Bahamas Weekly reports that last weekend the police in Nassau, Bahamas arrested a U.S. citizen for possession of marijuana. The report says that he was a 33 year old man from Jacksonville, Florida.

The Florida man was arrested for possession of pot on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

Around 4:30 PM last Saturday, the “Tourism Policing Unit Officers” went to an unidentified cruise ship moored at Prince George Wharf where they boarded the ship and arrested the cruise tourist for a Nassau Bahamasquantity of marijuana.

The Bahamas supplements its income by arresting cruise passengers with small amounts of pots. The police board cruise ships without either probable cause or search warrants and then fine them $500 to $2000 under threats of jail sentences of 30 – 60 days terms at Her Majesty’s Prison

Violent crime is out of control in Nassau. There are many armed robberies, rapes and murders in the capital of the Bahamas each week. The country is heading toward a record number of homicides this year. The murder rate for the country of the Bahamas is substantially higher than the murder rate for Florida.

There were 970 murders in Florida with a population of over 19,000,000 in 2013. New Providence (including Nassau) in the Bahamas had over 100 murders last year even though it has only 250,000 residents.

The tourism police unit was formed to create the impression that it’s safe for tourists to come ashore in Nassau.  The truth is that these local tourism police officers spend more time busting tourists than arresting armed criminals or Bahamians selling the tourists pot at the straw market or up and down Bay Street.

It’s a racket we have written about many times.

A reader of Cruise Law News sent his comment last month:

“As an expat who lives here in Nassau, I’m privy to a fair amount of insider news from the embassy as well as Bahamian govt employees. One friend who previously worked at the US Embassy, told me that her only job was processing US Citizens (mostly middle aged women) through the system to 1) pay their 500 fine, and 2) get them back onto their ships or back to the states after they had been caught carrying and or purchased some pitiful small amount of marijuana etc . . . and that the Bahamian government saw this as a “sweet spot” for getting revenues into the country with little effort. Entrapment being legal here is the cautionary phrase i tell people visiting us. And yes, you can’t walk down by the docks WITHOUT getting harassed by guys selling weed . . . but you’ll never see the bahamian cops busting them . . . cause it would affect revenues streams to the country . . . so be warned travelers!”

Update: A headline in the Nassau Tribune today: Two Murders In Six Hours. Murder count up to 93 so far.

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  • Dar

    It’s a shame that the crime rate in such a beautiful part of the world has climbed so high. What was once a beautiful country to visit has become dangerous. I suspect that the Bahamas will eventually see a significant decrease in tourism as travellers opt for safest locations like Cuba.

    Very sad indeed!

  • 8y76

    This is the results of 41 years of independence from the British. Look at what happened when Britain left Jamaica, it’s now the number one murder capitol of the World. And now the Bahamas is right behind them, the Bahamian crooks that run this country are stealing everything they can before the bottom drops out. The thief that is their Prime Minister knows the country will fall soon, so he’s selling every abandoned hotel, business and anything he can make money with to his rich money making friends,” CHINA”. And the people are so divided with each other, that their main concern is hanging out at clubs, drinking, gambling and getting stoned. The Prime Minister is very smart, he keeps the people controlled with high crime rates, drugs, booze, gambling, high unemployment rates, high taxes and now more taxes with VAT coming their way. As the Bahamian people continue to suffer and killing each other for no reason, with the government doesn’t fix anything, everything is falling apart in front of their eyes, but the people still don’t care, and the Prime Minister keeps filling his Cayman Island bank account with their own taxed money. And this is why the U.S. government is spying on the Bahamas, because they know once this country falls, there will be thousands of Bahamians leaving their country and headed for the nearest sanctuary, “America”. Bringing their diseases, crooked ways and bad attitude’s with them, and we as Americans don’t want them here at all!

  • antianti

    China is much better in business as are the usa or the uk who mainly use violenceand apartheid methods to impose their rul, something missing from today! so all u fascists who want to give the power back to your lords can crimea river. true the crime is high but that is the local governments fault. dont blame the lack of whitepeople in power as the reason why us and uk business interests dont want people leaving their money to the local government thru taxation.