Pacific PearlThis morning I received a message from a Facebook friend that there was a search underway for a man overboard from the Pacific Pearl. The cruise ship was sailing off Newcastle, New South Wales.

But the only information I could find were a couple of posting on the Cruise Critic board. 

One person said that " . . . all passengers had to go back to cabins for over an hour and do a rollcall. The ship was stopped and they found 2 lights in the water, apparently lifejackets. It is believed someone threw them in the water."

It was interesting to see the path of the cruise ship on a AIS tracking system. You can clearly see the ship make a Williamson maneuver to return to the spot where the ship thought the person went overboard.

It was nice to see that it turned out to be a false alarm.

  • Odile

    I was on this cruise and a person had to be taken off the ship with a medical emergency at Gladstone. The ship was stopped at sea for 3 hours so that this evacuation could happen.

  • Ruth

    Think Odile has his cruises mixed up.
    I was on the cruise that had the life jackets thrown overboard (12th to 15th September) and yes they were recovered but there was no medical emergency.

    The medical emergency was the cruise before ours as our cruise was delayed in departure by 2 hours because of it.

  • Terry Wilde

    My wife and I were eating in the Thai restaurant when the man overbaod on the port side announcement was made and we heard the ships horn sound. After a while all passengers were told to report to their cabins so that all souls could be accounted for. When we were in our cabin the crew were also asked to report to their muster stations to be accounted for. While all this was happening you could here the noise of the helicopter and the boats searching, all services were also supsended for about an hour ) would have cost P&O heaps). There was eventually an announcement that the entertainment would commence again. We never got any explanation from official sources except that all souls were accounted for and that 2 items were recovered from the water.
    The next day we heard 2 reliable items of gossip.
    1. that a young lady with bi-polar had an incident and thought she saw people in the water and threw a life jacket overboard.
    2. that 3 young people were deatoined on board and were handed over to police when the ship berthed.
    Would like to here from someone who actually knows what happened to the idiot (s) that cuased so much disruption