Princess Cruise Bus AccidentNews sources in Alaska are reporting that a Princess Cruises employee was killed when a Princess Tours excursion bus overturned on a rain slicked highway in Alaska.

The accident occurred at mile 173 on Parks Highway, approximately 200 miles south of Fairbanks.

The Frontiersman reports that this is the second serious incident involving a Princess-owned bus on a remote stretch of road in the past month. Here’s a story about the prior accident involving a Princess bus.

The photograph of the crushed bus (left) was published by the Frontiersman via Tim Whitney.

The Cruise Fever websites says that "the bus was heading northbound along the Denali National Park from Mt. McKinley Wilderness Lodge to the Princess Wilderness Lodge" when the accident happened. 

KTUU states that three people, all Princess employees, were on board the bus when it crashed and the front end was crushed. 

The woman who died was from Malaysia and working in Alaska. A second Princess employee was seriously injured. The bus driver was not injured.  

State Troopers say that excessive speed was a factor in the accident.  

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  • Denis May

    Whereever you Cruise in the World there are usually a Crew Member on a Ship’s excursion, and I believe the use of Ship’s Crew as Tour Guides/Helpers is pretty much used by most Cruise Lines World wide.
    The attitude of work your Staff in any position you see fit to use them in., will in the not too distant future come back to bite the Cruise Line where it hurts the most.
    I hope the Family members of the Princess Lines employee who was killed in this tragic, but avoidable accident will sue Princess Cruises to within a inch of their bank balance.
    Indeed if excessive speed was found to be a cause as State Troopers believe it could be it could be the very best kind of Test Case Cruise Lines employees need to try to have to try to remove this practice from their conditions of work.
    In these days of personal work Contracts where Union protection is mostly non evident and getting as much work out the employee on the Contract for a less money as possible seems to be normal practice.
    Yet the possible repercussions of employees being used in jobs with little or no training far and above outweigh any saving.
    Cruise Lines can and must do better and cease to use employees in this way.
    As we all know the people who Cruise regularly are in the age group where being fit, well and mobile is something that is wished for but in a lot of cases reality is indeed the opposite.
    Just look at the number of walking aids, walking sticks. wheelchairs or mobility scooters/chairs used on a normal Cruise.
    We have had on many occasions on Ships’Excursions had some one off the Ship as a back up Tour Guids Assistants who basically helped keep the Group together bur was responsible for our well being.

    Todays’Cities are full of road dangers, traffic jams, angry people any of which could do harm either intenionly or by accident to a member of a Touring Party out on a Ship’s Excursion.
    And that is just one circumstance as a example there are countless other situations that can go from all good to all bad in a heartbeat.
    While Tour Guides, Coach Drivers, do maybe have some training in First Aid,Handling a Emergency it won’t be of anything more than a General level.
    The Guy that usually plays Piano in/or around the Ship, a Gym Attendent, or Shop Assistant are not Tour Guides yet we have seen people who usually do those exact jobs used on Tours as assistants.
    They have no chance or will not know the first thing of what needs to be done in a bad or dangerous situation.And yet Cruise Lines persisit in taking the cheap option.
    I fully understand how expensive running a Cruise Ship can be with Port Fees, Fuel Costs, Wages, Canal Fees and the list is never ending but Safety MUST NEVER be compromised just to save money.
    The Crews on Cruise Ships need to have a stronger voice, the individual Ships’Upper Management need to support the Crews more in what they do on a daily basis as the Crews are the ones who make or break a Cruise.
    But strangely enough they are the ones paid the less, treated the worst and overworked the most.
    If Princess Cruises can afford to build a Brand New Ship to join the Fleet then they can afford to offer better pay,cleaner living standards and more senseible working hours to the people who make them most of money on Cruises.
    Regards, Denis May.