Costa Cruise A reader of Cruise Law News sent me a link to this Costa crew member’s Facebook page which contains video and photographs of hundreds of broken dishes in the ship’s galley.

It appears that the cruise ship experienced some type of incident affecting the ship’s navigational system; I’m not sure of the details.

You can see a video of the damage here

I have seen this type of damage before in cases of rough weather, but it appears that poor seamanship may have been a contributing factor in this incident.

Does anyone know about this incident, including the name of the Costa ship and the itinerary? 

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September 25 2014 Update: We received a number of comments on our Facebook page indicating that the cruise ship involved was the Costa Fascinosa. An Italian newspaper says that the cruise ship was sailing from Venice to the Greek islands when it was struck by bad weather and rough seas for two hours. The newspaper says (translated) the ship "yanked from the waves and with one engine failed, it began to turn on itself. It was like being on a spinning top."

Passengers described "glasses, plates and utensils flying in the air." Several passengers fell "driven by the centrifugal force" imposed by rotation of the ship. People cried and prayed.  

Another Italian newspaper refers to the ship being hit by a water-spot / tornado. The article has a video of the captain’s announcement about the storm. The captain reportedly informed the passengers to put life jackets on.

Costa released the following statement today: "We are very sorry for what happened and any inconvenience this caused. We confirm that the evening of 22 September, the Costa Fascinosa met with winds over 90 knots that have influenced the course and met with the inclination of the hull . . . The command of he ship immediately activated the procedures necessary to re-establish a regular and normal navigation, and then proceeded to warn and assist passengers. Costa has taken the route planned in the program."   


Photo Credit: Facebook


  • mike hudson

    my wife and i were aboard the costa fascinosa on route from venice to bari on monday 22nd sept 2014. at approx 2325 hrs the ship took on a list which was rumoured to have deck 3 walkways awash with sea water. we were on deck 5 in a back aft bar. all seemed good and without warning the ship started listing gradually getting worse. the ship banked in
    what i thought was 3 slow stages until the list of what seemed to me be about 30 degrees stopped. it stayed in that position for what some people i was with thought was over 15 minutes. it was a terrifying experience which i ll never forget. what annoyed me and the group I was with was the total break down in communication with no reference to weather conditions. sorry skipper, not good enough,admit it, come clean, release a full and detailed report,don t try and sweep it under the carpet and move on.

    mike hudson

  • gary browne

    totally agree with comment – what wind makes a ship this size suddenly list this much and stay there for in my opinion 30 mins, people said cabins with portholes on lower deck were under water, I was on board with my partner who was thrown against the bar and suffered severe headaches for rest of week and beyond, no crew member told us anything or enquired about injuries. you can see why the last costa disaster happened, the Italian crew are useless and left the passengers to fend for themselves,

  • BD28
  • david skinner

    Guess what! Costa UK don’t read the online questionnaires of which the importance was emphasized for our comments on our disembarkation. One has to put pen to paper, got that in writing! As an experienced ex merchant navy officer on this voyage my assessment of the occurrence concurs with the above comments with these additions. A crew member explained to me a ballast pump had broken down so they weren’t able to maintain an even keel. There was a fair bit of wind on at about 2130, it was on the port quarter of the vessel, northeasterly, force 5 to 7 I’d say, and the vessel was comfortably proceeding en route as you’d expect of a vessel this size. Later on there was no excessive rolling or pitching yawing or otherwise so when this happened it appeared to be out of the blue with no warning to crew or passengers alike. Any conclusions of mine would be pure speculation but there were a lot of very frightened people including elderly people and young women with children.My wife and I went straight to the lifeboat embarkation deck without any prompting. Bear in mind we’d only been on the ship a few hours and didn’t know its layout but there wasn’t a crew member in sight to reassure passengers or check for injuries. My wife badly bruised her arm when the vessel took the second list just to add insult to injury. These people need to get their safety procedures and practices sorted out and quick. I thought the lifeboat drill before departure was particularly sad and looking at the davits, wires etc on the lifeboats god knows when they were last tested. Incompetence or mechanical failure?