Cruise expert professor Ross Klein reports, based on passenger accounts, that a passenger went overboard from the Caribbean Princess and was rescued on August 2, 2014.

Here are the two separate accounts told to Professor Klein:

"I was on a cruise on August 2, 2014 on the Caribbean Princess out of Fort Lauderdale. A 24 year old male passenger went overboard around 10 pm. We were stopped for about an hour. They did find him alive in the water. I think he jumped from the 8th deck. They took him to medical after rescue. Some passengers said he was a "special person" but I don’t know if that is true. There was a group from a Caribbean Princess group home on board. That’s really all I know."

"The man overboard happened around 7:50 PM – the "Man Overboard – Crew to your muster stations" announcement was made with just a little sunlight left, but by the time we stopped and turned around, and the rescue boat took off it was dark. The man was rescued relatively quickly (10-15 minutes). Either people threw him life jackets or he jumped with one. We also heard rumors of mental health, and we can confirm there was a group on board but we don’t know if he was part of that group. We also heard he was put off at the next port (St Thomas) but cannot confirm. There appeared to be another rescue boat that helped with the search, possibly from another ship?"

This is the third passenger overboard in two months that was not mentioned in the press or discussed on social media. 

A 70 year old passenger went overboard from the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas on August 7, 2014. There were no rescue attempts by the ship and no announcements by the crew.

A passenger in his 20’s jumped from the Splendor of the Seas on June 13, 2014. Fortunately, the cruise ship personnel rescued him.

Regarding this most recent overboard, we have reached out to Princess for a comment.  We will publish whatever Princess has to say if it responds.  


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Photo Credit: loimere / Flickr

  • Pete

    The man overboard was a 24 year old male who was travelling with his family and was autistic. The family was heading outside to the promenade deck 7 and unexpectantly the man took a giant dive over the railing at approx 7:50pm. Crew members walking on the outer deck immediately responded by tossing a total of 5 life rings and calling the bridge. A man overboard announcement was made (not an entire crew muster as mentioned in the article) to alert those crew assigned to a port side man overboard situation to attend their duties. The ship made a quick U-turn and one speed boat was lowered in the water to recover the man who was luckily hanging on to one of the lighted life rings that was tossed. Total time from overboard alarm to rescuing the man back onboard for medical evaluation was 19 minutes. No other ships in the area assisted, only one emergency speed boat was deployed, and no affect on cruise itinerary. Guest was disembarked in the next port, St. Thomas.