the seas and our 4th cruise with RC a very sad end to a wonderful holiday has put us off ever wanting to cruise again. I can only agree that not every passenger take hygiene serious and they are probably the people that don,t get noro bug.

  • A Shaw

    Just back from a week’s cruising on Adventure of the Seas. There were 3 cases of Noro Virus on Day 2, and we were told that there is a 3 day incubation period so therefore these 3 people brought it onto the ship with them.
    We were careful to use the sanitisers/wash our hands- we saw a lot who didn’t. We saw people act like they weren’t going to see food/booze for a week and piled their plates so high and were drinking beer at 8am that I am not surprised people are sick when they act like pigs! A lot of kids were also handling food and not using the tongs provided. First cruise with Royal Carribean and won’t be the last. I thnk some people like to pass the blame to the cruise company for poor hygeine when they should be looking closer to home and how THEY behave!

  • JB

    Just returned today and I said I would let you know how it went…everything great! Not aware of how many cases of norovirus there were during our cruise, but the Cruise Director said that 3 people had reported it by day 2 – which was too soon to have been caught onboard, so they brought it with them! The hand washing/sanitising was pretty much non-stop before entering every room, shop and desk, but you soon got used to it and I think most people were more than happy to do this to stay healthy. I did notice a slight easing off of enforcing this toward the end of the cruise, perhaps they figured we should know what we’re meant to do by then, or maybe there were so few cases that it was no longer an issue. Anyway, I’m glad that I didn’t let my paranoia get the better of me…we had a great time. 🙂

  • Sherry Schneider

    I was on the Adventure of the Seas from September 28 to October 12. Royal Caribbean did everything they could to make sure the ship was sanitized. Purell was everywhere. If we walked through the casino without touching anything and into the theater, we washed our hands three times. The captain made announcements about how important it was to wash hands but people still didn’t want to do it. Why???? The last few days, staff served the food in the Windjammer and we weren’t allowed to touch the dishes, spoons or tongs. Kudos to the captain. He advised that there were ninety-one cases of the virus on board. We went from there to London to the Oasis of the Seas where there was hardly any encouragement to use the Purell or wash your hands.

  • V.McConnachie

    sailed nov 2 -16th 2014 from Southampton to Puerto Rico, after only two days at sea got very sick, also my husband and two of our friends, its now Nov 23rd and still ill…..had all kinds of treatment aboard, pills, ventilators, injections, xrays, blood work, nasal sprays, puffers, told it was influenza with bronchitis and severe ear infection, how can same symptoms be there for four of the six we were travelling with. there were many passengers with the same complaint and also employees always in the medical centre, was isolated for one day..don’t think this ship is clean, also told the air circulation could cause…not a happy sailor this time…

  • Mrs L Zolman

    Sailed on AOS September 12 – 28th 2014 and was unfortunate to be ill with the norovirus. It took the captain 8 days to reveal that the norovirus was on board and also influenza too. Witnessed passengers not using sanitizer and licking the over spilt food on their plates and using the tongs to serve their food!!!! Not sure if this ship had any cases of norovirus previous to our sailing but we were allowed on board before 12 o clock which indicates no deep clean!! This was our second cruise with RC and was very disappointed with AOTS, vomit was found outside the lyric theatre which was unpleasant to see and I noticed thick dust around the vanity unit and the bedding had stains too! Don’t think I’ll be rushing to cruise with RC for a long while

  • Mr. S. Maloney

    Just returned from a 7 day cruise through southern Caribbean on the AOTS. Second to last day woke up with a sore throat. I can’t say how I might of have gotten it. Hand sanitizers where EVERYWHERE on the ship and I used them. I think the crew is doing everything they can to prevent an outbreak. There are so many possible sources but on this cruise I think everything was fine.

  • Lynn

    How do the crew disinfect the cloth sofas and chairs after an outbreak?