Carnival FantasyAccording to First Coast News, a Coast Guard helicopter medevaced a 67-year-old woman from the Carnival Fantasy to a Jacksonville hospital yesterday evening.

The passenger was reportedly experiencing life-threatening symptoms.

The Coast Guard helicopter, based out of Air Station Clearwater, lifted the cruise passenger off the ship and flew her, along with her husband and a cruise line nurse, to UF Health Jacksonville.

Neither the cruise line nor the passenger has to pay for these emergency medevac services.

The United States taxpayers foot the bill.

  • splash

    Why would you say that taxpayers have to got the bill? You really have no idea do you? Who’s to say the lady didn’t have insurance that covers the cost of the medavac?

  • wouldyoulikesomebaconsir

    cruise lines with foreign flags should definitely be charged for such services. this is a fairly common scenario, and cruise lines incorporated in panama, nassau etc. only for one reason..
    so Micky can have his 2 200 foot yachts, Miami Heat, and god knows what else, paid with what should have been tax money. +free services from USCG, and most of his crew working 300-350 hours/month for $3-$5/hr.
    Crew gets peanuts, government gets peanuts. Like monkeys.

  • Taxpayer

    Good to see our tax dollars used for a good cause instead of keeping up dead beats for a change. Hope this lady has a complete recovery and is able to enjoy many more cruises.

  • Youreallymakenosense


    Why should the cruise line foot the bill? Also, for your information even though lines may not pay taxes on onboard revenue, they certainly do on reservation revenue, for ALL their brands. Also, they must pay the employer portion of the taxes for all shoreside employees. Saying that these companies pay no taxes, is purely misleading.

    As for the line footing the bill for the medevac.. that would be equivalent to a Hotel being responsible for an ambulance if a guest needed one.

  • wouldyoulikesomebaconsir

    wow, they pay tax on the revenue from reservations.
    no doubt about should CG medevac passengers in need or not, but cruise lines do not contribute anything to it, and I believe they can afford a few hundred $k yearly for USCG.

    crew absolutely does not benefit from their tax free income(e.g. it can happen that assistant team waiters in mdr get less than $300 for 14 days(140+ hours of work), if some guests don’t pay gratuities), and united states also get leftovers. Yes, they chose the job, but trust me nobody expects that, and when you get paid that amount you feel the nature of this industry on your own skin. I think you need to do a couple of contracts for Carnival (actually only one will be enough), and then you’ll agree about the need for regulation of this circus.